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Kevin Harrington

Shark Tank, Inventing the Infomercial, and Billions in Sales

You've seen him on Shark Tank but you've also seen the hundreds of infomercials he's produced.

Even if you’ve never watched QVC or the Home Shopping Network (admit it, we’ve all seen a glimpse at one point), I’m still confident you’ve heard of one of the products Kevin Harrington has taken to market.

Not only is he the inventor of the infomercial, he was one of the Original Sharks on the hit TV show Shark Tank, and he has taken over 500 products to market, making billions of dollars in sales.

He is one of the smartest entrepreneurs in business today and he dropped out of college because he saw the opportunity when it came to him (back in the 80s).

He is also kind, generous, and believes in giving back.


"Greatness is contributing more to the universe than you took back."  

When I met Kevin at an event we both spoke at, I recognized him from his entrepreneurial reputation, but it wasn’t until we sat down to record a podcast episode that I realized just how savvy he is.

Not only did he see the opportunity to infomercials on TV back when stations didn’t have 24 hour programming, he was willing to take big risks and make it work.

That means he knows failure and challenge just as well as he knows success.

I loved learning from Kevin’s decades of experience in business and I know you will too in Episode 490.

"Give more than you are obligated to in every relationship."  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What are the top 3 bestselling infomercials you’ve made? (20:27)
  • How many of the deals on Shark Tank actually happen? (32:14)
  • What are the elements you must have for a successful infomercial? (37:09)
  • What do most people get wrong in advertising their product? (41:25)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • One of the biggest challenges of partnering with an existing brand (16:59)
  • How Kevin’s business model has evolved since Shark Tank (23:12)
  • How to test before you invest in a new product (29:20)
  • The 3 step formula to selling anything on a commercial (39:35)
  • Plus much more…

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