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There are some people who have built such a big empire that you’ve heard of them even if you don’t follow their brands or buy their products.

Such is the case with Russell Simmons.

He is a legend in the hip hop music industry, as the founder of the Def Jam label, AND the creator of two popular fashion brands, not to mention a more recent YouTube sensation, All Def Digital.

Simply put, Russell knows a thing or two about building movements, getting fans, and promoting powerful messages.

That was just one reason I wanted to have him on The School of Greatness.

In recent years, Russell has taken on a lifestyle makeover that is focused on holistic health – and a vegan diet.

He has been just as vocal about this undertaking as he always has been about his business ventures, and his newest book dives into all the reasons why.

I learned a lot from Russell about business, entrepreneurship, branding, health, and owning your voice and message.

I’m excited to bring you the legend himself, Russell Simmons, in Episode 287.

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The School of Greatness Podcast


“Anything you want, you have to give.”

NOTE: Russell uses strong language in this video. If you want to avoid it, listen to the audio version 🙂

Some questions I ask:

  • What lessons did you learn from selling drugs about life and business?
  • What entrepreneurs inspired you early on?
  • What about people hundreds of years ago who ate meat?
  • What would an ideal planet look like to you?
  • What are the top causes you are committed to giving back to?
  • Do you have any fears right now?
  • How do you handle negative emotions?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Russell met some of the early hip hop icons and became friends with them
  • Why Russell doesn’t eat before he meditates in the morning
  • How yoga teaches you to remain calm and happy no matter what happens around you
  • Why Russell feels so strongly that all animal lives matter
  • The political side of animal rights
  • Plus much more…

“You can change stuff you focus on; you can’t change stuff you worry about.”

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“People need to find the sameness in each other.”

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