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Cultivate Inner Peace and End Your Suffering


At some point in our lives, we have let go of our old selves and grow into something greater.

Think about the king cobra.

It starts to feel uncomfortable in its skin.

It’s not able to see- its skin makes its vision blurred.

So it moves in seclusion.

It gets rid of the old skin, and a new shiny skin comes up.

Suddenly, its vision is clear.

We all need this process. We all need to let go of the past and embrace our future. 

On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about freeing ourselves from suffering with one of my most influential teachers: Preethaji.

“When you transform from a suffering state into a beautiful state, you enter into the magical realm of happening.” @pkconsciousness  

Preethaji is the co-founder of the O&O Academy near Chennai, India. O&O’s campus and teachings are designed to free humans from all forms of suffering. Combining ancient wisdoms and teachings with neuroscience and neurobiology, Preethaji helps students develop a personal practice of mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork with the goal of personal transformation.

I studied with Preethaji in India, and it changed my life. She taught me that there are only two states in life: a suffering state and a beautiful state.

So get ready to learn how to stop suffering on Episode 830.

“Move away from heartbroken to heart full.” @pkconsciousness  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why did this calling come to you when it did? (6:30)
  • How do we stop suffering? (18:00)
  • What happens when we fixate on past experiences? (23:00)
  • Why do so many people hold onto heartbreak (39:30)
  • What happens when our outer world is thriving but the inner world is suffering? (49:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What to do when your children struggle with depression and addiction (11:00)
  • The only two states in life (13:00)
  • The fable of Yesmi and Nomi (22:00)
  • The root of loneliness (25:00)
  • The four sacred secrets (34:00)
  • Plus much more…

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is episode number 830 with Preethaji. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes a former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today, now let the class begin.

Herman Melville said “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers as, sympathetic threads our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

Welcome to this episode super excited. Preethaji is a friend of mine and so much I’ve learned about mastering my inner world from over the last couple of years since we’ve connected. I went to India a couple of years ago and spent time with her and her husband Krishnaji for about 2 weeks learning to meditate, becoming a meditation instructor myself and really exploring the mind in the inner heart. 

How to master emotions and let me tell you this I have not mastered this myself and still react and get angry, I still have resentment but through their teachings I’ve learned to really hone in on those emotions and react less. And when I am consistent on their teachings I feel unstoppable because I feel like in complete control of my thoughts and essentially don’t react at all when I am consistently practicing this philosophy of mastering inner peace.

I wish I did every single day consistently because when I do it I truly feel like a super human.

Preethaji and her husband Krishnaji are considered two of the most impactful philosophers and transformational leaders and philanthropist of our time. Together they founded world youth change makers an elite community of redirecting the future of the world through a revolution and consciousness and one humanity care foundation, working with division to uplift 10,000 villages in India and their book the four sacred secrets.

This couple offers a life altering adventure that is inspired of movement towards emotional and personal prosperity. I am telling you this philosophy, this way of thinking and living has transformed my life and thousands of people’s lives and I believe it will for you as well.

In this interview we talked about why we must all strive for living in a state of connection with everything around us. How loneliness is the absence of connection not the absence of people. Creating abundance by shifting your state of being and how you can create more physical and emotional abundance in your life by shifting your state of being. Why the world needs us to share our joy right now. And the 4 sacred secrets for living a beautiful life.

So excited about this again is the link.

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All right guys without further ado let me introduce to you the one and only Preethaji.

Lewis: Welcome everyone back to the school of greatness podcast we have the inspirational Preethaji in the house.

Preethaji: Good to see you Lewis.

Lewis: I met you 3 years ago through mutual friends of ours and came to India and it was incredibly transformational for me. I felt like I was a student of life and visualization and it is dabbled in meditation before and I felt like I had a pretty good awareness about myself and the world and how to manage my emotions and thoughts and things like that.

When I went to your facility which was called ‘one world academy’ now called ‘ONO.’ It was just transformational and to watch other people transform as well was really inspiring. So, I recommend everyone go to India and come you see live in person.

You came on 3 years ago on the podcast very inspiring and back on because you have a book called ‘the four sacred secrets for love and prosperity a guide to love in beautiful state.” I am excited about this because I was one of the people that said that you need to have a book out.

