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Ryan Holiday

Why Purpose Is Better Than Passion

Sharing another excerpt from a past episode of The School of Greatness for 5-Minute Friday!

Some of these interviews are just so good I have to pull out nuggets from them to re-share.

I love learning from all these greats, and today I pulled out this clip from my most recent interview with Ryan Holiday.

If you listened to that episode, you know Ryan and I got into a deep conversation about ego and how to manage it.

But this clip is talking about something a little different – the value of pursuing purpose rather than passion.

I love this idea because there’s so much advice given these days about following your passion – but Ryan suggests something else.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this after listening to this 5-Minute Friday clip in Episode 372.

“You want to compare yourself against the progress you’ve made.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

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