The Gut & Brain Connection and Ending Inflammation

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Dr. Emeran Mayer

The Gut & Brain Connection and Ending Inflammation


You’re only as healthy as your immune system allows you to be. You could be in peak physical shape, but if your body doesn’t have the ability to fight off illnesses, you’ll be leaving a lot on the table. One key way to improve our immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote overall wellness that’s often overlooked is keeping tabs on what’s called our “brain-gut connection”. 

Based on recent research, our gut actually has a much bigger impact on our bodies, minds, and general health than we previously might have thought. An unhealthy gut can affect how well our brains function, our body’s immune system responds, and so much more. 

That’s why I’m super excited to bring on one of the pioneers and leading experts on the concept of the gut-brain connection: Dr. Emeran Mayer. During this episode, we discuss a wide variety of topics — from how our digestive system works at a high level to listing out which foods we should avoid to keep a healthy gut.

If you’re looking to optimize your overall health and reduce inflammation once and for all, then you won’t want to miss this special, 2-part interview with Dr. Mayer!

“We need to refocus our diet on feeding the optimal food to our microbes.” @emeranamayer  

World-renowned gastroenterologist and neuroscientist, Dr. Emeran Mayer’s new book, THE GUT-IMMUNE CONNECTION: How Understanding The Connection Between Food & Immunity Can Help Us Regain Our Health. Dr. Mayer is one of the world’s foremost experts on the gut-brain connection and for over the past 40 years, his research and published work has offered groundbreaking evidence of the critical connection between the brain and the gut. In his new book, Dr. Mayer proposes a radical paradigm shift, in which he puts the gut microbiome and the gut based immune system at the center of the current epidemic of chronic non-infectious diseases.

He draws on the latest science, including his own research, to show the link between changes in our diet, the gut microbiome, gut health, and the increased prevalence of many chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as well as susceptibility to infectious diseases like Covid-19. Mayer makes a strong case for the interconnectedness between all organs and the microbes in our bodies, and between the prominent role of the food we eat (including how it’s grown) in altering these connections.

Dr. Mayer is also the executive director of the G. Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience and the co-director of the Digestive Diseases Research Center at the University of California at Los Angeles. His research has been supported by the National Institutes of Health for the past twenty-five years, and he is considered a pioneer and world leader in the area of brain-gut microbiome interactions.


I’m always looking out for the latest research and findings on how to improve my mind and body. This interview was packed full of helpful tips you can start to implement today to improve how your body works together. 

Without further ado, join me in welcoming the amazing Dr. Emeran Mayer to the School of Greatness for Episode 1,138!

“Any emotions that you experience have a mirror image in your body.” @emeranamayer  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Which has more influence on the body, the brain or the gut?
  • What does a scarcity mindset do to your immune system?
  • How do we heal the memory that develops in our cells?
  • How do we process information in the brain?
  • What are the foods that we should be eating to help the body & gut connection?
  • What are the main things that destroy the gut?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest triggers for inflammation.
  • The foods we should eat & avoid to improve our gut health.
  • Why we’ve become so addicted to sugar & the effects it has on our body.
  • Whether our brain or gut health affects our body more.
  • How our digestive system functions.
  • And so much more…
Dr. Emeran Mayer & Lewis Howes
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