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I’m seeing a trend of Internet marketers that are starting to dive more into social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

This is great and all, but most of them are missing out on a huge opportunity by not using LinkedIn to the fullest.

Yanik Silver recently reached out on Twitter and said he was looking to use LinkedIn more.  I thought I would share a few things in this video where Yanik can use LinkedIn to

1. Drive Traffic

2. Build His List, and

3. Generate More Sales

Watch this video below as I share with you 8 different ways Internet marketers (and Yanik) should be using LinkedIn.

I have seen other Internet marketers finding success using LinkedIn like Joel Comm, the NY Times best selling author of Twitter Power.  His “Twitter for Business” group has nearly 6,000 members without him doing much at all to grow it.

He is selling more books, generating more leads, and driving more traffic to his site from his LinkedIn group.  In a recent message he sent out a link for a few of his ebooks for free, and the comments he received in the group all sing his praises for providing such quality content.

LinkedIn is a qualified, target audience you can reach out to with over 60 million business professionals and it shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone, including Internet Marketers.

Here is a recap of the 8 points I made in my video on LinkedIn marketing for Internet marketers:

  1. Headline:  Make sure you target your niche, and demonstrate how you help that niche.
  2. Connections:  The more the better because LinkedIn allows you to export your emails into a CSV file.
  3. Recommendations:  More Authority, Credibility, and Social Proof… you all knows this better than anyone.
  4. Websites:  You always have a call to action at the end of your sales letters, why not here as well.
  5. Groups:  If you don’t build it, someone else will have a huge niche audience to send weekly messages to.
  6. Blog App: Driving organic traffic to your site… can’t beat it.
  7. Amazon App: If you have a book on Amazon, then this will help you sell more.
  8. Events: Many Internet marketers have events, and this is a great way to spread the word absolutely FREE!

How else do you think LinkedIn could be helpful for Internet marketers?  What other things can they focus on throughout their profile?  Should they take it as serious as the rest of people looking for ways to advance their career, or do you still not see the value in using LinkedIn?

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