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Amy Purdy

Overcome All Odds

“We’re going to fail constantly. What keeps you going?”

We all go through struggles in life, and it’s so easy to get into a loop of self pity. Instead, find a way to focus on your future.

Make goals for yourself, especially if you find yourself in a life changing event. Where do you want to be in six months? What accomplishment do you want to make in the next year?

Life’s too short to dwell on the present, so look forward to the future.

The importance of creating this sort of accountability really got me thinking about a past episode with one of the most inspirational people I had on the show: Amy Purdy.

Amy is a Paralympian who lost both of her feet. It didn’t stop her from becoming a world class athlete and someone that even Oprah has called her hero.

On this episode of 5-Minute Friday, Amy discusses how she was able to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles by shifting her mindset to one that is selfless.

Learn all about how you can overcome the impossible, on Episode 651.

“Every minute I didn’t work out, I knew someone else was working out harder than me.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Amy’s 3 goals she gave herself (1:08)
  • When Amy’s new journey began (2:06)
  • Why she decided to keep training for the Paralympics (3:09)
  • Plus much more…
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Transcript of this Episode

Lewis Howes:              This is 5-Minute Friday!!

We have an incredible guest today. Her name is Amy Purdy, and, man, this woman blows me away! I’m so inspired by this human being. She is a top-ranked female adaptive snowboarder in the US, and a three time World Cup Para-Snowboard gold medalist, and also the 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist.

She had to amputate both of her legs below the knee when she was a young woman and overcame so many obstacles. Then later she, recently, was on Dancing With The Stars, took runner up, after inspiring the nation by all of her incredible dance routines that she did.

She also went on tour with Oprah, and Oprah calls her, her hero. She is such an inspiring person and man, this conversation, I did not want it to end.

Amy Purdy:                  I remember I gave myself three goals, as I was going into surgery, literally as they were wheeling me from my room into the surgical room. I gave myself three goals and I think I did this because I needed to feel some kind of control. One of those goals was that I was going to snowboard that year.

Lewis Howes:               Amazing! Wow!

Amy Purdy:                  I guess, now, I realise that I’m just that type of person where I throw myself into things, like, I’m going to get in shape and I’m going to do it every single day until I’m there. I have three days to get in shape, or, for that, it was like, “I’m snowboarding, but I’m snowboarding this year.”

And then I knew that, the other goal is, when I do figure it out, I want to somehow help other people, let them know that it’s going to be okay, but I first have to figure that out for myself.

Lewis Howes:               For yourself! Got to be okay with it, yeah.

Amy Purdy:                  Yeah, I think the idea there is just that I needed something to feel in control of and to get me through that experience, something to look forward to, like, “I said I would do this, I said I would snowboard this year, so I’m going to do that,” so, yeah. I was wheeled in, they amputated my legs above the ankles, then that was when I stepped into a whole new life and journey.

I was so grateful, because of everybody who supported me, everything that we went through, to be able to be there, represent anybody with a disability, or anybody who had an adversity and didn’t think that they could do something powerful with their lives. To be able to be there and represent that, and then just knowing that all your hard work paid off.

Lewis Howes:               Feels good, right?

Amy Purdy:                  There was a little bit of a relief, right? It was like, “Thank God! Thank God I actually brought a medal home!” Because I actually had my heart set on it, right? Because that’s what your whole couple of years leading up is just bringing home a medal.

Every minute that I didn’t workout, I knew that someone else was working out harder than me, and I needed to be ahead of the game. And so, it takes all of you.

Lewis Howes:               Crazy! Congrats on getting the bronze, it’s amazing!

Amy Purdy:                  Thank you! I think my reason for going back and training again for the next Paralympic team is different than it was before. This time it’s not about me.

Lewis Howes:               It’s not about for you to win something or achieve something, it’s to make a bigger impact. To inspire.

Amy Purdy:                  Exactly! And that day was so rough for me because I didn’t win and I was struggling, and I realised, “But it’s not about that, I’m out here and I’m doing it and I’m figuring it out,” and that’s what it’s about and that journey. We’re going to fail constantly, so what keeps you going? It can’t be about the medals.

Lewis Howes:               Amen! That’s great!

* * *

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