New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Dr. Joe Dispenza

Heal The Body and Transform the Mind


Tell me — are you rooted in resentment, or are you grounded in gratitude?

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but living in resentment is no fun. When you wake up every day worried about your problems, regretting the past, and feeling frustrated with everyone around you, you’re not living your best life. You’re not welcoming abundance, and you’re not maximizing your potential.

But when you can get rooted in gratitude — when you truly experience joy and freedom and love for the good things and people in your life — your whole attitude turns around. You’re happier. You feel healthier — and you’re more motivated to take care of your health. 

In fact, many times, people have actually been able to heal their bodies from things like cancer and traumatic injuries just by focusing on gratitude and experiencing a positive energetic shift. Gratitude makes you ready to attack each day with confidence and welcome in the abundance that is coming to you.

“I think that one of the things that people are realizing is that you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to do this or a nun with 40 years of devotion. You’ve just got to understand the formula. And just like any skill or anything you learn, you’ve got to go from thinking to doing to being.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza has spent almost two decades studying the scientific basis for this. He’s collected tons of data showing that when you get your heart and mind focused on anticipating the positive emotions you expect to feel in the future, your body responds as though good things have already happened. He’s teaching thousands of people how to heal their bodies and improve their mindsets, and today he’s back on The School of Greatness! (Dr. Joe’s previous appearance on the show was one of the most popular episodes ever, so I knew I had to bring him back on!)

Today, Dr. Joe is teaching us all how to have a stronger mindset to live happier and healthier lives. We’re talking about gratitude, and why it can help you start living the life you desire today. And we’re also talking about why meditation is essential and how you can practice it every day. This interview is powerful — I know you’re going to learn as much from it as I did! Let’s go!

Who Is Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international speaker, researcher, author, and educator who is passionate about the findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions. He uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves of illness, chronic conditions, and even terminal diseases so they can enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life as well as evolve their consciousness.

Dr. Joe is the New York Times bestselling author of You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter, which explores our ability to heal without drugs or surgery, but rather by thought alone. His most recent book, Becoming Supernatural, talks about how we can intentionally change our brain chemistry to initiate profoundly mystical, transcendental experiences and develop a more healthy body, mind, and spiritual life.

Dr. Joe didn’t always work in the field of neuroscience. He started out as a chiropractor, earning his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA. He had a successful chiropractic practice, but one day he had a dangerous accident. In 1986, while cycling in a triathlon, Dr. Joe was hit by a truck. He broke six vertebrae in his spine, and his doctors told him he would never walk again.

Dr. Joe asked four different surgeons what he should do, and all four of them prescribed a complicated surgery. The surgery would relieve some of his pain but nearly guarantee he would never walk again. But that wasn’t good enough. He refused to have the surgery and instead began to imagine himself totally healed. He visualized each vertebrae healing and reconstructed his spine in his mind. In just ten and a half weeks, Dr. Joe was back on his feet, and in twelve weeks, he was training again and back at work at his chiropractic clinic. He fully healed himself with just his mind.

I know this sounds woo-woo, but it’s legit, and Dr. Joe has actionable advice that will transform your life. Let’s get started!

Get into Gratitude

One of Dr. Joe’s favorite phrases is, “Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.” This means that when you are focused on one emotion, your energy will flow in that direction. And the thing is, this works in both positive and negative ways.

Too often, we focus on our past experiences and why they weren’t totally satisfactory. But if you’re living in constant anxiety, frustration, and resentment — as many people are — your energy will flow toward those emotions. When that happens, you will continue to manifest things and experiences in your life that cause those negative emotions. You’re living in a negative loop.

And it turns out that that negative loop can actually cause disease. Dr. Joe sees it in his patients all the time — a negative emotional state can cause health problems from cancer to strokes to even blindness.

“The end product of an experience of an environment is an emotion. So as long as you are living the same emotion every single day, you are signaling the same gene … and if that gene is regulated to a survival stress hormone, then you are down-regulating the gene, and you’re creating disease.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

But here’s the good news: this also works in reverse. Suppose you ground yourself in the positive feelings of gratitude and freedom you anticipate feeling in the future. In that case, you’ll begin to manifest a life that causes you to feel gratitude, joy, and freedom.

“Instead of living [by] cause and effect, now we’re beginning to cause an effect. So the moment you are feeling whole and grateful … the moment you start feeling worthy and abundant, your wealth is coming. … Let’s stop telling the story of your past and start telling the story of your future.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

This is what Dr. Joe does in his workshops. He teaches people to ground themselves in their future positive emotions instead of their past negative emotions. That’s how people end up healing from all kinds of terminal medical conditions that traditional medicine can’t treat.

So let me ask you — what is your emotional state like on a day-to-day basis? Are you focusing on negative reactions to your past? Do you find yourself fixating on resentment, fear, sadness, or anger? Or do you remain rooted in the gratitude, joy, and abundance you anticipate coming to you?

Choose to remain grounded in your positive emotions, and you will heal your body and mind and start living the life of your dreams.

“Instead of living by cause-and-effect, now we’re beginning to cause an effect.” @DrJoeDispenza  

Meditation: The Essential Element

So how do we do what Dr. Joe is talking about? How do we trade resentment for gratitude and start living in the future instead of the past? The answer is pretty simple: meditation.

