New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Lewis Howes

Go ALL IN on Conquering Your Fears

Fear keeps you from greatness.

I want to start this 5-Minute Friday off with a quote from W. Clement Stone: “Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.”

FEAR is the #1 reason why people never achieve their dreams.

Instead of thinking about what could go right, many of us worry about what could go wrong. Whenever we want to chase our dream, fear creeps in and asks, “What will other people think? Will you look silly and stupid? What if everything goes wrong?”

And when we live with this fear, it holds us back. It paralyzes us from taking ACTION. We’re so afraid of what could go wrong, we would rather sit around and do nothing. We let the fear win.

If you’ve been living with your fears for a long time, chances are you’ve been letting the fear win, over and over again. Each time you let the fear win, it grows stronger — and by now, it’s become a powerful, dominating force over your life.

You’re going to need to take MASSIVE action if you want to break past your biggest fears. You’re going to need to go all-in.

Don’t try to focus on all your fears at once. Pick one major fear at a time, and then dive DEEP into it, taking action and challenging yourself every day until the fear stops winning.

This is exactly what I’ve done to conquer the biggest fears in my life.

“You’re going to need to go all-in on your fears until the fear disappears.” @lewishowes  

In my life, I’ve experienced several fears.

Public speaking.

Dancing in front of others.

Running a marathon.

These are just a few examples of fears that I’ve faced in the past. I’ve felt like I wasn’t up to the task, and I avoided them for a long time. But by taking massive action and going ALL-IN, I was able to conquer each of these fears.

What are some of your fears? What are some things that you could NEVER see yourself doing, just because you’re so afraid of doing them? When you take enough action against your fear, your mind will learn to stop listening to it. You’ll turn your focus to what could go RIGHT, not what could go wrong.

And then, once you’ve told the fear to “shush,” you can finally chase your greatest dreams without the fear holding you back.

I’m telling you, going ALL-IN on one of your fears could be the most important thing you do in the next few months. It won’t just set you up for success in the future — conquering your fears is actually super FUN. 

It’s not the fleeting fun you get from playing a video game. It’s the kind of fun that fills you with energy, makes you feel alive, and gives you the inner spirit to take on the world and create your dream life.

And once you get over your fears, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do! If you want to learn more about conquering your fears by going ALL-IN, join me on Episode 1,068!

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