New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

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Dr. Joe Dispenza

How To Hack Your Mind (And Heart) to Change Your Life

A positive story has more power than a negative one.

Gandhi said, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”  

It’s an understatement to say that the world is facing a lot of anxiety right now. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives on some level. Maybe you find yourself at home with your kids, who can’t go to school, while trying to work from home. Perhaps, you’ve been consuming more media than usual, and all you can think about is how the world might be ending (I promise, it’s not). Or maybe, you got laid off from your job, and you’re struggling to pay the bills.

Regardless of your circumstance, we’re going through some challenging and uncertain times. As a result, many of us feel high levels of anxiety right now — which is completely normal. But there is danger in obsessing over hard and scary things. Research shows that constant anxiety actually harms our body and weakens our immune system.

However, if we focus on thinking positively, we can literally make our bodies and minds healthier. Today, Dr. Joe Dispenza is joining us for the third time on The School of Greatness to teach us how to abound with creativity and hope in the midst of uncertainty. We will also discuss steps you can take to positively rewire your mind in order to heal emotionally and physically and stay healthy.

You’re going to want to grab a pen and a piece of paper because this message is full of life-changing wisdom! Let’s get to it.

Who Is Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, New York Times bestselling author, and educator who has spoken in more than 33 countries on six continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

In his easy-to-understand, compassionate style, Dr. Joe has educated thousands of people on the ins-and-outs of rewiring their brains and reconditioning their bodies to make lasting changes. His most recent book, Becoming Supernatural, talks about how we can intentionally change our brain chemistry to initiate profoundly mystical and transcendental experiences while developing a more healthy body, mind, and spiritual life.

Obviously, Dr. Joe is an accomplished and influential man. But if I were going to introduce this man to you in a really chill setting, I would tell you that he is a love machine! His love for people and the work he does to help them live their most free and vibrant life is palpable even through Zoom. 

What Dr. Joe shares with us today is top-level insight on how to change your brain chemistry, develop a healthier body, mind, and spiritual life, and experience a life of abundance. If you’re ready to have your mind blown and your life expand in exciting ways, keep reading! 

How to Heal Trauma with Mindset Shifts

From childhood wounds to traumatic experiences, we all carry trauma with us throughout our lives. But the good news is that we don’t have to allow traumatic experiences to limit us or replay in our mind — even if they happened over a decade ago or feel like they’re suffocating us. 

In fact, attendees of Dr. Joe’s events have mentally broken free from traumatic experiences and walked into the rest of their lives with hope and joyful anticipation. The best part about this is that powerful, life-changing experiences can take days! They don’t have to take years. 

When I asked Dr. Joe how people at his events have traded trauma for triumph in seven days or less, he began by sharing how trauma becomes written in our minds:

“Here’s the deal with trauma. … When you’re traumatized, [it’s] by some threat or some danger or some condition in your outer world. Through your senses changing how you feel in your inner world and … [moving] into that emergency mode, … the brain takes a snapshot of [the traumatic experience]. … We remember [these] experiences better because we can remember how they feel.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza  

Have you ever experienced something and whenever it comes to mind — whether it was traumatic or not — it comes with a powerful wave of emotions? It may be because, at the moment, you had a strong emotional response. Your strong emotional response triggered your brain to take a screenshot and store it in your long-term memory. Now, every time the experience comes to mind, you don’t just get a picture of the event, you get waves of the exact same feelings that accompanied that moment. 

Dr. Joe said that the mental repetition of this experience eventually changes a person’s behavior and chemical makeup. 

“[A traumatic] memory then changes the person’s biology. They think neurologically within the circuits of that experience, and they feel chemically within the boundaries of those emotions. [This is important because] how we think and feel becomes our state of being.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Every time you review a traumatic memory, it strengthens the pathway in your mind, and you embody the feelings you experienced at that moment more and more. On the flip side, every time we think a positive thought with potent, uplifting energy, we strengthen a healthy pathway in our minds. 

Dr. Joe said the people who have attended his events and reached a level of thought that was bursting with positivity are the ones who rewrite their trauma into stories of triumph:

“[When] they create an inner event that carries an amplitude of gratitude or joy or freedom and break through the chains of the past, … the body is liberated [as] you feel that elevated emotion. The stronger the emotion you feel from that breakthrough, the more you’re going to pay attention to the image in your mind. And you’re now beginning a brand new circuitry in the brain, and your body’s being conditioned into a new future by the stronger the emotion you feel.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza 

By choosing to think thoughts that are brimming with hope, you can reverse some of the damage you’ve mentally done in your body. Setting yourself on a path of healing and greatness is genuinely as simple as replacing the imagery, visualization, or acknowledgment of negative emotions with joy, gratitude, peace, or acceptance! 