“It just requires getting still, closing your eyes and putting the attention on your heart, [and] changing your breath so that you move into the present moment. … When you slow your breathing down, you slow your brain waves down. … It takes a little practice, and just like a flower that takes time to bloom, it takes a little time.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

I’ll be the first to admit that meditation isn’t easy, especially when you’re just starting out. This world is full of distractions, and it can be hard to find time to sit quietly and focus on your thoughts. But when you take the time to think about your thoughts and emotions, you give yourself some distance from them. Instead of letting your mind control you, you control your mind, and that can have powerful effects.

“To me, consciousness is awareness, and awareness is paying attention and noticing. So 95% of who you are by the time you are 35 years old is a set of … programs that we’ve just practiced so many times that we’re not consciously thinking about those. So in order for you to change … the first step is you’ve got to become conscious of your own conscious thoughts. … Meditation means “to become familiar with” — to become so conscious that you won’t go unconscious to any thought [or] behavior or emotion.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

The formula is simple: When you take the time to become familiar with your thoughts, you pull out of your automatic programming, and you can intentionally change your emotional state. That’s how you can trade resentment for gratitude. That’s how you can start to focus on the future you believe is coming to you rather than on your negative past experiences.

When was the last time you tried meditating? I want to encourage you to find a few minutes today to turn off your phone, get away from noise and distractions, sit quietly, and think about your thoughts. Do you need to consciously practice gratitude instead of a negative emotion? If you can make that mindset shift, I guarantee you’ll be happier, healthier, and closer to living the life of your dreams.

Why You Should Listen to this Dr. Joe Dispenza Podcast Episode Right Now…

Dr. Joe never fails to bring me new knowledge and wisdom. This interview was even more powerful than our previous one, and I’m so grateful to Dr. Joe for showing up again and so generously teaching us.

Dr. Joe is a passionate guy, and before I go, I want to make sure I acknowledge him for that. He’s been doing this work for nearly 20 years — and he’s been working on himself a lot longer — and that whole time, he has remained consistent and excited about his mission. He aims to give the world the tools and clarity it needs so we can all bring out hearts and gifts to the table and manifest more love, peace, and harmony. That’s some truly great work, and I admire Dr. Joe for showing up every day and continuing in that effort.

Last time Dr. Joe was here on The School of Greatness, we went through his “three truths” and definition of greatness, so this time I decided to shake things up a little. This time, I asked Dr. Joe what he’d like to say if he had 60 seconds to address the audience at his last-ever weekend workshop. If he knew this would be the last time he spoke to an audience, what message would he share?

“I would probably say that I’ve done my absolute best in disseminating information to prove to people how powerful they really are, and I think when we become the living example of truth — when we actually embody [truth] — that there are no limits to what we can do. And I am hopeful with human beings that we have this capacity. And, of course, when we believe in ourselves, we believe in possibility — And when we believe in possibility, we believe in ourselves. And I think that is the ultimate belief.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

I love the way Dr. Joe phrased that — “When we believe in ourselves, we believe in possibility, and when we believe in possibility, we believe in ourselves.” What would be possible for you if you believed in yourself? What would be possible for all of us? 

Thank you so much for joining me today, guys! I hope this episode inspired you as much as it inspired me. If it did, please share it on Instagram! Take a screenshot, and make sure to tag Dr. Joe, @drjoedispenza, and me, @lewishowes. I always love to hear what major takeaways you guys get from these episodes!

And if you want to connect more with Dr. Joe, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter. And don’t forget to check out his books You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter and Becoming Supernatural. And finally, check out Dr. Joe’s earlier appearance right here on The School of Greatness for more inspiration.

Thanks again, guys! Now go make sure you’re grounded in gratitude — I guarantee it will help you live your greatest life.


To Greatness,

Lewis Howes - Signature

“People who aren’t defined by a vision of the future are left with memories of the past.” @DrJoeDispenza  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How does someone feel worthy when they’ve always been told they’re not? (14:00)
  • How do you achieve a coherent heart? (21:00)
  • What’s more powerful- our thoughts or our emotions? (42:00)
  • How does someone become aware of their thoughts? (49:00)
  • For mission-driven people, how can you have a relationship? (1:02:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to stop being held back by your past (15:00)
  • Why gratitude is crucial for changing your thoughts (24:00)
  • About the scientific evidence backing up Dr. Joe’s work (26:00)
  • How to use quantum physics to accomplish your dreams (45:00)
  • Dr. Joe’s prediction for the future (1:10:00)
  • The reason people’s dreams don’t happen (1:16:00)
  • Plus much more…
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Dr. Joe Dispenza

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is episode number 826 with NYT best-selling author Dr. Joe Dispenza. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes a former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today, now let the class begin.

Deepak Chopra said “The world out there won’t change until the world in here does.”

We have a juicy interview and episode today, Dr. Dispenza is back. The last time we had him on we had over a million views on a video on YouTube, the micro videos went viral online. We decided to bring him back to dive even deeper because you asked for it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, educator and NYT best-selling author of 3 books. He has been invited to speak in more than 30 different countries on 6 continents. He is a faculty member in Quantum University in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Omega Institute for Studies in New York and many other places he teaches and educates people on so many different things that we are going to be talking about today.

How your thoughts have more power than you think.

In this interview we talked about what feeling gratitude signals to your body and why thinking about gratitude isn’t just enough, you’ve got to do something else. The extraordinary science behind the physiological benefits of self-regulation.

How thoughts and feelings lift your energy and the effect it has on your environment. What Doctor Joe thinks will be humanities biggest challenge moving forward. How overcoming emotions lets you see the deeper meaning behind everything, that and so much more.

