New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Dr. Joe Dispenza

Heal Your Body with Your Mind: Dr. Joe Dispenza

The mind can heal the body.

What’s up, guys? Welcome back to The School of Greatness podcast, where each week, we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. And man, do we have an inspiring person today!

You guys, Dr. Joe Dispenza is joining me on this very special episode of the podcast. Dr. Joe Dispenza has done a lot of incredible research, and he’s one of the world’s foremost authorities on how the mind can heal the body.

You heard me right — the mind can heal the body.

It might sound crazy, but I promise this episode will blow your mind. Dr. Joe Dispenza and I dive deep. We talk through the four elements of healing your body with your mind. I’m telling you, these four points are huge and will help you change your life and achieve greatness. In the end, we’re going to give you a 7-day challenge to help you do exactly that.

Dr. Joe Dispenza believes that many of us are living in a state of constant anxiety. The fight-or-flight responses that evolution has hard-wired into our brains cause us to be constantly on alert — and that negative mode of thinking triggers genes that can cause all kinds of problems from panic attacks to cancer.

But if we learn how to change our thoughts, the mind can heal the body. It happens all the time — it’s called “spontaneous remission,” and even people with stage 4 cancer can be totally cured.

“So, for me, I chase the mystical. I want those profound moments where I cannot go back to being the same guy again. Because once you taste that wine or your drink from that well, all of a sudden, the way you perceive reality changes because you start to see things that always existed, but you didn’t have the circuitry in place to perceive them.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Are you ready to change your thinking and transform into a better, greater you? Let’s dive in!

Who Is Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international speaker, researcher, author, and educator who is passionate about the findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions. He uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves of illness, chronic conditions, and even terminal diseases so they can enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life as well as evolve their consciousness.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is the New York Times bestselling author of You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter, which explores our ability to heal without drugs or surgery, but rather by thought alone. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s podcast appearances have also been frequent and fascinating — we’re lucky he had time in his schedule to join us today!

But Dr. Joe Dispenza didn’t always work in the field of neuroscience. He started out as a chiropractor, earning his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA. He had a successful chiropractic practice, but one day he had a dangerous accident. In 1986, while cycling in a triathlon, Dr. Joe was hit by a truck. He broke six vertebrae in his spine, and his doctors told him he would never walk again.

Dr. Joe asked four different surgeons what he should do, and all four of them prescribed a complicated surgery. The surgery would relieve some of his pain but nearly guarantee he would never walk again. 

But that wasn’t good enough.

Dr. Joe thought to himself:

“Well, there’s an intelligence that’s giving us life. … It really knows how to heal way better than me. … Look, maybe I’ll just spend the rest of my time trying to connect to this intelligence and give it a plan, give it a design, and give it a template.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe refused to have the surgery and instead began to imagine himself totally healed. He visualized each vertebrae healing and reconstructed his spine in his mind. In just ten and a half weeks, Dr. Joe was back on his feet, and in twelve weeks, he was training again and back at work at his chiropractic clinic. He fully healed himself with just his mind.

After his healing experience, Dr. Joe started to study neuroscience. He traveled the world, interviewing experts, and learning everything he could about the mind’s power to heal the body. And today, he is passionate about helping other people have miraculous healing experiences like his own.

Dr. Joe hosts workshops both online and in-person worldwide (which you can learn more about here!). He teaches other people the principles of healing your body with your mind, and he has seen countless spontaneous remissions at his events.

Dr. Joe’s story is so inspiring to me. He overcame a bad injury in a truly innovative way, and now he wants to share his brilliant research with the world. I’m so glad he’s joined us today. Let’s dive into my interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza!

Connect with the Intelligence Inside You

When Dr. Joe Dispenza first embarked on his journey to research and study the mind’s power to heal the body, he started with a simple question: “Has anybody else done it?” That question led him to seventeen different countries and interviews with hundreds of people who had experienced sudden healing from health conditions.

After interviewing all those people and compiling his research, Dr. Joe began to notice some similarities. He saw that people of all different races, genders, and sexual preferences could experience spontaneous remission. But no matter their walk of life, people who experienced that kind of miraculous healing from the mind had four things in common:

  1. “The first one was that they all believed and accepted that there was an intelligence that lived within them that was giving them life.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

According to Dr. Joe, we all have an intelligence inside us. There is a divine force that gives us life, and we’re all connected to it.

But sometimes we can become disconnected — more on that in a minute. When we become disconnected from the intelligence that gives us life, we get sick. Our bodies get out of alignment, and we experience diseases and injuries.

