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You probably already know what a big fan of intention I am.

If you’re part of the School of Greatness Academy, or have ever been coached by me, we’ve no doubt talked about it.

That’s because I have learned first-hand the power of setting my intention on my goal and making all decisions based off of that intention.

Without it, I’ve said things I wanted to do and nothing happened.

With it, I’ve made the seemingly impossible my reality.

So I got really excited when I saw that one of the top (if not the very top) leadership expert had just come out with a book on intention.

John Maxwell is one of the most renowned authors and leadership coaches in the world.

I could go on for days listing his merits and impressive resume, but needless to say, he’s written over 80 books, sold 25 million copies of those books, and travels the world consulting with top leaders.

I was lucky enough to interview him for this episode of The School of Greatness.

John is one of the most humble and wise men I’ve met and I was drinking in every word he said.

He’s written so much (and coached so many) that almost every sentence he said was something I wanted to write down as a quote.

I even asked him to repeat one because it was so good.

Intention is powerful, and John taught me out how to use it to achieve what you most want.

Get ready to learn from a master in Episode 239 with John Maxwell.

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The School of Greatness Podcast


“Most people don’t lead their life; they accept their life.”

Some questions I ask:

  • What moment in your adult life had the most uncertainty for you?
  • How do you stay humble and grounded in your mission after all this success?
  • To avoid burnout, do you agree you must include service to others in your business or venture?
  • How does someone with a huge vision (to inspire millions) also maintain intimate relationships?
  • How do you handle breakdowns?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What John has learned about success from playing sports (another reason to play sports and keep fit)
  • Why pro-golf tournaments are 4 days long (otherwise everyone would win)
  • The power of compounded consistency to create greatness in your life

“A lot of people settle for good because there’s too much of a price to pay for excellent.”

  • The first time you do something isn’t to do it well; it’s to learn
  • John’s secrets to selling 25 million books
  • Why John loves holding a new book of his every time (after writing 80 books)
  • The story of why John switched from being a pastor to be a leader

“They wanted me to be a shepherd and I felt more like a rancher.”

  • The power of knowing your purpose to get you through adversity
  • Why John considers his most recent book his most important
  • The importance of writing the story of your own life
  • How to keep quality people on your team for years
  • Plus much more…

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

John gave so many good one-liners in this interview I couldn’t write them all down. What an incredible amount of wisdom. Which is your favorite quote of his?

“Once you have tasted significance, success will never satisfy you again.”

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