Preethaji: Absolutely Lewis.

Lewis: I was like “You need to have a book out there.” This is information is so powerful and if people can’t travel to India or fly to a workshop they need to be able to have access to this, because the wisdom is so powerful and you studied philosophy in school and studied business and done a lot of different things in your own personal life. But why did this calling come to you at the age it came to you?

Preethaji: Looking at my own life I was very young I would feel very connected with people, I would feel [?] and that connection actually led my life into doing what I did.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: For a very long period of time I thought that’s how [?], then I saw that’s exactly how the world is.

Lewis: You thought the world live like how everyone felt into it.

Preethaji: Everyone and yes not a feel and not separate to the other. Feeling connected to other of joy that was experience of happiness and then it change my perception to see that the world is not that way and the experience that I’ve had in meditations in my transformation of my journey when I was 17 or 18 has left a huge impact and the experiences continue to happen. 

There are experiences where I feel like beyond myself or experiences called ‘deep connection.’ So, these experiences have shift the person who I am. It is something deeply impacting the very perception of life and you relate and connect the way you experience joy and peace. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: People who can feel more than me is continuing on impacting me and I impact people.

Lewis: You think he feels deeper than you?

Preethaji: I definitely feel he is much more.

Lewis: But you’re very empathetic and connected.

Preethaji: He is much more than me.

Lewis: That’s amazing.

Preethaji: It is tremendous.

Lewis: So how often do you feel like a lack of or no self? How often has that occurred to you?

Preethaji: It happens once in a while not daily, but the experience of connection is pretty more often.

Lewis: What does it feel like to experience connection?

Preethaji: Feeling not separate from the other. I would say it is more than empathy, actually experiencing what you’re experiencing and actually feeling what you are experiencing.

Lewis: So what happens when we feel connected to every other person in the planet or the people around us?

Preethaji: People around us when you feel connected it’s a lot of joy.

Lewis: What if they are in a lot of pain?

Preethaji: When they are in pain or yelling that means they are deeply disturbed. So, when you connect to them at that point in time you feel immensely powerful if you are talking about somebody in family or a friend. When you feel connected to that person at that point in time then the other is not in a good shape, then you feel powerful enough to impact the other.

The experience of connection has a huge impact on how we experience other in life, how others come to me and talk about children who are into addiction and children who are depress. The only thing you can do is you nurture a beautiful state of connection then you grow in connection. As you are in it as you grow in connection you would see that experience that you share with your child has a power to heal your child, has a power to slowly get over whatever that it is disturbing.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: I haven’t come to any more powerful that this experience in my life. I haven’t seen anything more powerful than a powerful state of connection.

Lewis: When I went ONO 3 years ago I learned that there is only 2 states: A suffering state and a beautiful state.

Preethaji: Yes.

Lewis: So there’s suffering states of emotions or ways of being that all fit into a category of a suffering state of being and then there’s a beautiful state of being which experience a lot of emotion, joy and love. 

Preethaji: A suffering state separates you from people from life. You could be fighting for a great cause but when you are in a suffering state that fight for a great cause separates you from the cause itself.

Lewis: So if you’re frustrated about a cause a cause in the world and you are coming from a place of anger or rage or frustration does that hurt your chances of solving?

Preethaji: Absolutely Lewis. When you are in a suffering state you are disconnected, you are engross only with yourself. Do we experience ourselves as separate and isolated individuals? The truth is we are all connected in our consciousness. So the experience of suffering and engrossment to yourself moves your life towards [?], towards disorder. You feel you’re moving 1 step but moving back 10 steps because your state is communicating to the universe.

Lewis: What’s it communicating?

Preethaji: That I am open to problems, I am in suffering. That state of disconnection actually does not allow you to experience beautiful synchronies, beautiful people and beautiful situations in life. Your state has an impact on the way you experience life, your state also has an impact on reality. So when you transform your state of being from a suffering state into experiencing a beautiful state you open up.

Lewis: What’s happening?

Preethaji: Of meeting those right people in situations. You feel now the universe is your friend, when you are in suffering state you feel the universe is your enemy trying to plot against you, and when you are in a beautiful state you are communicating to the universe and saying ‘I am open to your joy.’ You create some [?] like random moving universe it is arranging itself to [?] to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Lewis: Wow. I wish with this skill set I could get in touch with.