When that happens, we have to reconnect with the intelligence. We have to develop a relationship with it.

  1. “The second thing was that they realized that it was the mismanagement of their emotions and the hormones of stress that really began to create their condition.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

People who have experienced spontaneous remission understand that their emotions and stress reactions are what cause disease in the first place.

A long time ago, humans were just trying to survive. If we weren’t alert and constantly anticipating threats like predators, we were going to get eaten! So, we got used to always looking out for danger and reacting to it as quickly as possible. That’s the root of our stress — that “fight-or-flight” response.

And that stress response is still hard-wired into our brains. But here’s the thing: today, we don’t need that “fight-or-flight” response anymore. (You’re not very likely to be eaten by a bear in your daily life!) And in fact, because we’re living longer, healthier lives today, we’re actually holding onto that stress for longer and living in an almost constant state of emergency.

Our bodies are just not meant to handle that.

That constant state of panic and stress is an imbalance that happens in our brains. It’s what causes our diseases. 

So, it makes sense that to combat our diseases and heal, we’ve got to fight that response, right? 

“In an age of information, ignorance is a choice.”  

Change Your Thinking and Rewire Your Brain

We’ve got to change our thinking.

  1. “The third thing they said was, ‘Okay, so now that I know that … I can’t mismanage my thoughts and feelings … I’ve got to watch how I speak, I’ve got to become conscious of how unconscious I am.’” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

We have to develop an awareness of how we think.

Notice how you react to things in your environment. Think about your family, friends, and coworkers — how do you usually respond to them? Think about your stress — Where does it come from? How do you react when you’re stressed?

Now think about the people you admire most in history. Who are your role models? Consider the qualities you admire in the people you look up to and then start rehearsing how you can develop those qualities in yourself in your mind.

Think about your role models. How do they handle stress? If you can learn to manage your stress response and stop reacting negatively to your environment, you can prevent your mind from signaling genes that cause disease. You can stay well, and you can heal yourself from diseases you already have.

  1. “The fourth thing is that, when they were doing that rehearsal process, they had long moments where they lost track of time and space.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

People who do this — who rehearse emulating the qualities they admire in other people — get really into it. They go deep into their imaginations, and they stay there for a significant amount of time.

A great way to do this is meditation. When you meditate, you slow down. You pause all that crazy fight-or-flight stuff and just focus on the present moment. Being in that mental state allows you to really imagine yourself acting and reacting in a healthier way. And according to Dr. Joe, the act of imagining doing something is just as good as actually doing it for your brain.

“It turns out that the act of mentally rehearsing something — when you’re truly present, your brain does not know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here. … So now, the act of rehearsing who they’re going to be … and beginning to get into this creative state began to lay down the circuits of a new personality. And a new personality is connected to a new personal reality.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

So don’t be afraid to spend some serious time meditating! When you meditate and get into that good, calm headspace, you rewire your brain to overcome your natural stress response and develop healthier emotions. And of course, a healthier body stems from healthy emotions, so you can actually heal your body when you do this kind of meditation.

Isn’t that amazing?

The Challenge: You Can Change Your Thinking

I am so inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza. His work is truly innovative, and he’s healing so many people. And here’s the cool thing: anyone can benefit from Dr. Joe’s ideas. They’re not just for people who seek healing from chronic pain or terminal disease. This kind of transformational thinking can lead to healthier emotional responses and greater happiness and abundance — and those are things we all need!

I wanted to talk about some ways you and I can use Dr. Joe’s principles in our daily lives. So, he and I came up with a challenge. Try following these three steps every day for the next seven days. I guarantee you’ll start to notice positive shifts in your mindset!

  1. Start your day with this question: “What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?”

“… Most people … get up in the morning, and the first thing they do is think about the problems in their life. And those problems are memories from the past, so the moment they think about their problems, they’re thinking about the past. Every one of those problems has an emotion attached to them, so they start feeling unhappy or unworthy or whatever … so, from the familiar past, they’re going to live in the predictable future, right?” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

How many times have you woken up in the morning and immediately reached for your phone? We spend a lot of time focusing on everything we need to get done, everything we think we can’t do, and everything that’s wrong in the world.

But that’s a really negative way of thinking, and it’s causing us to get sick.

Every morning for the next seven mornings, I want you to start with a positive thought. How can you be the best version of yourself today? Decide to be the happiest, most positive version of yourself that you can be, and you’ll start your day in a much better emotional state. And as we’ve already talked about, our physical state is directly connected to our emotional state, so being in a positive emotional mindset is good for our bodies too!