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Lewis: All right guys without further ado I am excited about this one we brought him back on popular request the one and only Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Welcome everyone back to the school of greatness podcast we have the legendary Dr. Joe Dispenza in the house.

Joe: All right.

Lewis: The last interview we did took over the world and the internet, over a million views on YouTube in less than 10 months. So, people need the information that you have and there’s a reason that you’re so effective with your work and so many transformation in your work, and we were just talking before about how people are literally transformed when they read your books. I was asking you why is this stuff really taking off now in the last year and year and a half? Because you’ve been doing this work for decades now.

Joe: Yeah.

Lewis: 2 decades?

Joe: Yeah.

Lewis: Almost 2 decades and you’ve been in tons of documentaries and movies. You’ve been doing interviews but really it’s been taking off in the last year and you said “Now, we have evidence of about a lot of things that you are working on.” The things you’ve been working on that you knew worked for you and you saw transformation within yourself.

Joe: Yeah.

Lewis: How did that start to happen?

Joe: It’s a great dialogue because I think this is a time in history where it’s not enough to know, this is the time in history to know how. And if you rewind the tape 10 years ago information was the thing that stimulated thoughts, stimulated new ideas, and as we learn new things we make new connections in our brains. So, as we begin to add new 3 dimensional stitches to that tapestry in our mind we’re beginning to cause our mind to function in new ways, but the key then is to apply it to do something with it.

I think we are in an age of information and in an age of information ignorance is a choice, and because of technology we have access to so much content and information creates awareness. And awareness is consciousness and you can’t have consciousness without energy. So, there’s an energetic that’s taking place in the world right now where people are so informed that old models are beginning to break down.

I think that one of the things that people are realizing is that you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to do this or a nun with 40 years of devotion, you just got to understand the formula and just like any skill or anything you learn you got to go from thinking to doing. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: In the last 10 years we have assembled a scientific team and let’s say ‘if you can really make significant brain changes’ I don’t want those changes to just be in your mind I want them to be in your brain. 

In the discovery of that process we gained so much knowledge about what that transformational process looks like. In other words, I can tell you without a doubt that if you’re analyzing your life right now within some disturbing emotion, that 100% of the time you’re going to make your brain worse.

Lewis: If you think about your life?

Joe: If you are stuck in an emotion.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: You’re thinking within that emotional state, in other words you can’t think greater than how you feel. Those emotions are a residue of the past. So, we see people in the process of change that are analyzing duality or polarity and that kind of drives the brain into higher states of arousal and further away from true change.

So, we’ve done thousands and thousands of brain scans and we now know that there’s a formula to create greater brain coherence, greater brain efficiency to make your brain work better. And when your brain works better you work better. At the same time it requires a clear intention and an elevated emotion to begin to change your energy and life, and nobody changes until they change their energy

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So then how do you a person out of resentment and frustration into joy and freedom if why would they feel grateful or joyful or free if the experience hasn’t happen? So most people are spending the majority of their life waiting for something out there to take away their emptiness or pain or the resentment in here. If they are waiting their whole life for separation or [?] and we create reality, then the [?] is driving certain thoughts which is creating more separation and more [?].

So, teaching people to begin to condition their body before the evidence takes place in our life is breaking a significant habit.

Lewis: Yes.

Joe: So, instead of living a cost and effect now we’re beginning to cost and effect. So the moment you are feeling whole and grateful, we now know that you are feeling grateful at that moment. The moment you start feeling worthy and abundant your wealth is coming.

Lewis: How does someone feel worthy if they’ve always told they are not?

Joe: Let’s stop telling the story of your past and start telling the story of your future. And people who aren’t defined by the vision of the future for the most part are left of the memories of the past. It’s an artifact of everything you’ve experienced in that moment. So, most people wake up in the morning and they start thinking about their problems.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: The person wakes up clean slate they start thinking about their problems in the past. If you believe that your thoughts are a problem with destiny, there’s a possibility the past is gonna be your future.

So, people reaffirm their identity based on the past right? And it turns the redundancy of doing that conditioning only requires image and an emotion, and most people are unconsciously conditioning their body into the familiar past. So, now if you’re in the familiar past and in the known you’re gonna crave the predictable future.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: There’s only one place where the unknown exist and that’s [?], that’s the sweet spot of the present moment. So, you got to labor to get that person beyond the emotions that keep them tacked or anchored to the past, and yes it takes an effort to do that, but if you keep working with the formula you’ll reach that elegant moment where there is a liberation of energy. 

So, you ask a person ‘why are you so unhappy?’ the moment you ask that their brain is gonna associate that emotion to past event. That’s because they have nothing to look forward to in their future, so if you’re not being defined by a vision in the future it just means to me that you are more in love with your past than you are with the future. So how do you teach people to believe in the future that they can’t see or experience? But they thought enough time that their brain has literally changed.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: How do you teach a person to select new possibility in the future and begin to emotionally embrace that future before it is made manifest? Now, to their body begins to change to look like the event has already occurred, we’ve proven that that’s possible.

Lewis: So the more you think about your desired future the more your body shifts now?

Joe: Exactly. So, your body is believing it’s living in that future reality in the present moment. Now, think about this the stronger your emotion you feel from some conditioning in your life the more altered you feel inside of you, the more you narrow your cause the brain freezes an image and takes a snapshot.

