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Jay Shetty

Small Changes for Lasting Results

Who are you trying to impress?

We are constantly trying to be what we’re not.

We’re trying to look like someone else, perform like someone else, or spend our time in ways that make other people happy.

This is an exhausting way to live.

Like Einstein says, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

You are the most powerful when you’re tapped into what makes you unique.

On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I’m sharing a Summit of Greatness presentation from a former monk and master storyteller: Jay Shetty.

“You become successful by what you get, but you become happy by what you give.” @JayShettyIW  

Jay Shetty is an award-winning host, storyteller and viral content creator. Since launching his video channel in 2016, Jay’s viral wisdom videos have garnered over 1 billion views and gained over 3 million followers globally.

He explains the three lies that people tell us and why it’s much more important to listen to your opinions than anyone else’s.

If you take the time to write, reflect, and learn about yourself, you can learn to celebrate what makes you great. No one will be able to hold you back once you do.

So get ready to learn about passion, pain, and purpose on Episode 746.

“You can’t be anything you want, but you can be everything you are.” @JayShettyIW  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do you figure out what “you are?” (7:08)
  • How do you help people with ADD focus? (8:25)
  • What’s your advice for people who are struggling with their past? (13:17)

In this episode, you will learn:

    • How to look at small incremental changes (8:47)
    • How healing others’ physical pain and help your mental pain (10:00)
    • The power of journaling (14:07)
    • Plus much more…

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Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is episode number 746 with the inspiring jay Shetty. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes a former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today, now let the class begin.

Norman Vincent Peale said “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” And Buddha said “Thousands of candles can be lighten from a single candle and the life of a candle will not be shortened, happiness never decreases by being shared.” Today I am so excited to bring you one of my dear close friends Jay Shetty and share this special Q&A that I did with him at the summit of greatness and he just blew people away. If you don’t know who Jay Shetty is you’re probably not online and never watched any videos or anything because he is everywhere right now, he’s a former monk who is now an award winning host, story-teller and viral content creator. Since launching his video channel in 2016 Jay’s viral wisdom videos has reached almost 4 billion views and gained over 20 million followers on Facebook, over 2 million on Instagram and almost 2 million on YouTube and it just continue to grow like wild fire. This makes him one of the most viewed people on the internet internationally, he is also one of the youngest people to have his name on the Forbes magazine on Forbes under 30. Wins tons of awards recognized everywhere in the world, speaks at the top conferences he is an inspiration and I’m so glad to call him a good friend of mine because we’ve done so many positive things together and we both have the same mission. We want to help people we want to move the world forward and inspire people to live a better life. And he gave this incredible speech that I’m not gonna share here but the Q&A at the end of the speech was just as powerful and I want to share that with you. We talked about the importance of service most of the unhappy people in this world are not living in service to something and it’s simple once you focus on service and you make your heart on service it’s hard to be nervous and scared and that’s what we want to focus on being in service.

The power of making journaling a habit when we reflect something happens on the actions and thought we take moving forward, it’s a powerful thing that you can do and we also talked about the importance of taking time to heal from past pain, if we never heal man that pain just keeps coming back and keeps coming back and that’s what this is all about today I am super pumped about this, make sure to share with your friends

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All right guys I am excited about this again a big thank you to our sponsors and without further ado let’s dive into this with the one and only Jay Shetty.

Lewis: So say your name and what you’re grateful for and the direct question you have for Jay.

Terrell: My name is Terrell Jones I’m grateful just to be able to impact people as a speaker and coach in the world and one of the things that you said Jay, we spoke a little bit yesterday and one of the things that you said to date that was impactful was “You can be everything you are but you can’t be anything you want.” So my question is how do you figure out what you are and how do you know if you’re trying to be something else that you’re not?

Jay: 2 processes: 1 is personal excavation the more you observe in different situations the more you observe yourself around certain people the more you observe when you’re experimenting it and testing and trying new things out the more you get a sense for how you feel about it vs how someone feels that you feel about it and that’s all constant disconnect, we’re validating or verifying everyone through or even a small question about how do I look in this? We’re letting someone else’s opinion define how we feel about ourselves even if we feel totally uncomfortable. So we only get to that point when we start observing ourselves and testing and experimenting with multiple things, so that you can see yourself in different scenarios and different situations.

