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Nick Pitera is a YouTube Celebrity.

However, being a YouTube sensation only his part time gig.

You see, Nick works full time at Pixar, but his passion is singing.

I was attracted to Nick for two main reasons:

  1. His Unique Talent (watch the video below to see)
  2. His Passion for his Talent

He has a unique singing talent that has gained a multitude of media attention including being on the Ellen Degeneres Show… TWICE!

Nick also has over 80 million video views, but that isn’t what’s most unique about him.

He does something special with his voice that no one is really doing (and he often sees criticism for showcasing it).

His critics don’t stop him, however, as he has bigger goals in mind and his consistent action to produce more YouTube videos with the music he loves is taking him to higher places.

I sat down with Nick to ask him about his journey. 

In this interview Nick covers what it’s like to be “YouTube Famous”, what he does to get so many views on all of his videos, his business model on YouTube, and what anyone can be doing on YouTube to help build their own business.

Make sure to watch this in depth interview, and then watch some of his highly popular videos below.

Ready to watch his unique talent?  This video showcases it well 🙂

For all you Gleeks out there… you’ll enjoy this one!


It’s amazing to see the things that can happen when you figure out your passion and pursue it… don’t you think?  Make sure to leave a comment below about your thoughts on Nick, and his unique talent.  Also make sure to check out Nick’s YouTube channel here, and follow him and say hi on Twitter here.

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