So, then people think neurologically in the circuits of those past experiences and they feel chemically within the boundaries of those emotions, and the stronger the betrayal the stronger the trauma the more the body is living in the past.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So, now if you truly got passionate about the future we’ve all done this, you get a wild idea in your mind and you start holding onto that vision and you’re preoccupied with it.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: The stronger the emotion you feel from that vision the more you’re gonna pay attention to the picture in your mind and now you are remembering your future.

Lewis: And vice versa you got to [?].

Joe: Exactly. Now your state of being is living in the future instead of the past. Now, the moment you disconnect from the emotion of your future because of traffic or whatever, now you’re back to the energy of your past and start looking for it. You can’t just do this get up and return back to your old state of being, you got to maintain that modified state.

Lewis: How do you?

Joe: How long are you gonna react? So then if you can’t mediate and regulate your emotional reactions and those emotions linger for days.

Lewis: Years for some people.

Joe: So the person’s personality is literally based on the past, but they don’t know that because they are doing it over and over again it becomes a subconscious program. It requires a coherent brain and heart then we have to train people how to self-regulate.

Lewis: How do we do it? What’s a simplified version?

Joe: It just requires getting still closing your eyes and putting the attention on your heart, changing your breath so that you move into the present moment and when you slow your breathing down you slow your brain waves down. So, then you train a person how to open their heart and feel elevated emotion and it takes a little practice, and just like a flower that takes time to bloom it takes a little bit of time.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: The emotional signature gratitude means ‘something is happening to you, something has happened to you.’ So, your body then when you are feeling is in the perfect state of receiving. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So that means then you accept and believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to the emotional state of gratitude. If you’re living in resentment, in fear you could say ‘I’m healthy’ all you want and that thought is gonna stop right at the brain stem and never make its way to the body.

Lewis: Because you are feeling.

Joe: Because you are feeling resentment and that thought is not consistent with the emotion of resentment. Resentment has a different set of thoughts. In other words, once you start opening your heart it begins to move into coherence, it begins to produce a measurable magnetic field up to 3 meters wide.

So then when you are feeling gratitude and your heart is open you’re broadcasting energy into the field.

Lewis: A frequency.

Joe: You lay the intent of the thought of [?], that frequency can carry the thought of your wealth. If you’re suffering you can’t, suffering does not carry the thought of your wealth it carries a different set of thoughts. So, then we are teaching people how to self-regulate because if you’re gonna believe in that future that you’re imagining with all of your heart it better be open and activated.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: You have to know the moment you disconnect from the energy of your future. If you’re practicing it on a daily basis with your eyes closed then the next level will be to open your eyes and do it right in the moment, and change the frustration from some experience in your life back to the energy of your future. Now, that requires great awareness and great effort, but if you have a community of people that are practicing this on a daily basis and they’re connected to their future because that’s where their mind is.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: They begin to want the future more than the emotions of the past. So, we’ve done enough measurements to know that can teach people how to do that. So now they have brain coherence and heart coherence. Once the heart begins to orderly and coherent it access and amplifier and it drives energy to the brain.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: The brain is getting more energy once the heart is open and you’re thinking different set of thoughts, and those thoughts produce different set of chemicals for you to feel more of that. What happens to your immune system when you do that? Well, it turns out we’ve done an experiment just 10 minutes a day 3 times a day with a 120 people trading resentment for gratitude. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Turns out when you’re frustrated you’re impatient immune system dials down because you’re in an emergency, all your energy is going for some threat in the outer world there’s no energy in your inner world for growth and repair. As people begin to open heart, can that chemical begin to elevate? 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: 4 days 50% changed in the 120 people. Just by doing that we now know that your immune system is going to get stronger by the same means. The gene for [?] and growth for [?] in response to the experiences and learning.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So in 4 days we now know that you can change your genetic destiny if you just practice the inner work. We have research to show that 60 days of meditation, 5 days a week will lengthen your life.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: That means your biological age is changing. We have the evidence to show people what is possible. The amount of energy in the brain during this transcendent moment is hundreds of times more than normal.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: I mean you can’t make your brain do that, something is happening to you. So then there’s the evidence there.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Then you take our community and you see people with stage 4 cancer and Parkinson’s disease. All kinds of health conditions come to a weeklong event and then at the end of that event they make significant strides in getting beyond the emotions of the past.

Now, think about this the science says that the environment signals the gene.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: The end product of an experience of an environment is an emotion. So as long as you are living the same emotion every single day you are signaling the same gene in the same, and if that gene is regulated to a survival stress hormone then you are down regulating the gene and you’re creating disease.

So when the person trades that emotion and really breaks free from the chains of their past and now they are feeling an elevated emotion. So, the funny thing about it is the person who has the healing is not talking about the healing, whether it’s blind people hearing. What they’re talking about is how amazing they feel because they’re refresh, so now we have evidence in our research and that silences the critics to show what’s possible for people.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: One moment and the next thing you know she’s blowing her nose and chewing and swallowing. We change our body, we change the life and the future. Now, the person in the audience who is watching that and looking at this person and seeing that they’re not different from them, it just starts to [?] if someone else can do it I can do it.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Now, they have no evidence of cancer and their body is standing on the stage and telling that story.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: All of a sudden you start seeing this change in the community and weeklong events because once there was a breakthrough.

Lewis: Everyone can do it yeah.

