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Wallstreet Trapper

From Prison To Financial Freedom: The Journey of Reshaping Your Identity


I’ll get right to it – I’m SO fired up to share the inspiring story of Leon Howard (aka “Wallstreet Trapper”) with you all. After falling into the prison system for 10 long years at a young age, Trap easily could have given up. He could have thrown in the towel and believed that the world had left him behind. Instead, he chose to educate himself and apply the things he learned (both in the books and on the streets) to his newfound career: the stock market, investing, and educating the masses about money. 

During our conversation, Trap also shares the biggest lessons he’s learned about building wealth, key steps to achieving financial freedom, how going to prison saved his life, and so much more. 

No matter if you’re looking for expert investing tips or just want to feel inspired today, I know you’ll love this episode. And now, please help me welcome the one-and-only, Wallstreet Trapper, to The School of Greatness!

“I only use money for 3 things: access, information, and assets.” @Wallstreet504  

Known for “educating the culture on how to build wealth one share at a time,” New Orleans native Leon Howard, popularly known as Wallstreet Trapper, has been dominating wealth building through the stock market for years. Growing up in New Orleans, Leon is no stranger to the streets and the pitfalls that come with it. During his 10 year prison bid he learned about the stock market and since then has been applying and teaching it to everyone willing to learn.

Through his company, From the Trap to Wallstreet, Leon provides a plethora of resources ranging from courses, ebooks, and a private members only group where he simplifies wealth creation and normalizes generational wealth for the black community through investing in the stock market. Today he has a community of over 800,000 Trappers that he teaches about investing and wealth building.

I really hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it! Are you ready to learn all about wealth-building, investment tips, how to put yourself on the road to financial freedom, and more? Then join me by listening to Episode 1,209 of The School of Greatness.

“Money is a tool, not a goal.” @Wallstreet504  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get into prison and when did you start pursuing financial literacy while there? 
  • What was it like at 16 being sentenced to 10 years in prison?
  • How do people get into a better class if they weren’t fortunate enough to be born into it?
  • What is the biggest mistake about money that you’ve learned?
  • How do you work smarter and not harder?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Trap’s upbringing and experience of going to prison saved him and taught him the foundations of building wealth.
  • The similarities between business in the real world and business in the streets.
  • The key steps to begin to build financial freedom.
  • The simple concepts people misunderstand about building wealth.
  • Plus much more…
Wallstreet Trapper
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Wallstreet Trapper

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