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The relationships you have are your most valuable asset.

This is something I have believed in since politics came into play during my collegiate and professional football playing days.

This is even more true in the business world.  At the end of the day, your database, email list, cell phone numbers, and relationships are all you have.  I’m such a firm believe in networking and relationships that I wrote two LinkedIn books about networking on LinkedIn, and also co-created a networking course for introverts called Shy Networking with Chris Garrett.  Networking may be the most valuable skill set you can have, and it can help you throughout any point in your personal and business life.

I recently connected with Larry Benet, a.k.a “The Connector” during the 2010 Perfect Business Summit in Las Vegas.  I’d heard about Larry from his famous SANG Events where he has the biggest speakers and authors in the world talk in front of the most exclusive audience.  He has people like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Tony Hsieh, and dozens of others best selling authors and speakers who frequent his speed dial list.

During our time in Vegas, he left his cell phone unattended at one point, and I was temped to accidentally misplace it for him… it’s that valuable! 😉

I had many great conversations with Larry during the day, and I wanted to make sure you got access to some of his relationship building strategies, so I hope you enjoy the video I took on the way to the airport.

What are your networking tips?  Do you do anything different than others, do you agree with Larry, or what else can you add to the conversation?

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