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Rob Dyrdek

Fill Yourself with Energy

Your energy feeds the world around you.

I get a lot of people asking how I stay motivated and passionate about all my projects.

It’s honestly one of the simplest secrets I have.

If you want to stay passionate, get things done, and keep on top here’s what you need to do:

Stay curious.

When you are curious about things, you pursue that knowledge to the point of mastery. The more curious you become, the more excited you will be.

That excitement is the key to success. All that energy you build up will charge the people around you.

Energy feeds energy, and when you don’t have energy it’ll lower everyone else’s energy around you.


“Success or failure, there’s a lesson - and it’s all humbling.”  

To help you understand more on the topic I wanted to bring you this clip from a previous episode with Rob Dyrdek.

If you don’t know Rob, he’s another Ohio boy and sensational icon.

He was a pro athlete, former stuntman, and current host of the hit show Ridiculousness.

On this episode of 5-Minute Friday, Rob breaks down his success and how he keeps the passion flowing in everything he pursues.

Learn how you, too, can keep your energy up and inspire the world around you, on Episode 621.

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Rob’s work ethics (00:55)
  • What drives Rob to achieve his goals (1:20)
  • Where your beliefs come from (1:42)
  • How you impact the people around you (3:00)
  • Plus much more…

Show Notes:

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Rob Dyrdek

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis Howes:              This is 5-Minute Friday!!

Welcome, everyone, to a very special edition of The School of Greatness Podcast. Why is it so special? Well, I’ve got my brother from another mother, from Ohio, in the house! His name is Rob Dyrdek and this guy is one of the most genuine, honest, real, authentic dudes that I’ve ever met.

And for those who don’t know who Rob is, he is a renowned storyteller, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, pop culture personality, ex-professional athlete, retired stuntman and brand ambassador. He was the host of the hit TV show Rob & Big, which is where I first learned about him, also Fantasy Factory and now the current host of the hit show, Ridiculousness.

Rob Dyrdek:                 I consider my self a do-or-die-er, someone that has the fortitude, the work ethic and the grit to turn all their passions into reality, by seeing it, believing it, planning it and doing it. And, to me, in a self-discovery of really what makes you tick, and then I look at it as an even deeper level, of I’m passionately compelled, I don’t have contrived ambition.

I’m not being driven by trying to prove something wrong or anything like that, I’m genuinely, passionately compelled to do all the things that I do, right? I am obsessively curious. That’s why I relentlessly learn and completely evolve and continue to shift into different levels of reality based off of the knowledge that you have and the ability to set goals and build plans only based off of what you believe and your belief is only based off of knowledge. It’s just an experience, right?

Relentlessly consistent. You get me the same way… a parking attendant gets me the same way as Lorenzo Fertitta and billionaires and TV executives to skate kids. And you know what I do, if you’re around me, you know how hard I work. I’ve never not worked hard, I don’t all of a sudden go high and low and disappear.

Profoundly grounded. It’s success, or failure, there’s a lesson and it’s all humbling. You know what i mean? At the end of the day, grateful, based off of, “God, what an amazing life!” that you’ve even been allowed to live, right?

And honestly brilliant. There’s things that I really know that I’m great at, and I’m honest with myself on the things that I’m not, and I think that someone like me, who thinks they can do everything, you tend to think you can do everything and get caught out there when you’re Mr Know-it-all about everything, that you don’t fully understand, because you decide what it is, based off of your experience, right?

And I think that’s sort of a part of me that has evolved. Energetically driven, like where you’re inspired by energy, that you know your energy is going to control all those around you and that ultimately we’re all energy and how it all feels and feeds out is going to determine how everything around you ultimately works.

Lewis Howes:               And you’re the source of all the outcomes around you. Hundred percent responsible and the source.

Rob Dyrdek:                 Hundred percent. And even mastering how to master that energy is the fundamental core principle of happiness. It’s like you literally either wake up and you see the world half-full, and that means it doesn’t matter what’s going on, you’re handling it, you’re looking toward the future, you’re progressing, all this stuff, you see it half empty, you could pick apart every aspect of your life.

So, to me, in this evolution, it’s becoming how do you get up every day and make sure you’re looking at it half full, and the simple fundamental controlling your energy, right? Because at the end of the day, that’s all that you have. You can sleep for two hours, and if you’re living in that energy, you could go 100 miles and hour, it doesn’t matter. You could sleep for seven hours and be healthier because you’re diet’s on point, every last aspect and you could just feel dead and the weight of the world could be on you when you’re half empty.

Lewis Howes:               Hey, guys! If you enjoyed this inspirational clip from a past episode of the show, then you’ll love the free book I’m giving away right now. It’s called The Millionaire Morning. It includes some of my best tips for starting off your day with a millionaire mindset. Get your free copy at and just pay shipping.

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