Preethaji: Absolutely.

Lewis: Things start to fall into place, but they don’t fall into place when you are angry, resentful and frustrated.

Preethaji: Or sad and insecure, lonely.

Lewis: A lack of.

Preethaji: You move into a state of connection you are telling the universe like we are together. When you are in a suffering state it is like the cancer cell.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: And trying to cause disease in the entire environment.

Lewis: The consciousness will eject you because you are a disease?

Preethaji: Yes you are a disease in a suffering state, but everyone has the opportunity to move out of the suffering state. I personally feel that it is not enough education on nurturing of your full state or consciousness.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: We are doing in across the globe.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: On awareness what state they are living in and how to lead the next.

Lewis: Sometimes it feels like you have those friends that are always trap in the suffering state. If it feels so real for people how do we get out of it?

Preethaji: If you look at a cobra it begins to feel uncomfortable in its own skin and then it is uncomfortable in its own skin and then not able to see. Then it becomes unbearable and what it does is it moves to seclusion and then get rids of the old skin.

Lewis: It isolates itself?

Preethaji: Yeah. And then there’s a new skin that comes shining. Every one of us needs this process.

Lewis: Really? Shedding of the own skin.

Preethaji: Old skin. It is sitting on you and you feel uncomfortable in your own skin you do not have a vision for the future and a purpose for your life, you really do not know what you are doing in life.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: Your vision is really blurred.

Lewis: Like why am I here? What is my purpose?

Preethaji: Existing. How often I feel that? I don’t think Krishnaji allows me to feel that.

Lewis: How long do you feel like you have to shed something?

Preethaji: For me every time when suffering arises there is this inner vision for a beautiful inner state that we want to walk on it. We do not allow weeds to grow in our consciousness.

Lewis: Jump for a moment.

Preethaji: It is like we are not carrying the past, we are not carrying our consciousness because when you are damage you can only create damage into the lives of people.

Lewis: Wow. There’s a great story about 2 monks.

Preethaji: [?]

Lewis: Are this the one where one of them picks up someone?

Preethaji: Yes. 2 monks are getting back to the monastery and they are able to cross a village and both of them hear a woman crying who wanted to cross village but she’s not able to cross because [?].

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: So [?] offers to help her and so he carries her from the one side of the river to the other side and drops her on the other side and she thanks them.

[?]. It is such a big mistake that you have done and it’s huge. For which [?] very calm and said ‘yes I have dropped her an hour ago.’ 

The inside watch we give this story is [?] represents a beautiful state and [?] represents a suffering state.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: He wants to make sure that she is free of her pain and then he helps her and once this is over he continued being peaceful. So, [?] the past is lingering and the agitation continues. [?] is fully present and he moves away from situational so completely.

Lewis: Right. What happens to us when we fixated past experiences?

Preethaji: Physically we are becoming disease.

Lewis: Wow, by just obsessing about the past?

Preethaji: Obsessing about the past. You obsess about a painful situation or you obsess over one particular pleasure that you experienced.

Lewis: Highlight in the past.

Preethaji: In that state of obsessing over one particular thing you either continue to fuel your anger or hate or fear, or you are one thing that experience again and feeling.

Lewis: You are suffering because you don’t have what you.

Preethaji: Yes.

Lewis: Want?

Preethaji: It is a state of suffering and what it does to you is you become unintelligent, you are not present to life so your responses will be because of the thinking that you have nurtured, because of the emotions that you have fueled.

To believe that we are seen individuals, to believe that we respond only to life or of logic is the very core understanding. We are responding the way we are responding because of something that has happened.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: It is important to clean our consciousness from all that is hurting us. So the sharp truth towards success is move it to connection. And what is topping you from connection is your habit of constantly being preoccupied with your past.

Lewis: Wow.

Preethaji: Or projecting your future. You are either in your past experience or you are anxious and fear of the future.

Lewis: Why?

Preethaji: Because loneliness is not about lack of company, it is the innocence of connection with everything around you. You are disconnected with everything around you because you are engross with yourself.

Lewis: Is it obsessed thinking?

