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Jake Paul

Cracking YouTube and Building Influencers

The youngest guest to come on the School of Greatness is 20 years old and he's got over 3 million subscribers on YouTube (to date).

Yes, and he’s just getting started.

Jake Paul is one of the most influential leaders in YouTube right now, not to mention a Disney channel actor, a social media icon, and an entrepreneur who is shaping the future of media.

I met Jake only recently (at the White House of all places), but I’d known about him for a long time because he’s been so smart about building his social media presence over the past 3 years.

In fact, he’s been so dedicated that he left high school early to come to Los Angeles to pursue the opportunities he saw from getting early success with the short video app Vine.

If this story rings a bell, it’s probably because you heard a similar version from his brother, Logan Paul, who came on the show in Episode 291.

But Jake and Logan are quite different in their strategies for entrepreneurial success on social media.

"Hard work beats talent."  

As Jake explained to me when I asked him about his recent investor funding for his “social media label,” he has always thought more like an entrepreneur about social media, while Logan has been an entertainer and creative force.

Either way, I loved learning from Jake how he has found the guts to do things differently than anyone else in this hyper-competitive space, how it’s paying off, and what he does to keep grounded as a 20 year old internet phenomenon.

Not only am I fascinated to watch Jake’s career progress, I’m taking notes from him on how he’s using YouTube, social platforms, and traditional media outlets to build a media brand on his own terms in Episode 463.

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jake raised $1 million in investor funds for a brand new media company
  • Why mainstream media is still relevant
  • The key to dealing with haters in real life
  • Why surrounding yourself with positive people is so essential to success
  • How to get the courage to make a massive change
  • Plus much more…

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