New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Lewis Howes

4 Ways to Stay Positive When You Feel Overwhelmed

Take a deep breath.

I want to start today’s message off with this quote from author Timber Hawkeye who said, “You can’t calm the storm. So stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.”

Man, isn’t that a good reminder for all of us? We often have a lot on our plates when it comes to careers, businesses, relationships, health, family, and the rest of the stuff happening in the world. There has been a lot going on recently, and sometimes, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

How do we keep ourselves from being pulled in so many different directions? How do we not let the stress of the world and our circumstances keep us from being happy?

Guys, we can’t always give a hundred percent to everything all at once. And when we’re overwhelmed in the present moment, it’s hard to be optimistic about the future because we’re constantly trying to fix it. We’re trying to control every possible outcome of every possible situation. And friends, it’s exhausting.

As Timber Hawkeye said, we can’t control the storm. But we can control how we respond to it. For this 5-Minute Friday, I want to give you four ways you can stay positive even when you’re overwhelmed!

“Take a moment to breathe and smile!” @lewishowes  

The first thing you can do is take a moment to breathe and smile. Take a breath in for two or four counts, and then exhale slowly, twice as long on the way out. If you repeat that four times, it will slow your heart rate and calm your mind. I’m telling you — it’ll help tremendously. And on the fourth breath, smile.

The second thing you need to do is give yourself permission to work hard. Sometimes when we’re stressed, we get down on ourselves. We beat ourselves up when we feel like we can’t handle everything at once. Friends — it’s okay to say, “I have a lot on my plate. Now’s the time to hunker down, sacrifice, work hard, and push past my discomfort.” Now, I’m not saying that needs to be your every day, month, or year because that’s really overwhelming, but give yourself permission to work hard. Don’t beat yourself up. Keep moving forward.

The third thing to do is to see the opportunity in the overwhelm because it can push us to do things faster, smarter, and better. When I’m overwhelmed, I know that it’s time to either delegate tasks to my team or eliminate things that aren’t super important in my life right now. This helps me work more efficiently on the things that matter most.

And finally, the fourth thing you need to do is create priorities. We sometimes have the mindset of, “I have to do everything myself, and I have to do it all perfectly.” We have to let that go. We can’t do a million things at once. So do yourself a favor: Relax your mind and smile because you have opportunities in front of you. Create a priority list of tasks and knock one thing out at a time.

No one likes to feel overwhelmed, but a little discomfort here and there is what makes us grow. It teaches us lessons. It gives us tools. And it prepares us for any chaos we may encounter in the future.

Friends — you got this and we got your back here at The School of Greatness.

Join me on Episode 1,020 to learn more about the four ways to stay positive even when you’re overwhelmed!

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