Joe: But it is not only in the field, you’re seeing evidence in 3 dimensional reality and evidence is the loudest voice right now. So, people don’t want to see talking head anybody can see it in the internet information is readily available. So, when you have evidence in the scientific realm you have evidence in the community of people, you’re not doing anything that is so extreme that excludes anybody it’s inclusive and we’re using science as the contemporary language of mysticism.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Science creates communities. So by building a scientific model I don’t subscribe to any type of meditation because I look at the evidence of what we’ve gathered and let’s see by applying this formula to what extent can we prove to human beings how powerful they really are. I think that has become something that has mystified me.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Stroke you have 2 week really that’s the window and nerve cells are gonna come back online and it’s gonna be those first 2 weeks, if they don’t come back the prognosis is live with it. 

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: So they come to our event in the U.K

Lewis: Within the 2 weeks or was this later?

Joe: This is a year later. So, she comes to the event and she comes for 2 reasons ‘to learn how to live with her handicap, and then create a non-profit to help people.’ Those were her 2 things. So, somewhere in the middle of the event it occurs to her that she could possibly heal her eyes. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: You have one or two options: You get scared and your brain goes into high beta or you surrender and she let go and she had the most incredible experience, she laid there for the longest time and she open her eyes and the lights came back on.

The Monday morning after that weeklong event the scan that had the left lower quadrant on both eyes was black, the post scan there wasn’t any black spot anywhere.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: That is not natural that is not normal. How do explain that in conventional science? I mean the truth is that we have incredibly powerful innate qualities for regeneration and healing once you hit that button. So, then she stands in the audience and gives her testimony, other people are going to begin to realize that they can heal from a stroke and that’s what exactly is happening. 

Lewis: What is the moment of transformation for someone like that? I know that healing can happen in an instant, what’s the thing that triggers that instant?

Joe: We’ve studied this and there is no linear correlation because think about this, that woman is a [?]. She was practicing those meditations for months before the event because she wanted to come and be fully prepared for it.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So from the outside you see this one moment but what you don’t see is the number of times she worked and overcoming herself in getting beyond whoever she is, in getting to that place where she’s far enough outside familiar territory.

Lewis: She connects yeah.

Joe: Connecting to that invisible field called the ‘quantum field’ and you can’t connect with your body there is nothing physical in there, you have to get beyond all your associations.

Lewis: You know it’s interesting I grew up in a religion called Christian-science that talk a lot about this. So my entire childhood I had all these incredible healings quickly and I witnessed it all the time from other people and everyone is always like ‘how is this possible?’ 

Joe: Right.

Lewis: It’s always fun for me to come back around now even though I don’t practice that religion anymore, I still believe in the same principle.

Joe: It’s a good belief to have and you program children that the body has an innate capacity to heal and all of sudden you’re less reliant on something on outside of you to make something go away.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Whatever it is.

Lewis: To change.

Joe: The problem is the moment you start feeling emptiness your brain is gonna start to look for something outside of you to take it away.

Lewis: Fill the hole.

Joe: The stimulation that is created from those outer things give the body the rush. So, the receptors and the cells recalibrates.

Lewis: It’s tough.

Joe: That feeling never goes away. So the only thing that feeling is going away is when you start going inward. So, we’ve seen significant changes in people and having that belief should be tested. My lesson through all of this ‘I am starting to realize how condition we are into believing how limited we are.’

Your energy is synchronize. When you have coherence in the brain and heart you have a laser of energy and it could read information much better. You’re living in stress and your brain is shifting to another problem or another place to go, each one of those things is an assignment [?]. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Your brain circuits are firing like a lightning storm in the clouds when your brain is incoherent. How could you connect to energy and information if your signal hasn’t become orderly? 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So then when people synchronize their energy into coherence they can synchronize to a possibility in the future.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: We want to sustain that state so that the old reality that they’ve lived in begins to transform into something new and because there’s no longer a vibrational match with everyone and everything in the past and present reality.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Now their future begins to give them signal.

Lewis: What’s more powerful than our thoughts or emotions and do our emotions change our thoughts or do our thoughts change our emotions?

Joe: The answer is yes, the answer is both. Thoughts to me produce an electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings produce a magnetic charge in the magnetic field.

Lewis: Thoughts produce what?

Joe: Electrical charge and feelings produce a magnetic charge. How you think and feel broadcast and electrical magnetic signature that influences every single atom in your life. So you could have the intent that you want wealth and health and success, but if you are waiting for the experience to happen to feel it then you’re not drawing the experience to you because you’re not feeling the emotion. So, then teaching once again how to balance their thoughts and feelings because you can enter that cycle either place.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Those emotions can drive certain thoughts of your future, other times you open your awareness you’d create brain coherence and vision of your future, you begin to [?]. The longer you’re conscious of that energy the more you’re drawing your future to you. So, then most people spend their lives right? We live in this place called [?] and you move your body through space it takes time.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: When you create from the field instead of matter, when you use vibrational match in some energy and some potential and your thoughts and feelings are coherent, now you are begin to [?] time or space or the experience is gonna be drawn to you [?].

Lewis: Right.