Preethaji: Yes. Suffering exist only when you are obsessing about yourself.

Lewis: What if you obsess over something else?

Preethaji: You have to look deeper within yourself. If you look deeper within yourself you will be able to discover the truth that it is around you.

Lewis: When you are obsessing about something else you realize that it is around you?

Preethaji: Yes. It is still an engrossment with you, if not we wouldn’t be suffering. And there is so many ideas that suffering is good for you, suffering is great for you.

Lewis: Is it?

Preethaji: Yes. I mean I have seen many people asked me ‘I haven’t suffered enough to achieve.’

Lewis: Do you need to suffer?

Preethaji: Not necessarily. If you look deeper suffering is disconnecting you from life. What this world needs is you being an individual who’s able to share a lot of joy, share a lot of happiness and then the [?] is continuing not only now but for several generations to come. And when you asked me the question ‘what happens when you are suffering?’ We have [?] thoughts of something.

Lewis: 12,000 to 60,000 thougts?

Preethaji: Yes and I want to say 80% is old. The same thoughts are coming.

Lewis: You are thinking about it over and over again.

Preethaji: And all about is 80% negative. So, what it is that we are doing with our life? We are very busy, we do not have time we rush from one to the other believing we are moving towards achievement, but the truth is we are doing this to ourselves. From this state how can there be creativity? How can there be intelligence that is needed for us to solve all the problems?

Lewis: If we are obsessing about doing and never thinking about space or time to reflect?

Preethaji: You become a mechanical software. Loneliness is because of that. Anxiety is because of that you are habituated into being in all those places.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: Anxiety is spreading among its men, women young and old. It is time that we learn to live in a beautiful state. Achievement great, having a great family is wonderful but let us do it from a beautiful state. 

Lewis: How do we get there? What’s the quickest way to get out of suffering and get into a beautiful state?

Preethaji: It depends upon an individual but there are practices [?]. Even if you can take a couple of minutes to nurture a beautiful state and consciousness those few minutes will set it on.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: It is important that you take up a practice, it is important that you do it since you believe knowing that your state has a direct path in your life. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: If look at Aspen trees they look as individuals but they are all connected in the roots.

Lewis: Really?

Preethaji: Yeah. We believe we are separate individuals but we are connected to the entire universe. There is our soul circle whom you directly [?].

Lewis: Wow.

Preethaji: For your soul circle it is important that you nurture a beautiful state and it takes a while because we have been carrying the baggage of our parents and probably the entire humanity.

Lewis: Right. We have a lot of shedding in our skin over and over.

Preethaji: It is.

Lewis: What I learned about soul sync in India about you guys, it’s funny because every time I do it now you’re a part of it. I think I told you years ago that there’s a process in soul sync where it’s kind of like the 2nd half of the meditation.

Preethaji: yeah.

Lewis: There’s kind of like this visualization experience and every time I do visualization I see myself in a room with you because you were leading it and we levitated to the clouds.

Preethaji: Yeah.

Lewis: I want to go into these 4 secrets because this will be a good step for people to understand.

Preethaji: Absolutely. This is for you to experience the journey.

Lewis: A journey?

Preethaji: Yeah.

Lewis: And the first thing you talk about is spiritual vision right?

Preethaji: Yes. The first one is spiritual vision for your inner state of being. We have vision for our external world, a vision for having a great wealth.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: It begins with a beautiful state.

So, the first sacred secret is spiritual vision which would help redefining your purpose in life and loves you to have great clarity into everything that you are doing in life. So purpose is not only limited to carriers we believe only for carriers but it is everything in life.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: So it gives a clarity into your life itself and redefines your purpose. The second sacred secret is inner truth. This allows you to move out of stressful states as [?] arise and nurture a beautiful state in consciousness. The third sacred secret is accessing the universal intelligence.

Lewis: Universal intelligence?

Preethaji: They are much more than what we see they are. There is a particular [?] to access universal intelligence.

Lewis: Okay.

Preethaji: So the third sacred secret teaches you to access this universal intelligence. You need a particular state, you need to let go of your suffering to access it.

Lewis: You can access the.

Preethaji: Many cultures and religions are suffering and they always talk about feeling helpless, feeling desperate to access God. 

