New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Lewis Howes: Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Former Pro AthleteThis is it! Episode 100 is live!!

I can barely believe that what started out as an experiment less than two years ago is now my favorite part of my life.

I am so grateful to all of you for supporting the show, sharing it with your friends, engaging in the comments, tagging me on social media, etc.

It means the world to me and I only plan on making the podcast better as we continue on.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for another solo round, so back by popular demand, I’m diving into an extremely important topic for Episode 100 of The School of Greatness.

I am pulling back the curtain on how I developed relationships with some of my most influential mentors and showing you how you can (and should) do the same.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Lewis Howes on the School of Greatness

“Mentors are people who have been in my life who I aspire to be.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What works and what doesn’t when reaching out to mentors
  • Why I like to pay all my coaches
  • The 3 key mentors who helped me get off my sister’s couch after my sports injury
  • Why you need to know specifically what you want from a mentor
  • The story of how I made all the biggest mistakes in approaching my first mentor

“I thought I had it all figured out when I had nothing figured out.”

  • Why I sat in a kitchen closet making phone calls for $500 a month for one of my mentors
  • The differences between what you learn from a mentor and an internship

“The more value you add, the more your mentor is going to want to keep you around.”

  • Why you shouldn’t officially ask someone to be your mentor
  • The quickest way to lose a mentor (hint: don’t do this)
  • Plus much more…

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  • Check out Onnit and their optimal performance products. Use the code “greatness” to get 10% off your next order:

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

Thank you so much for listening!! Whether you’re new to the podcast or a long-time fan, you guys mean everything to me.  Let me know in the comments section below who has been your biggest mentor so far and what you learned from them the most.

“Create a win-win for yourself and the mentor you find.”

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