Joe: The moment you start to predict when it is gonna happen or how it’s gonna happen you are over playing a known over a place where there should be an unknown. So teaching people how to do that means we have to lay down the very thing that we used our whole life to get what we want for something greater to occur. So that transcendent moment is something that we are working on mystifying.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: You can’t tell you never meditated before in fact our research show that people who have never meditated before have the most profound experiences because they are not trying to make anything happen they are just following instructions.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: They don’t have a habit of doing it. So, we don’t want to exclude anybody in the process we want to include everybody. It turns out that our events draws out a good portion of men of the science. We have a lot of children now and people at their 20’s that are coming. We have a great community of elders

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: So we want to make it so inclusive that community becomes the side-effect because with a community of likeminded similar energy of people everybody understands. Community tends to be the thing now in terms of our social media and the feedback we’re getting everybody wants more community, because you get a thousand of people in audience.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: We’re going to measure a thousand people when they reach that synchronize moment when we know the entire social coherence in the room is orderly, then if you’re producing an ambiance coherence magnetic field in your heart and tuning in to a thought or an intent your energy is gonna start interfering with the person next to you.

When that energy starts to synchronize it’s gonna a produce a bigger wave, the higher the amplitude the more energy there is. So now you have one mind and one heart and now comes to healing to others and we’ve done a research on this now and we’re collecting the data and teaching people how to administer a change in energy.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: The field that creates matter. You change the field you change matter it’s not your job to change the tumor, the tumor is the illusion.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: It’s the pattern in the field that has to be change. So, once people start reversing this then you start to see the tumor starts disappearing, you start seeing stage 4 cancer reversing because now you’re swimming upstream you are going to the headwater and making that change. So pushing the envelope and seeing that in a community when the community synchronize towards the second half of a weeklong event, I mean as I’ve said at the start of the show [?].

Lewis: What is the difference between mindset and consciousness?

Joe: To me consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention and noticing. So 95% of who you are by the time you are 35 years old a set of [?] programs that we’ve just practiced so many times that we’re not consciously thinking about those. So in order for you to change the [?] initial question that you ask, the first step is you got to become conscious of your own conscious thoughts and you got to start looking at those hard [?] thoughts that you think every day just circuits fired and wired together.

Lewis: How do we do that?

Joe: You just have to sit down and close your eyes and not move and then you’ll start seeing.

Lewis: What am I thinking about right now, yeah.

Joe: Observe the thoughts because when you begin to observe that thought you’re no longer the program, you’re the consciousness observing the program and starting pulling out.

Lewis: Thinking about the thinking.

Joe: Yes. You got to become aware of how you speak and act, become so conscious and so aware of it that you won’t go unconscious and that behavior run you. 

All of a sudden as you start to become conscious of it you are beginning to objectify your subjective self, your pulling out of those programs and nobody likes to do that. So the first step is becoming conscious and meditation means to become familiar with. To become so conscious that you won’t go unconscious to any thought and behavior or emotion.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: And get ready because it takes tremendous amount of energy to do that.

Lewis: To stay conscious.

Joe: And awareness to stay conscious. So, we fall from grace.

Lewis: How often do you fall?

Joe: How many times have I done it? Thousands but I’m not gonna give up because the moments in which I do connect or the moments that I do have that transcendental experience, what after the most after when I have that transcendental, I look back at all those difficult meditations and difficult days and those are the ones you remember. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: There’s no linear correlation it’s whether you are willing to live [?] instead of living in survival. So, you just get better at it and for me staying conscious is an art, because you know when someone is present because they are paying attention to you. So, imagine this field of information and this intelligence that lives within you and I and governing everything in material and the self-organizing intelligence. You have access to it so you better get present within.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That realm you can’t experience with your sense you can only experience with your awareness. So then people have to take their attention off the bodies and go from somebody to nobody. 

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Go from something to nothing. If you are taking off your attention off of everything material in this 3 dimensional reality now there’s only one other thing that’s left, that means you’re in awareness and consciousness and now that is the bridge to the quantum field.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So it’s a little bit of waltz in the beginning but as people start applying this you start getting better at it. Senior researcher took large majority of my brain scans and she [?] by her graduate students and they statistically looked at everything.

One of the most startling things for a research team was our communities’ ability [?].

Lewis: Right.

Joe: They practice it enough times. The creative moment is when you get beyond yourself. Your brain waves slow down into alpha and theta, you’re suppressing the memory [?] of known self that keeps you clogged in the 3 dimensional reality. When you quiet down this mechanism now all of a sudden you start connecting to that field and when you can stay conscious in those subconscious realms, when you can literally regulate change brain waves now you are in the operating system where you can make those significant changes. We now know that people apply the formula and they do that properly.

When you create from the field instead from matter there’s a whole different set of dynamics that takes place and why not push that envelope. We do this wonderful healing circles where [?]. So the person who’s healed themselves of some health conditions when it comes time to heal somebody else they’re gonna say ‘now, we understand.’

Lewis: Right.

Joe: They witness a significant change in a person’s body in real time right there. So the next question is ‘okay, let this happen many times’ the woman who is at the event in [?] her brother had a massive stroke in Columbia and she went back to Columbia and he was in a coma for 2 weeks.

Now, if you’re playing by the rules of [?] physics 3 dimensional reality you’re gonna say ‘well you need to be in front of the guy in order to heal him’ but in order to have separation in the quantum that there’s everything connected when you are in that place.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Wouldn’t that be the next application of the next formula? So they go over the science and get it. 

Lewis: frequency to that.

Joe: But you are not sending it anywhere because you know where to send. In 1 hour after that coherence healing he comes back to consciousness.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: Now that’s the extension of where we are going. There’s a little guy and doctors hit him with a paddle and use all the drugs to bring him back and walked out of the room and say ‘we lost him.’ She walks over and put her hand over the field and this kid comes back online. So now we have lot of our interest now is I want to get 50%.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: We’ll show them data and results and say [?].

