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Rob Dyrdek

From Small Town Skateboarder to Media Mogul Empire

I know I always say I'm excited about each episode of The School of Greatness.

But I’m REALLY excited about this episode.

And not just because the guest is another Ohio boy!

(But I wore one of my best Ohio shirts and hats when he came by the studio.)

You probably already know him from his multiple hit shows on MTV.

Or from his long list of world records in skateboarding.

Or for his incredible branding with labels like DC shoes.

Even if you’ve somehow never heard of Rob Dyrdek, you’re in for a huge treat.

"Success or failure, there's a lesson, and it's all humbling."  

Rob is cool for many reasons.

But I literally couldn’t stop asking him questions during this interview because he is so SMART when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, focus, habits, and vision.

Just a few of my favorite things 🙂

Rob and I dove deep into all these topics, as well as the real motivation behind all of them – to create happiness now. We recorded this episode a few years ago, but I wanted to bring it back because what Rob teaches is still so relevant and powerful for entrepreneurs today.

I know you’ll get just as much out of it as I did in Episode 901 with the legendary Rob Dyrdek.

"Gratitude does you no good when you're half empty."  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do you describe yourself and your bio? (35:26)
  • How do you manage your energy so that you’re always full? (40:33)
  • What are you non-negotiable daily habits? (58:46)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Rob got royalties on a third of DC shoes’ entire line in his mid-twenties (4:45)
  • What the term “stirfry” means in entrepreneurship (5:52)
  • What the difference is between a business and an idea (12:08)
  • Why Rob embraces stalkers (16:24)
  • The story behind his sister getting married inside the Fantasy Factory (19:20)
  • How Fantasy Factory almost didn’t make it on air (26:45)
  • The story of how Rob almost died surfing with Laird Hamilton (33:38)
  • How to be happy everyday (38:18)
  • The key to living a balanced and full life (43:20)
  • How Rob’s life changed when he met Tony Robbins (43:52)
  • Why it’s so important to pick one thing to master (44:50)
  • Plus much more…

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