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Steve Cook

Beyond the Body: What Makes a Real Man

Bro week continued after Steve Weatherford left last week on The School of Greatness.

While he was here, Steve introduced me to another Steve – equally as cool and ripped – that he works out with.

Steve Cook is an icon in the bodybuilding world, especially for his wins in Men’s Physique competitions, his insanely popular YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and training programs.

But he is much more than that.

As soon as we met, I knew I liked this guy.

But once he came into the studio for a podcast interview, we really connected.

"Being masculine is really putting others first."  

Steve is one of the nicest, realest gym dudes out there – not exactly what fits the stereotype.

We talked all about what masculinity really means, how that definition is supported (or not) by the fitness industry, and what Steve is really up to in the fitness world long term.

He shared his whole process of building a hugely successful brand in a highly competitive industry, even though he started out waiting tables after college instead of taking a “real” job.

And we bonded like brothers.

I have a feeling you’ll want to share this conversation with lots of friends, men and women alike.

Get ready for another vulnerable and powerful bro session in Episode 359 with Steve Cook.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What are the goals of the guys who follow you on social media? (14:22)
  • How do you stay grounded while posting so many selfies everyday? (16:13)
  • What was your biggest insecurity after your divorce? And now? (17:21)
  • What is your definition of masculinity and do you thinking working in this industry has helped or hurt that? (25:25)
  • Do you feel like you have to live up to an ideal that you’ve created in the fitness industry? (28:02)
  • What is your advice to men who want to become better men? (34:21)
  • How have you built such a huge social media following that also doesn’t run your life? (48:44)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Steve loves eating at Chick-fil-A right now (3:40)
  • What brings people to the gym when they’re going through a hard time (15:20)
  • Why balancing where you build your following is so important (18:01)
  • What Steve is looking for in a girlfriend (and why he won’t go on the Bachelor) (21:05)
  • Whether or not you have to have a built physique to be considered masculine (29:00)
  • Why it’s important to say no to some things (30:21)
  • The dark side of perfectionism (31:50)
  • How to course correct when you feel anxiety and overwhelm (41:28)
  • Plus much more…

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