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It’s that time of year.

The time of year just before Halloween where all of the nerds come out for one weekend in Vegas and party like rock stars.  That’s right, BlogWorld is upon us!

6,000 Nerds In A Room!

To be honest, there is no telling what will happen when 6,000 or so nerds… *cough* I mean bloggers, will do when you mix Vegas, alcohol, gambling, strippers, and social media – it may be the most epic weekend of the year for all I know!

I’ve been lucky to attend and speak at BlogWorld before, and I’m even more excited to attend and speak again this year.  I can guarantee you this – there will be madness, a ton of familiar online personalities everywhere, and it will be a blast!  I would add that you would learn a wealth of information from the sessions, but I’m not sure you will be able to make any of them from the late night party frenzy.

There is an actual skill to getting through the chaos of this three day mad house.  You can actually make it a time you will never forget in the fun department, and also meet enough people to help your business grow for years.  Since a top 10 list would be too much for you to remember during your drunken state, here are my 3 simple points you should focus on to get the most out of this years mayhem.

3 Focus Points At BlogWorld

1.  Be Yourself

I hate it more than anything when you go to a conference and you get the sense that people are acting fake.  Please don’t do that this time around.  This is freaking BlogWorld!  A place where you can let loose and have some fun.  You don’t have to dress up in a suit, or act super professional.  You can be yourself and show your true colors.  We are all friendly at BlogWorld and want to connect with the real you since we’ve been stuck looking at your 125×125 thumbnail head shot on Twitter for the past year.  Be yourself, and you will meet a ton of new connections, and your old friends will love you even more.

2.  Have *Some* Plan

I’ll admit, I really don’t have a plan when going into this weekend.  Like I said, it’s a huge room full of really cool nerds and smart people who spend a lot of time online (I use the word nerds in a good way… let’s face it, I’m a nerd myself ).  I don’t circle which sessions I want to attend, or have my night full of all the best parties.  I take each hour as it comes to me, and I make the most out of every second.  That said, I do have *some* plan.  I have a number of speeches, meetings, radio/T.V. interviews, and and a few key parties I plan to attend.  Make sure that you have some things sorted out during each day, but leave room for “up in the air” time as you will want to be flexible and connect with people in the halls, jump from session to session, and more.

3.  Make Your Connections

The most important part about coming to BlogWorld is building relationships.  That’s it.  If you don’t come away by connecting with as many quality people as possible, and helping connect others, then you may have an amazing time, but will have missed the point.  If you want to get completely trashed and lose all of your money, then come back to Vegas another time.  You can still *sort of* do that during BlogWorld, but only if you are building quality relationships on the black jack tables.

Don’t worry about running out of business cards (I’m already out, so don’t ask me for mine) but make sure you gather peoples information in a way that works best for you.  If you want to create a pile of cards, just make sure you mark the key ones you want to connect with and send them personal emails on the flight home.  Out of cards?  Create a digital card with your iPhone notes and add your email, website address, social media info, and email that note to people right as you meet them so you have a record of who you met.

It’s important to collect this information, but it doesn’t matter so much how you collect it, as everything is a blur towards the end of BlogWorld and you will be lucky to come home with half of the underwear you brought with you.

I look forward to saying hi, connecting with you, and having a blast during this years BlogWorld, and if you can think of an extra tip to add to this article, then please add your suggestions to the comment section below.   Bring on the madness!

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