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Lewis Howes

How to Connect with Influencers, Thought Leaders and Decision Makers

Time for real talk.

Wrapping up this year, I’m doing an inventory of what’s worked in my life and business in 2017.

Similar to the last Coffee Conversations with Cesar, I wanted to go over one of the most important keys to the success I’ve experienced this past year.

Partnerships have been a massive key to my success.

The podcast has grown because of the key people I’ve met and had on the show.

Some of those relationships have grown into amazing business opportunities and big win/win moments.

So I wanted to do a solo round on what I’ve learned through the years about connecting and building powerful relationships with influencers.

"Focus on individuals who really inspire you."  

I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about the best ways to do this — but I have seen a lot of what doesn’t work going on.

So in this episode, I cut straight to the truth and get real.

My intention is to shine the light on what actually does work so that you can create quality relationships.

If you hear me say things you’ve never heard anyone else say in this episode, let me know! I’m always interested in your feedback.

Here’s the truth about building relationships with influencers the right way in Episode 577.

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

The 3 C’s to remind you to connect with thought leaders:

  1. Chill – Let them know what they’ve done has inspired you in some way (3:50)

  2. Curiosity – Ask thoughtful questions about the things that matter the most to them right now (5:42)

  3. Care – Be of service, give on something specific, find a way to tap into their heart (7:22)

How to email someone:

  1. Research them (13:35)

  2. Find 3 points of connection (14:58)

  3. Make it about what you can do for them (17:54)

What not to do: (18:37)

  1. Don’t ask for advice
  2. Don’t ask for a favor
  3. Don’t ask to pick their brain
  4. Don’t ask to work for free
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