Lewis: That’s pretty cool.

Joe: What else would we want to do with it right?

Lewis: That’s amazing.

Joe: My kids are in their 20’s and older and on their way.

Lewis: What do they think about this work?

Joe: First of all my kids are grown up so you have to imagine like my oldest son coming back to one of my events workshops 3 years ago, and my friends are saying “Hey, is this your first event workshop?” So, my oldest son is one of my team leaders and he’s got a masters in engineering and lives in Colorado. He’s passionate about his work and met his fiancée at one my workshops.

Lewis: Cool.

Joe: And they are very similar. My daughter is in London and she’s got her masters in arts at the Royal College of Arts.

Lewis: Wow.

Joe: My other son who is getting his degree in architecture and they’re all at different stations in their understanding but they understand the principles and I’ve always said to them “You know if you can figure this out early on the rest of your life is gonna be magic.”

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: They’re pretty wired and really work in setting up conditions in their lives so that they can apply these principles from an early age and now that they are older I think that they understand perfectly.

Lewis: I feel like a lot of people are unhappy in relationships and a lot of them are failing. But for people who are mission driven how do they [?] relationship when you put your life into a mission?

Joe: Here’s deal I will never work in a relationship, if I am working in a relationship something is wrong. I work on me and I bring my best you bring best and we get together.

Lewis: And it should work.

Joe: If it doesn’t I’m gonna step back and see what it is about me that I need to really look at and change. A mission driven person can’t be in a relationship where you have to keep going back and try to fix something, I just think when it is right it’s right and I don’t know. I do think that relationships can be easy and I do think they should be and I think that if you’re heart centered that’s a different place you meet.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Again every time I have a mystical moment and I feel that transcendental love that I don’t even know the word for, every time I got one of those moments I think I got this all wrong it is not chemical it is electric.

Lewis: You got what all wrong?

Joe: The way we view the world. We don’t see things how they are we see things how we are and every experience that’s transcendental experience [?], experience produce energy in the body and you start having transcendental moments where you start connecting to that field.

Lewis: Spiritual arousal.

Joe: We have the evidence we can say ‘watch this person’s brain’ all of a sudden this person goes into arousal. The arousal isn’t like the arousal from the environment that produces anger or aggression or fear or anxiety or pain or suffering. This arousal is coming from energy and body that’s moving up to the brain and the arousal is bliss. 

Lewis: Freedom and peace.

Joe: You’ll feel it in every single cell in your body. The outcome of that is when you open your eyes and some conditioning some layers have been removed your spectrum of the way the world looks broadens now, because now you are wired with perceived it always existed.

So then it’s the inner experience that literally transforms our experience of the outer world. So when you start having moments where you hit that kind of frequency or you have those moments of love you’re less dependent on anyone to bring you happiness.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: You can love the person for their flaws because you can see a part of yourself you used to be that you no longer aren’t. So I do think it’s energy and vibration and I think in our community at least people who have relationship that are built from our community tend to be more long lasting because they are more self-aware. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: There’s just this is who I am. I think the ultimate goal is when you reach the point in your life when how you appear to the world is who you really are, that level of transparency takes no effort.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So why not keep taking those edges and smoothing down so that you are less unconscious to all of those programs that are built in relationships.

Lewis: What do you think is going to be your biggest challenge over the next decade?

Joe: We are like a living organism. I mean the company is just our community is growing so large I think our biggest challenge right now is finding venues and logistics to be able to go to the next level of being able to do it on a larger scale without losing the [?].

Lewis: The intimacy, connection and everything.

Joe: Yeah. I mean we’ve done really great as a culture in responding to the world’s needs and I mean it challenges all the time. Doing things the same way doesn’t work so you have to be able to grow, you got to be able to learn and stay contemporary with all the new technology and everything else and you got to bring a team, I mean I am nothing without my team.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Everybody counts and for me when I have group of people where everybody leads. So you got a really [?] team that really is heart centered and really has the intent for the greatest good and it’s not about them it’s about how they lead. I think that helps me do 1 thing really well and that is to focus on the people and the audience instead of anything else. We’ve been growing the last 15 years and I think our biggest challenge is to be able to handle that growth.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: So we’re building infrastructure and online ways to get people engage and to be able to, for me to provide resources for people. So, I think the biggest challenge would just be if I could stay healthy but aside from staying healthy is just being able to handle the growth.

Lewis: How old are you now?

Joe: 57.

Lewis: What do you think the world humanity challenge over the next decade as we enter 2020?

Joe: Back to the principle Lewis of just different paradigms beginning to collapse: Economically, politically, socially, environmentally, religiously, education, journalism you know medicine. They have to move into chaos and chaos is just unpredictable.

Lewis: Because not working?

Joe: Exactly. But here’s the challenge for humanity. You have 1 of 2 ways to embrace the breakdowns of those paradigms, you can face them with anger and hostility and fear and you’re only contributing to more of it. We have to see that those breakdowns are essential for something greater to happen. Now, we can’t wait for governments to take care of us, we can’t wait for medicine to give us a drug that’s gonna heal us from a condition. The greatest challenge we have as those paradigms breakdown is to no longer emotionally react in the same way and be victims. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Basically you’re in a program that something outside of you is controlling you.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: How you feel and how you think.