Lewis: When you’re suffering?

Preethaji: It is like a cellphone without a beautiful state. So there is a way to access this universal intelligence and to manifest what you want in your life.

Lewis: Okay.

Preethaji: The sacred secret is spiritual right action. It gives you a blueprint for the ongoing [?] of life.

Lewis: What actions take?

Preethaji: Whether to go or separate, whether to create or to stay.

Lewis: Wow. How do we know that and what’s the right action to take?

Preethaji: What we always done is take a rule set by somebody else and try to apply it. 

Lewis: And we suffer more.

Preethaji: This gives you a blueprint what you need to do [?]. It is important that we dissolve our suffering states, it is important that we do not act driven by an ideal or a more but drive your actions from a beautiful state of connection.

Lewis: So not have ideals?

Preethaji: You try very hard.

Lewis: We try and we break them and then we suffer.

Preethaji: I think we are existent for them because we kind of create more problems.

Lewis: Right we might be next to them but anyway. Spiritual right action.

Preethaji: So these are the four sacred secrets and it leads into full life journeys. The first life journey is become a happy child free of your past. The second life journey is you’re free of your inner critic and experience your beautiful self. Third life journey you are more away from a heart breaking lover to being a heartful partner and the fourth life journey is you move away from being a struggling creator to being a conscious creator who knows the access to power of the universe to create abundance.

Lewis: Why do so many people feel heartbroken from past relationships and hold onto it like.

Preethaji: Life’s mission is to [?] or life’s mission is to make sure taking revenge for what have I suffered. 

Lewis: Why is that?

Preethaji: We are not taught to live in a beautiful state, we are not being taught that it is important to live in this beautiful state and your state is continuing to impacting your life. So, you have to forgive not because you are superior because when you forgive you are free, you experience great freedom and life. But when you are holding on to hurt and anger and revenge there is this inner feeling that I am not accepting the unfairness of what is happened to me. 

Lewis: Try to make them feel something.

Preethaji: But you are destroying yourself and in that process.

Lewis: So when something unfair happens to us?

Preethaji: It is important that you are able to step out of the feeling that you are a victim.

Lewis: How do we do that?

Preethaji: It’s like not one idea that is not gonna [?] this whole journey that we lead in India and also help you. It will help you get out of those suffering states and the more you nurture a beautiful state it’s like you are having a consciousness. It’s like when a suffering state is there I can’t tolerate it, but right now many of us what happens is they are used to it. 

Lewis: Nonstop.

Preethaji: You’re chasing it. So it is to change the entire [?].

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: That’s why a journey is so important. Every inch in culture talks about a journey, unfortunately with all the progress we have lost [?]. In India it is called [?].

Lewis: Twice born?

Preethaji: Yeah. Everything is a process and a journey.

Lewis: Like a death of the ego and awakening of consciousness.

Preethaji: Shed that all that is hurting you. We need to shed of all that is hurting the snake is very clear. You need to go into a journey where you are able to shed off everything that is hurting you. All the suffering and the pain that you are having in your consciousness, because we are not ending it with us.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: What you’re doing is taking it to our children. Something unconscious that your great grandfather has [?] is continuing for several generations.

Lewis: Right. Let’s say someone is not happy with their life and maybe some things are good and some things are bad but extreme suffering all the time but they are just living a life that they are not fulfilled by. And they know they can want more but they’ve accepted what it is. What’s something someone could do listening or watching to get a little taste of getting started on the spiritual vision for their life?

Preethaji: What is the state that you have been living in? Every time there’s a slight change in [?] or situation a few of us get back to feeling sad.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: A few of us get back into feeling fear. What is the state you are nurturing?

Lewis: Not suffering.

Preethaji: Is this the state you want to live your life from? Now knowing very clearly it is impacting your life and children, it is impacting the prosperity and abundance you can acquire in life. Do you want to live there?

Lewis: No. 

Preethaji: It is important to have a vision for one’s inner state that I am going to nurture a beautiful state and it is not going to happen overnight.

Lewis: Practice.

Preethaji: It is a practice and it is a lifelong practice.

Lewis: So start to reflect on the emotions and.

Preethaji: Yes and just as you reflect a vision [?]. Let us hold a vision for our inner state.

