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A Boy From Ohio

Before LEWIS HOWES became a media sensation for empowering people and sharing 'Greatness' across the globe, he had his share of obstacles to overcome. From having a learning disability, which led to being alone and bullied in school, to being sexually abused as a child, to being injured and broke on his sister’s couch, Lewis’s story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve greatness. Fast forward a few short years, and Lewis is a New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness and author of his latest book, The Mask of Masculinity. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker. A former professional football player and two-sport All-American, he is a current USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete. He hosts a top 100 podcast in the world, The School of Greatness, which has over 40 million downloads since it launched in 2013. He was recognized by The White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30. Lewis has been featured on Ellen, The New York Times, People, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, The Today Show and other major media outlets.

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Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes   

Are you struggling to forgive someone? Are you holding a grudge that’s stressing you out? Our world is more divided than ever with families and friends being torn apart by opposing political and religious views. Would you like to be happier? Are you stressed out looking at piles of bills that just keep coming? Are you having trouble figuring out how to find your dream job? The world is changing for the better with the #MeToo & #TimesUp movements. With these changes come lots of questions. These are all topics I cover in my newest project, the Facebook Watch show, Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes... READ MORE HERE

Inspiring Life

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