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Wyclef Jean

The Making of Greatness in Music & Life

There's been a lot of musical genius on The School of Greatness lately (some of the episodes haven't even posted yet - stay tuned!).

I love it!

Music is one of the best parts of my life, so to be able to interview some of the greatest musicians of our time on the show is an honor for me.

But all of this went to a new level a few weeks ago when the legendary artist, producer, lyricist, and rapper Wyclef Jean came to the studio.

Not only did he waste no time in doing a kettle bell competition with me, he also picked up my guitar and started free-styling a song about the show and Instagram live (I hope you caught that as I posted it live).

Then we sat down and he started telling me story after story of a life’s worth of lessons.

“Music is a vibration before a language.”  

He told me about growing up dirt poor in Haiti, about the violence he experienced as a young man in New York City, about the genius of his mind in creating a recording studio in his uncle’s basement, about helping Beyonce write her first big song before she was Beyonce, and so much more.

And then we talked about how inspiring his 11 year old daughter is to him, why he ran for president of Haiti, and what it took for him to write his newest EP after taking a years-long break from music.

Wyclef is a true master of his craft, but he’s also a deeply caring and wise human being.

I feel like we barely scratched the surface of the wisdom he has to share and I can’t wait to have him back on – but for now, enjoy the genius of the incredible Wyclef in Episode 457.

“The world can be a better place but it will take us as human beings to make it a better place.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you have the will to do something different than everyone else around you? (10:42)
  • Who was the most influential artist for you growing up? (15:16)
  • How do you convince someone in the music business that a song is good? (23:14)
  • Why do you spend so much time elevating other artists? (26:11)
  • Is there any artist you passed on who became big? (31:11)
  • What drives you on a daily basis? (39:14)
  • What are your daily non-negotiables? (43:41)
  • What does it do to your mindset if you’re not getting the same attention you once were? (51:46)
  • What do you stand for outside of music? (55:16)
  • Where do you think the best songs come from? (1:03:47)
  • What’s the thing you want to be remembered most for? (1:05:43)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Wyclef dealt with all the violence he grew up around (9:01)
  • What Wyclef told his mom about being a star as a young kid (16:59)
  • The story behind making “Hips Don’t Lie” a huge hit (19:57)
  • How the music industry has changed (and how to be successful today as an artist) (35:35)
  • Why we are struggling so much right now with ego issues (57:01)
  • Plus much more…
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