Lewis: I like that.

Preethaji: This spiritual vision would be the mother of all visions.

Lewis: That’s good.

Preethaji: This is what is lacking in our education. We have made so important the external life I don’t say it is wrong, but achievement does not give you happiness after a point.

Lewis: We create our environment around us with the tables we buy and everything. We create a vision of environment is clear around, but a lot of us lack the vision to create an environment within us.

Preethaji: Yes, because you don’t realize it is important. You don’t realize that you are acting in a particular way because something that is growing in your consciousness. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: The truth is there is something that is brewing in your consciousness which is making you act one particular way. We have to go beyond this idea that we are logical beings.

Lewis: We are not logical what are we?

Preethaji: It is like a past, like a 5 year old experience. Not able to accept oneself.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: And then becoming aggressive. You might see you id that because of the work experience but it goes back to something that has happened and growing in your consciousness. We need to do what the snake does.

Lewis: Shed.

Preethaji: We need to shed and nurture this beautiful state.

Lewis: What happens when our outer world is thriving financially but our inner world is dying or suffering? What happens to us?

Preethaji: You would not experience any fulfilment. You can experience a lot of wealth but when you are disconnected you would not have a clear purpose in life.

Lewis: Right. That’s spiritual vision in getting clear on the environment and create on your inner worlds. The next we talked about is inner truth. What is inner truth and how do we discover our inner truth?

Preethaji: When we suffer or when we experience in a discomfort we do not want to look at it, what we do is go out and entertain ourselves. Try to change the meaning of that experience and you feel by changing the meaning you will be able to cope with it.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: And you are trying to change something change and look at it in one particular way. In a true observing your [?] and to see very clearly that suffering is an engrossment with oneself, and if you are able to see it very clearly it is like a house of cards it falls apart.

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: And then you will be able to solve that suffering and awaken to a beautiful state.

Lewis: It’s just the awareness of what you are doing?

Preethaji: Yes.

Lewis: Being aware. That’s me obsessing over myself and knowing the truth.

Preethaji: I would first say it is important to go through journey and shed the past but for those who are not able to [?] this journey is you can do the [?] practice, the 3 minute practice.

Lewis: Is it online or?

Preethaji: It is online.

Lewis: The universal intelligence is the consciousness of humanity? The world everything? 

Preethaji: Everything. That is an intelligence and that is intelligence in a mushroom and a piece of rock. That is intelligence in everything.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: A few cultures make it very personal they have the personal [?], for a few cultures it is just a field of energy. In suffering we are actually disconnecting ourselves from the field. So it is important to let go of suffering, to let go of the inner disturbing state. Ask the universal intelligence what you want in your life.

Lewis: It is simple as asking?

Preethaji: But from a beautiful state.

Lewis: If you are suffering and say ‘I need help.’

Preethaji: Cellphone without a tower.

Lewis: I am suffering why aren’t you helping me? That’s gonna help with anything?

Preethaji: In a suffering state we are disconnected. Everyone experiences challenges in life, but the suffering is an inner dialogue continuing a painful situation.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: So there is a continuing dialogue that happens in oneself, that is a total waste time. That disconnects and we feel lonely because we are engross with ourselves. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Preethaji: We are suffering we are disconnecting and we feel very lonely. So it is important that we let go of that suffering is not going to help anybody.

See it feel it or deeply think about it happening in your life.

Lewis: Wow. I love it. And the spiritual action?

Preethaji: It is not a model [?], it is not an ideal of an action. All that we teach our children and all that we have been taught is to live life a particular way. 

Lewis: Here are the rules.

Preethaji: We do not have time to nurture our beautiful state in ourselves, we do not have time to nurture our children. The society has leveled up a set of rules and code conduct and the sad part is none of them are able to adhere to it.

Lewis: Even the ones making the rules don’t follow the rules.

Preethaji: We are enforcing it to our children with the social media it’s a changing world but more definitely can guide in action is a state of connection.

Lewis: So do you have no rules?

Preethaji: No. 

Lewis: Yeah. So how can a parent?

Preethaji: She feels us.

Lewis: And she lives by that kind of way of being? 

Preethaji: Yes with connection. The experience of connection is the feeling of [?].

Lewis: What if she does something that you don’t like?

