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Jamie Kern Lima

How to Overcome Self-Doubt & Rejection to Build a Billion Dollar Brand

What's your reaction to the word "NO?"

When someone tells you “NO,” what’s your reaction?

Do you give in to defeat? Do you react in anger and frustration? Or do you accept rejection with a promise to yourself that you’ll never stop working towards your goal even in the face of NO?

It’s a shame, but when most people hear the word “no,” they give up. Rejection can hurt someone’s self-worth on a deep level — especially, multiple rejections. Whether you’re an author trying to get a book published, an entrepreneur trying to find investors, or a businessperson trying to rise up through the ranks, hearing the word “NO” can be devasting — and debilitating.

Here’s what’s amazing though — some of the most successful people in the world today have heard the word “NO” thousands of times. In fact, that negative feedback propelled them on their journey towards greatness. It made them work even harder than before.

Today’s guest is one of those people. I’m thrilled to have Jamie Kern Lima, the Founder of IT Cosmetics, here on The School of Greatness!

“What I thought was a setback was actually a setup for what I was supposed to do.” @JamieKernLima  

Jamie Kern Lima is a self-made entrepreneur, champion of women, philanthropist, keynote speaker and Co-founder of IT Cosmetics, a company she started in her living room and sold to L’Oreal for $1.2 Billion, becoming the first female CEO in L’Oreal’s 100+ year history. She’s on the Forbes Richest Self-Made Women’s List and is an active investor in more than 15 companies.

Jamie’s is a journey of starting IT Cosmetics from her living room, not paying herself the first three years, hearing countless No’s from retailers and investors, all while working 100+ hour weeks to keep her dream alive. Her passion for her mission, unremitting perseverance, hard work, and belief led to her turning every NO into an eventual YES, presenting and selling her products in more than 1000 live shows on QVC, and eventually building the largest beauty brand in their history.

Jamie is passionate about inspiring and mentoring entrepreneurs, building businesses, making a difference in the lives of women and girls, and giving back in a big way. As a highly sought-after speaker, Jamie loves sharing stories of inspiration, underestimation, rejection, overcoming self-doubt, and never giving up, and she’s especially passionate about inspiring, elevating, and empowering women and entrepreneurs!

I was honored to have Jamie on the podcast, and she had so much wisdom to share.

Join me on Episode 1,074 to learn how to overcome self-doubt and rejection and how to build a billion-dollar brand with Jamie Kern Lima!

“I believe we’re not born to compete with anyone else, I believe we’re born to compete with who God made us capable of becoming.” @JamieKernLima  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you learn to face rejection?
  • Do you think you would’ve been as successful if people believed in you along the way?
  • Why, as adults, do we have so much self-doubt?
  • How do we learn to trust ourselves more?
  • What is the greatest lesson that Oprah has taught you?
  • Do you have a mantra that you have when you experience self-doubt?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jamie hustled to get the results she wanted.
  • How Jamie pushed through self-doubt and pitched her business on QVC.
  • The 3 things Jamie would’ve done differently to have as much success, but with far less stress in her life.
  • How to run your business and have a thriving relationship at the same time.
  • What life is like after you’ve accomplished your dreams and become successful.
  • The moment she knew she needed to exit her dream.
  • Plus much more…

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