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When someone has incredibly positive energy, it’s hard NOT to be excited about what they’re doing.

Such is the case with today’s guest on  The School of Greatness.

I met Cassey Ho recently at her book launch party and was immediately impressed by what she has created by following her passion.

Not only does she run a top-rated fitness blog, Blogilates, but she has over 2 million followers on her fitness YouTube channel, is a fashion designer, the #2 ranked fitness influencer online, and an incredibly smart and service-oriented woman.

I wanted to get her on the show to learn how she grew her brand and channel and the story is awesome.

Cassey talks about her super intense Asian upbringing (playing tennis, going to college to be a doctor, not being able to date) and how she bravely chose to follow her passion for fitness instead.

We cover the nuts and bolts of building a strong YouTube channel, how to deal with haters, and her plans for the future.

Welcome to the inspiration and joy that is Cassey Ho in Episode 178.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Cassey Ho on The School of Greatness

“Give yourself a 100% chance to succeed.”

Some questions I ask:

  • Why do so many people criticize anyone who has a platform?
  • Why did you create a video about the perfect body?
  • How do you emotionally handle continuing your content creation despite the haters?
  • What advice do you give to women who are beautiful and insecure about their body image?
  • What’s your plan for after POPilates fades out?
  • What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow an audience on YouTube?
  • Where is the most opportunity to launch a new channel right now?


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Cassey got a following on YouTube (without meaning to)
  • How she got a full-ride scholarship to college by selling cookies at school
  • Her focus on service and how it propels her business and brand
  • What she does when she feels bad about her body
  • The story of how she proved to her parents that she could follow her passion and succeed

“If you don’t live for yourself, you’re not living.”

  • How to be a leader in your industry, but not a slave to it
  • The dangers of being too perfect for YouTube
  • Why she oversees the artistic direction of her products and brand even now
  • Why you need to create products from your YouTube channel and not just rely on views and ads
  • Plus much more…

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

Cassey’s energy is awesome!! I loved the workout moves she showed me too. What are you inspired to create after listening to her story?

“We are worth more than our body.”

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