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Marc Fitt

The Truth About Success in the Business of Fitness

Today's episode is a really cool opportunity to get some perspective on life and business.

If you’re a longtime fan of The School of Greatness, you’ll remember Marc Fitt from way back on Episode 51 (3 years ago!) when he and I recorded a Skype interview and I barely knew what I was doing with the podcast.

Back then he was a budding fitness star in the online space, barely spoke English, and had big dreams.

Now he is a huge presence in the online world (over 5 million fans on Facebook alone), manages multiple businesses, including an incredible apparel brand, and is making big waves in entrepreneurship and fitness.

And his English has come a long way 🙂

“If you cannot generate money yourself, you should not take the money of others to play with.”  

Marc and I have become good friends, collaborated on projects together, and I can honestly say he is one of the most generous and hard working guys I know.

He was in town this week, and I wanted to bring him back on the show to hear how he has evolved his business and dreams into reality.

Marc is smart and focused, two of the characteristics that make a great entrepreneur. But he also has a BIG vision. And that’s what makes the difference.

Get ready to take notes and take action from my friend Marc Fitt on Episode 431.

“Progression equals happiness.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What are the steps you’ve taken to build your personal brand over the past 5 years? (3:58)
  • What are all the current revenue streams you are bringing in? (10:40)
  • What does it take to launch a successful apparel brand? (21:34)
  • Is video or photo going to be more important in the next 3 years? (29:10)
  • How do you maintain a quality relationship when you work so much? (36:39)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why learning English is so important as an online entrepreneur (6:06)
  • The show Marc watched to learn English (6:56)
  • The best ways to use social media to build your personal brand (8:54)
  • Why social media is such a huge currency right now for entrepreneurs (9:25)
  • How to think differently about opportunity when you feel like you don’t have skills and money (16:40)
  • Why it’s smart to avoid getting investors when launching your business (18:24)
  • What is possible when you build a brand separate from yourself (25:04)
  • The story of how Marc got his last name “Fitt” (39:22)
  • Plus much more…
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