Vivi: Hi I’m Vivi I’m grateful for being here and meeting all these amazing people.

Lewis: Where you from?

Vivi: I’m from Germany but I live in Las Vegas now. I want to know how do you help people of ADD being in the moment focus on what they want to do and just get forward and not get distracted all the time.

Jay: I think one of the biggest challenge of change is too much pressure especially when someone has other challenges that affect the challenge of destruction and I would look at small, incremental changes, small changes but a big priority in their life. The challenge I find is that too many of us try to change too many things all at the same time, it’s like we want to wake up early and start going to the gym and eat right all in the same week.

Lewis: It’s impossible.

Jay: I tried and it kills you and it breaks you and no one can do that. So I’m saying small step, big priority. Try to change a small thing but make it a big priority of the week, what we do is we try to make a big step and make the small priorities and we want to shift that, shift the other way around. So help that person find small little step that they can take but help them focus. If you see a child a child doesn’t stop learning to eat proper food and walk at the same time that children have moments in their life where certain things start evolving them, they how we’re built. So allowing that to happen continuously even when we grow older makes it easier for that person as well.

Lewis: Is there something you’ve tried to change that’s work for you in the last year?

Jay: Yeah, so my health was a big thing for me this year because as a monk you literally go to the edge like I tested my body to every one of its limits and when I did that I broke parts of my body and needed to be healed and this year one of my biggest focus is my health. So I made that my top priority in my personal life and my professional goals and that included getting a personal trainer, getting a healer and included getting people to work with me that are experts but it became priority and small step. So, I wasn’t trying to change my eating habits and my health habits it was just me taking care of my exercising and physical body.

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Tim: My name is Tim Finn I’m from Akron, Ohio and I’m grateful for choice, I’m grateful for we have the free will we can change what we want to change. My question is you kind of hit on it, I have a lot of stories but my coping mechanism from the past have always barrier. You stated that you shared those last stories for us particularly but you also just commented and you said you have healer. My question is that I’ve buried these stories for so long, lately they’re starting to resurface and I’m starting to remember them and I feel them, I feel the pain that I pushed away what your advice or takeaway for anyone that’s struggling something with the past that we dealt with as a kid.

Jay: I talk a lot about how after I finish being a monk for 3 years a lot of my memory prior to that was wiped out. So I actually would sit down with a friend and like 16 years old and he would say like “Do you remember when we did this?” And it would take me a moment.  I feel like there’s so much cleansing happening and my experience of that cleansing was slight loss of memory but not legitimately losing memory but seeing something drift in the past, because it’s been dealt with and it’s in the back of your mind So that healing and cleansing so I really believe in journaling as a great cleansing, I think being able to journal just get it out on a piece of paper, being able to move away from being in our heads and being able to learn to articulate things well. There’s a beautiful statement by Einstein where he said “If you can’t explain something simply you don’t understand it well enough.” So if you can’t explain what you went through simply you don’t understand it well enough, it’s a brilliant test whether you know you’ve healed or cleansed. So keep articulating yourself and people who care to a healer to the page with a pen, whatever it takes to continue to keep that cleansing process so that you can get to a point where you can explain what you went through and it’s effortless. So I think healing is what we need not burying and not broadcasting but healing and healing kind of exist between the 2. Some people just broadcast their pain and some people bury their pain and the real challenge is to heal and that healing comes through journaling, sharing, articulating, explaining and that takes time.

Lewis: There you have it my friends if you enjoyed this episode please share it with your friends’ and make sure to tag @JayShetty over on Instagram.

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Big thank you to our sponsors for helping us make this show reach far and wide, continue the production value we couldn’t do without them.

To bring it back from the beginning Norman Vincent Peale said “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” What are you thinking about every single day? What are you thinking about people every single day? What you think you create and you cause so make sure you are guarding your thoughts carefully. And Buddha said “Thousands of candles can be lighten from a single candle and the life of a candle will not be shortened, happiness never decreases by being shared.” Spread you happiness, spread your joy it will never be shorten continue to live in abundance and live a beautiful life. I love you so very much and you know what time it is, it’s time to go out there and do something great.

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