New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


I just got home from an inspiring three week trip to the Olympics and capped it off with a private meeting in NYC with some great online marketers at Inc Magazine HQ that Stu McLaren from Wishlist hosted.

The social media inspiration keept on coming as the first thing I saw in my inbox was an email from HootSuite saying I received $100 free credit from them for Twitter advertising.


I’ll be honest.  I’m a big fan of HootSuite and the work Ryan Holmes does there and I’ve been using them since shortly after they launched.  To see that Twitter and HootSuite look like they are teaming up to increase the usage of Twitter Advertising is very interesting.

HootSuite is one of the main sites I use on a daily basis and I almost never go directly to just because HootSuite is easier to manage multiple social networks and connect with all of my social accounts in one place.

I asked a few other HootSuite users if they received their advertising credits and they hadn’t receive it yet so I’m assuming they are rolling this out to limited users for testing right now.

Here’s the play by play:

First, check for the Preferred Twitter Customer Notification that should pop up when you login to HootSuite.

For me, I’ve been using Facebook and LinkedIn ads primarily to get more leads for our social media training courses, but I’ve yet to tap into Twitter so this should be an interesting test to see how much traffic this will drive.

It took about 60 seconds to walk through their simple sign up process to claim the free $100 worth of Twitter advertising credits.

There is now an advertising tab in the HootSuite dashboard which makes it very easy to edit and check your stats once you are all set up.  Here’s a shot from the navigation screen on your dashboard.

Right now, this looks like it is just a test but this could be a sign that a deeper partnership around Twitter Advertising Products is in the works.I’ll be testing this for awhile to see how much it helps my companies grow and I’ll be using it all from within HootSuite.What are your thoughts?

Do you currently use Facebook ads to get more “likes” and leads for your business? Can you see yourself using Twitter ads to get more followers and promote specific tweets?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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