“Evidence is the loudest voice at this time in history.” @DrJoeDispenza  

How Your Thoughts Can Make You Immune to Viruses 

Since COVID-19, I think it’s safe to say that we are all more aware of viruses and the possibility of getting sick. But Dr. Joe reminded us that there are actually viruses around us all the time. Our bodies are aware of bacteria and viruses and are constantly fighting them.

In fact, through his research, Dr. Joe has found that an individual can actually strengthen their immune system and make themselves immune to viruses by navigating life from a place of love: 

“Our research shows that four days of opening your heart releases immunoglobulin — your body’s primary defense against bacteria and viruses. … It’s the body’s natural flu shot. It’s the innate intelligence of the body saying, ‘I got this. … I got a surplus of energy. In fact, I’m radiating energy out into the world. Now my outer world is not controlling my inner world. My inner world now is functioning independently of what’s going on in my outer world.’” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

In other words, you’re manifesting health and love. Your choice to engage with their world from a place of healing and love triggers your body to create a healthy and loving environment for itself. As a result, it attacks and rejects anything that’s not healthy or loving. 

Dr. Joe also said that when you reach this state, you are at an all-time creative high. Not only do you have the energy to heal, but you have the energy to share light and information with the world:

“Our research shows that the field around your body will actually expand you. [When immunoglobulins are highly activated in the body], you radiate more light, and information cells are getting new information that is causing light to be exchanged between other cells. Now, the body’s getting an upgrade.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

When you’re in this creative state and exchanging energy with other cells, you’re looking to your future more than your past. It’s as though activating your immunoglobulins helps you see what is possible and gives you the energy to pursue it! 

Dr. Joe said people in this state would often describe themselves as feeling free. They might say things like:

“‘I’m free from my story of the past. In fact, I’m more connected to the energy of my future than I am to the energy of my past. I believe in my [future] more than I believe in my past. In fact, I’m more in love with my future than I am with my past.’” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

I’m going to repeat that: “I’m more in love with my future than the story of my past.” Most of us tell ourselves the story of our past in a way that’s held us back a million times in life. But we can change all that by telling ourselves the story of our future — of what we want to create or who we want to become. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I want to live my life — more in love with my future than the story of my past!

Why You Should Listen to This Dr. Joe Dispenza Podcast Episode Right Now…

I’ve had Dr. Joe on The School of Greatness a couple of times now, and every time he shares a wealth of wisdom — this time was no different! If you liked what you read today, make sure you listen to the full podcast episode where we dive into how to believe in yourself for the first time and a simple daily practice to support your internal environment. And, if you haven’t heard them already, check out our past interviews (Episode #826 and Episode #679) — they are both really applicable to what we are going through right now.

If there’s one thing I hope you got from this message, I hope it’s this: You are in control of who you become because you are capable of controlling your thoughts. 

In the hard times we are currently facing, it is so important to take a moment to intentionally choose our thoughts and prevent ourselves from spiraling into anxiety. Anxiety and depression can chemically change our bodies and even suppress our immune system, and now more than ever, it’s crucial for us to keep that from happening!

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, check out Dr. Joe’s guided meditation CDs and audio downloads. He has multiple books, so a good one to start with is Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. You can learn more about Dr. Joe on his website and find out when his next event will be! And don’t forget to connect with him on Instagram and Twitter

Before you go, it would mean the world to me if you could share this with a friend. Just take a screenshot of this and post it on Instagram. Tag us both — Dr. Joe, @drjoedispenza, and myself, @lewishowes — and let us know what you learned today. And if you have three extra minutes, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Every review goes a long way to helping new people find this content and me book more epic guests like Dr. Joe!

Thanks for joining me today. Now go live the rest of this week with love and watch your creativity and health expand!

 To Greatness,

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“We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” @DrJoeDispenza  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How quickly can we heal trauma that’s been inside of us for decades? (4:33)
  • Is the information trauma we are taking in more damaging than physical trauma? (6:56)
  • What are ways to support our inner environment on a daily basis? (25:14)
  • How do we brainwash ourselves in times of stress to believe in calm and peace? (29:43)
  • What can someone who is in a very dark place begin to do to get relief? (34:26)
  • How do we learn how to heal the heart when it’s not information taught by the world? (51:52)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to change your health by changing your mind (2:15)
  • How strengthening your inner environment will strengthen your immune system (14:00)
  • The massive power of telling yourself a positive story about your future (21:03)
  • Dr. Joe’s advice to anyone who is super stressed about coronavirus (44:53)
  • Dr. Joe’s 60 second daily process to boost his internal environment (48:45)
  • Plus much more…
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