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Matthew Hussey

Breakup, Healing, and Dating Advice During Isolation

Are you tired of the person you love?

Quarantine has brought about a host of struggles — health concerns, job loss, and even relationship issues.

You might be spending a LOT more time with your partner than you previously have. Maybe you’re single, and you’re finding this time alone to be unbearable. Maybe you just went through a breakup and everything’s still raw, but you don’t know how to heal in a time of social isolation.

My girlfriend and I have gone through our own share of struggles during this time, but it’s also been an amazing opportunity for growth. I’ve learned more about the power of communication during this time than probably ever before.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, it is always important to dedicate time to self-care and personal space. During quarantine, it’s likely that you might feel suffocated by the people you’re living with — maybe even your partner. If you’re single or struggling with a breakup, you may feel suffocated by your own thoughts. In each case, learning how to love yourself so you can best love others is key.

While you might be growing through some relationship struggles right now, this is an opportunity for growth. We grow when we’re in situations that cause challenges, not even everything is going perfect.

Today on The School of Greatness, I have dating expert, motivational speaker, and good friend Matthew Hussey to tell us how we can heal from past breakups and make our relationships thrive during COVID-19.

“Are you in love with a person's presence or absence?” @matthewhussey  

Matthew Hussey is the New York Times bestselling author of Get the Guy, internationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, human dynamics specialist, and dating expert. He’s the CEO and founder of MatthewHussey.com where he has built a global brand over the last 12 years.

Matthew’s rise to success as a motivational speaker has been meteoric. From humble beginnings working as a life coach with individual clients in London’s coffee shops and cafes, Matthew now runs programs across the globe, helping thousands of men and women reach their true performance potential. In packed conference rooms across the US and UK, or on week-long retreats in luxury locations in Europe and America, Matthew and his team have created tailor-made programs designed to help clients transform their lives. His private clients through his life-coaching brand have included directors of major FTSE 500 companies, hedge-fund managers, and celebrities such as Christina Aguilera.

Matthew Hussey’s YouTube videos have been viewed over 330 million times, his weekly videos reach 8 million followers, and his newsletter has 2 million readers daily. He hosted his own radio show Love Life with Matthew Hussey for 2 years on iHeart Radio which has now become a podcast available on iTunes and Spotify. 

COVID-19 has changed so many things — global health, employment, the market, and our personal lives. Both couples and singles are facing new challenges – either facing constant separation or constant closeness. Thankfully, Matthew has some great tips for all of us on how to love ourselves and love the ones we care about during this stressful time.

If you want to hear more from Matthew Hussey about relationships, go ahead and listen to our past interviews together! Check out Episode 811, Episode 512, and Episode 189!

To learn how to heal from breakups and make your relationships thrive during COVID-19, join me on Episode 944 to learn from my good friend Matthew Hussey!

“Emotions are weather; let them come and go.” @matthewhussey  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is your energy around managing relationships during this difficult time? (2:42)
  • What do you say to relationships going through trouble during this time? (12:41)
  • How do you create music in a relationship if there’s no in between? (15:52)
  • What is the thing you need to do to improve when you’re single and when you’re in a relationship? (46:16)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How being mindful and creating space can help in relationships (5:23)
  • How important engineering space is to a relationship (17:12)
  • How partners can provide time for each other (22:25)
  • How to manage heartbreak (25:15)
  • How to handle solitude and loneliness during this time (38:57)
  • How active attention can help in improving emotional intelligence (49:36)
  • How to create useful hours and active leisure during the pandemic (56:31)
  • How to use care with creativity in dating (101:23)
  • How to help your lovelife and love life (107:12)
  • Plus much more…
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