New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

Summit of Greatness 2024 | September 13-14 | Los Angeles, CA


When I started  The School of Greatness podcast, I decided I wanted to make it successful enough to interview three specific people someday.

One of them is today’s guest, Tony Robbins.

I first saw Tony when I was 16 years old, at one of his amazing live events in St. Louis, MO.

I was so impacted by his presence and power when he walked past me to begin his presentation that I thought, “Wow, I want to have a presence like that someday.”

While I’m always working on taking my energy to the next level, sitting down with Tony in person to interview him on the podcast was a fun moment for me to see how he does it face to face.

If you have never heard of Tony, his introduction is nothing short of amazing. Not only is he considered the world’s best performance coach, having taught personal development and mental mastery for over 30 years, but his personal network and wealth creation are second to none.

He has coached the top business, athletic, and performance leaders around the world, built dozens of hugely successful companies and non-profits, and continues to generously donate his time, money, and talent on a massive scale.

In today’s episode, however, we sit down to discuss a different kind of topic than his usual mind-blowing insight on life and success. He has just released a new book on money, and his explanation of how to generate wealth is some of the best work he has done so far.

Not only did he personally interview 50 of the world’s most brilliant financial minds to write this book, but he explains how to create wealth in the simplest terms for everyone.

If you know me at all, you know I’m not a reader, and I have read this entire book (that’s a big deal).

I am so proud and excited to share Episode 109 with you, as I know it will open your mind, not just about money and wealth, but about the way to become great in all parts of your life.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Tony Robbins on The School of Greatness

“Your brain is not designed to make you happy – that’s your job.”

Some questions I ask:

  • If you were in charge of our educational system, what would you change and implement to teach the next generation about money?
  • Who mentors you?
  • How do you personally handle breakdowns (and do you have them)?
  • Why is gratitude the secret to wealth?
  • How do you start shifting your mindset towards giving when you don’t have anything?
  • What is something small you’ve done that you are proud of?
  • If you were 31 years old again, what 3 things would you do financially, knowing what you know now?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • To go from $38K to $1 million in a year, it takes a psychological shift, not just a strategy shift
  • How much money people lose on fees for investments

“It’s time to become the chess player, not the chess piece.”

  • That only 4% of mutual funds match the market and succeed
  • How we are paying 2000% more for the same product when it comes to investments

“You’ll never earn your way to freedom.”

Tony Robbins on The School of Greatness

  • The difference between emotional intelligence and emotional fitness (and which Tony values more)
  • How you develop psychological muscle from experiencing extreme stress
  • What his morning ritual is (gratitude, strengthening, healing, planning)

“Pushing yourself to the edge always makes you stronger.”

  • His plans to feed 100 million people this Thanksgiving through his book profits and businesses
  • The story behind his philosophy “The secret to living is giving”
  • Why feeding your mind and strengthening your body every day are essential to success
  • Plus much more…

Tony Robbins and Lewis Howes – MONEY Master The Game

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Tony Robbins on The School of Greatness

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

WOW. I am still on a high from sitting down with Tony and hearing his wisdom and stories in person. I’m also re-thinking my entire financial strategy after reading his book. What was the most impactful takeaway for you from what Tony said about money and mindset?

 “Anticipation is power.”

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