Preethaji: I would tell her by knowing from a place of [?], I would tell her from a place of feeling her fully.

Lewis: What happens if a child breaks the law?

Preethaji: Correction is needed but let it happen from a place of connection.

Lewis: Correct from connection?

Preethaji: Yes, not from anger or from your own past. It’ll be mostly fear when it comes to a child.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: But come from a place of connection you will be able to change and transform that child if something is wrong or really bad, but everything else doesn’t work.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: Time out to make things worse.

Lewis: What happens to a kid when you put them on time out or are grounded?

Preethaji: What is the guiding principle of [?] to get her out whenever she’s suffering, because I know very clearly when she is a happy person or a joyful person. So, when you are giving a time out for your little one and somebody does it to you how would you feel?

Lewis: I feel disconnected.

Preethaji: You feel horrible and that’s where it starts. 

Lewis: The story we keep telling our self from the past.

Preethaji: And we are strengthening it and grow strong. This person has visited so many times is not helping of receiving that love, to receive that connection and appreciation. Time out is easy to manage but it is not good for one’s consciousness and life. We need more time actually for a pattern it needs longer time, for an individual we need more time.

Lewis: Right.

Preethaji: To help ourselves to nurture that that beautiful state. People are tired with the way they’ve been living life, tired with the stress they have to continuously feel in life.

Lewis: This book is a good place to start ‘the four sacred secrets for love and prosperity: A guide to living in a beautiful state.’

Preethaji: Absolutely.

Lewis: It is something that I made them commit to them doing 3 years ago.

Preethaji: Yes.

Lewis: You’ve workshop all over the world.

Preethaji: The field of abundance a four day workshop.

Lewis: Amazing.

Preethaji: The next one is in Omega in September.

Lewis: You’ve got the peace festival?

Preethaji: [?] world peace festival.

Lewis: Every single day you are creating peaceful experiences for people online and in person, people can join and host their own meditation.

Preethaji: Last year we had over a million people and it is happening in a [?] the mystic [?].

Lewis: In India.

Preethaji: And it is across the globe connecting to the experiences at [?] for creating an impact in human consciousness for peace. It is not another peace moment where we are angry activist.

Lewis: Marching.

Preethaji: But it is a movement in consciousness and everyone who is wanting to create a more peaceful word should join in.

Lewis: All day long?

Preethaji: We’re doing 20 minutes for those streaming across the world.

Lewis: Is there anything we should know about? For me when I went to India it was so transformational I’ve sent a bunch of people there and so I highly recommend if you guys have a chance. So, it’s amazing and if you want to have an incredible dance party like I do then make sure you check it out.

Preethaji: Yeah.

Lewis: This is called the 3 truths I’m gonna you ask you again. Imagine you get to have one final peace meditation experience with the whole world listening. So, imagine you’re doing a festival with the whole world tuning in, and you’ve given your 20 minute facilitation of meditation. But at the end you get to share final things with people, 3 things you know to be true about with life and the lessons you would share behind.

Preethaji: Right.

Lewis: 3 truths you would share behind.

Preethaji: I would say suffering state destroys you. A state of connection nurtures you allowing you to fulfill your life’s dreams and when nurturing this beautiful state of connection we are impacting life not only for now but we are impacting life for many generations. Suffering is a disease that is being carried from generation to generation. So if you want see your children and grandchildren to live in a more peaceful world, I want my daughter and grandchild to live in a more beautiful world, which feels safe knowing and caring.

Lewis: Preethaji make sure you get the book.

Preethaji: Thank you.

Lewis: Thank you so much.

There you have it my friends I hope you enjoyed this episode with Preethaji.

If you don’t have the ability to go to India then I recommend getting the 4 sacred secrets. It is going to inspire you to master cultivating inner peace and end the suffering in your life. Very powerful share this with a friend

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Herman Melville said “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers as, sympathetic threads our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

I hope you enjoyed this one I hope it brings you peace, I hope it ends some pain and suffering in your life and is a tool for you to constantly use whenever you feel like to react, or in pain or whenever you are in pain and can’t get out. Start applying it to your life and start taking it to the next level.

I love you all so very much and you know what time it is, it’s time to go out there and do something great.


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