You create something better and then everybody just naturally leaves that and goes here. Now, it used to be some people would come here and majority would stay here because they are clinging to what they’ve been program to believe in, but now because of information everybody like ‘that’s not gonna work.’ So people are moving to new applications to new paradigms because it is working for them, so as long as we don’t emotionally react to the breakdown that is happening currently in the world then chaos is just unpredictable order.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: The novelty that’s being created is literally chaos because the known and everything staying the same is order, but as you step out into that unknown the chaos of unpredictable order is being express novelty and we have to be able to learn how to take that disorder and with application of brain and heart coherence create more order.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: You don’t get to talk about peace and you’re the living [?] of peace.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: When those peace gathering ends you see that crime and violence turns back to the same level. We got to demonstrate it. So, if I am demonstrating peace and you’re demonstrating peace somebody else because [?].

Lewis: Right.

Joe: So, I think that ultimately moving into that state of being as human beings and creating unity that you keep watching so many program on television that talked you into prejudice.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: When you’re heart centered and you feel connected you don’t see the person any longer you see [?]. I think if you do that really well that kind of emergence of a new consciousness that’s less dependent on all of those outer things is really difficult to control.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: When you overcome their emotions you can see the hidden meaning behind all things and everybody is looking this way you may be looking that way.

Lewis: Yeah, yeah.

Joe: That is the hope of the future. That’s why I’m hopeful of the future because I think that all of this that’s happening in the world [?].

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: So the demand has press into this crazy realm of multitasking and I think that you start shifting, where you place your attention is where you place your energy [?].

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: So then when you start disconnecting from everybody and you start going this way I think it is into the present moment, then where you place your attention is where you place your energy and you are truly in the present moment.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: You got to be able to do that with your eyes open.

Lewis: The more scatter the energy the less you have to focus on moving something forward.

Joe: That’s why people’s dream don’t happen because there’s no [?]. If you are putting your attention to everything known in your life.

Lewis: Right.

Joe: Your body is following your mind every day but we want your body to follow your mind to the unknown.

Lewis: Yeah.

Joe: Abundance to me has changed, abundance to me have more than I need like way more than I need. So, if I have way more than I need and I know how to create it then take it I’ll create more of it. So, now you are no longer holding on in scarcity you’re making the difference. 

Lewis: Right.

Joe: We shine for one another not to outshine another person but to shine and show them that they can shine and that to me is super healthy. So, there’s no longer any separation and I think that’s hopeful for the world and you start celebrating diversity.

Lewis: That’s powerful. Where can we connect with you?

Joe: My website is just

Lewis: You do events once a month?

Joe: We do weeklong events and it has been my passion, I’ve outgrown keynote and presentation. So, we do a weeklong event once a month just about and for people to come to a weeklong they have to do an online progressive which is a weekend course that they can do it in 9 weeks or sit down in 1 week. That’s the preparation. So, we stopped doing the progressive just because there’s not enough time for me to do them any longer. I’m still doing conferences here and there around the world.

Lewis: You’ve got books, do you have an app yet?

Joe: You know they are working on this great app, in fact I have a meeting today when I drive back to Santa Barbara on this app that we are creating because we have a great app that keeps everybody connected.

Lewis: So that will be in the future.

Joe: Not too far away.

Lewis: You shared your 3 truths in the last interview but I have a question for you that I want to ask you and that is. If you had your final workshop one day and this was gonna be the last workshop you ever gave in front of as many people as you want it to be, and it was your final 60 seconds after this weeklong or 3 weeklong workshop and this would be the last workshop you would ever give, what would you share in the final 60 seconds?

Joe: I would probably say that I’ve done my absolute best in disseminating information to prove to people how powerful they really are and I think when we become the living example of truth, when we actually embody this that there are no limits to what we can do and I am hopeful with human beings that we have this capacity, and of course when we believe in ourselves we believe in possibility and when we believe in possibility we believe in ourselves and I think that is the ultimate belief.

Lewis: Strong a good finish.

I acknowledge you Dr. Joe for constantly showing up, you’ve been doing the work for almost 2 decades and obviously working on yourself longer, but for constantly with your mission and heart to serve all of us to give us tools and clarity so that we can bring our hearts to the world and our gifts to the world and manifest ultimately more love, more peace and more harmony. So, I acknowledge you for constantly showing up and thank you for coming on.

Joe: I’ll make it easy for you.

Lewis: Thank you for coming.

Joe: Yeah, thanks Lewis.

Lewis: There you have it my friends I hope you enjoyed this one, he blows me away every time I am around him. Make sure you check out the previous we had on him as well. If this is your first time coming here you might want to listen to the first one that had a million views.

Be a good friend and share this out.

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You are born to do something magical and it doesn’t matter if you feel overwhelmed right now, if you feel anxious, stress and feel like you’re in a relationship that isn’t working or maybe you guys are off or career path is off, it’s all part of a bigger plan. Right now you’re supposed to feel off, you’re supposed to go through these certain things to help you realize and reflect more on what’s not working, what’s not serving you or supporting you in your life and what is your purpose.

So, acknowledge and express gratitude for the life that you have and moments that you have right now and reflect knowing that there is a better way and that’s why you keep coming here to continue to learn how to take your life to the next level.

And as Ernest Holmes said “The more power one gives to his thought the more completely he believes that his thought has power the more power will it have.”

You have the power to change your thought, transform your mind in any moment. I hope you enjoyed this one I love you all so very much and you know what time it is, it’s time to go out there and do something great.


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