  1. Practice gratitude at the end of each day.

According to Dr. Joe, there is no shortage of research on the positive effect of gratitude on our brains. He says that there are about twelve hundred different chemical reactions that help heal and restore your body that are triggered by gratitude!

Practicing gratitude for your life and the good things in it on a daily basis has incredible effects on your physical health. So each night of the next week, spend a few minutes before bed giving thanks. You can do this in your mind or in a journal — it doesn’t matter how you practice gratitude, you just have to do it!

  1. Develop awareness of the space around you.

“The act of opening your awareness begins to reduce the stress hormones and creates more coherent brainwave states. I’m doing it right now. It’s just a practice. … And the more you do it, the better you get at it.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

When you develop an awareness of your environment, you learn a lot about yourself. Your brain starts to understand its stress responses to different things in your environment. And remember that that understanding is the key to changing your negative thought patterns and transforming your life for greater success!

You can think of this step as meditation. Take a few moments each day for the next seven days to sit quietly and sense your space. Pay attention to your environment and become really aware of it. When you practice meditation like this every day, you create space for your brain to develop healthier stress reactions.

And that is the key to healing, success, and abundance.

Why You Should Listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza Podcast Episode Right Now

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to develop new patterns of thinking? Do you want to learn how to use your mind to heal your body and create more happiness and success?

Then this episode is for you.

Here’s Dr. Joe’s definition of greatness:

“My definition of greatness is to be greater than your environment, to be greater than your body, and to be greater than time. And if you do, you will be great. I mean, that’s it!” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza definitely lives up to that definition. He’s the real deal — he uses the ideas he teaches in his own life, and he’s a happy and healthy person as a result.

Dr. Joe is genuinely passionate about healing and teaching other people how the mind can heal the body. His work has helped so many people experience spontaneous remission. And it can help you experience healing too. He and I talked about so many cool concepts that I don’t have time to get to here, but you’ll hear about it all in the episode. It’s worth checking out!

If you want to learn more from Dr. Joe Dispenza, remember to check his books! He’s the author of You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter and Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon. You can also check out his website here to learn more about his events and find some resources you can use to start building your awareness of your environment and change your thinking.

If you’re ready to transform your life and learn just how powerful your mind can be, join me on Episode 679 with Dr. Joe Dispenza!


To Greatness,

Lewis Howes - Signature

“Health and wellness can be as infectious as disease.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was the theory about water from What the Bleep? (1:17)
  • What are the four common things people do to heal with their minds? (8:44)
  • How do we become greater than the body? (14:44)
  • Do you rehearse where you want to be daily? (23:17)
  • What does it take to change? (32:35)
  • Your body will create balance for you. (38:27)
  • What if we want good things to come faster? (46:22)
  • When was the last time you felt overwhelmed about love? (50:44)
  • What’s your definition of surrender? (58:07)
  • What challenge would you give out listeners? (1:06:24)

In this episode, you will learn:

    • When Dr. Joe started believing in the philosophy that the mind can heal anything (2:27)
    • Why do we stay stuck in bad relationships and bad jobs (11:07)
    • How we can change our energy (31:34)
    • How you  can get to the point where you are in the present (35:33)
    • How to get into the heart (42:12)
    • When you experience the most love (47:56)
    • If Dr. feels like he’s answered the questions for himself (57:48)
    • What Dr. Joe’s mission is right now (59:28)
    • Dr. Joe’s greatest teacher (1:11:24)
    • What the Quantum Field is (20:33)
    • How to change your life (31:04)
    • Plus much more…

Connect with
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis Howes:    This is episode number 679, with New York Times bestselling author, Dr Joe Dispenza.

Welcome to The School of Greatness. My name is Lewis Howes, former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now, let the class begin.

Jack Cornfield said, “Wisdom says we are nothing, love says we are everything, between these two our life flows.”

I am pumped about this one! It’s like a mind explosion the entire episode! I’m telling you, you are about to have your mind blown!

This is all about how to heal your body, with the mind, and, growing up, this was a lot of the philosophical and spiritual training that I had as a kid. Some of you know I grew up in a religion called Christian Science that really taught a lot of these principles, without going into detail about how he explains certain things.

But, for me, this is stuff that I’ve seen, in the works of my entire life, come to fruition. Dr Joe Dispenza is an International speaker, researcher, author and educator who is passionate about the findings from the field of neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions.

He uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves of illness, chronic conditions and even terminal disease so they can enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life, as well evolve their consciousness. Again, a New York Times bestselling author, he’s written the book, ‘You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter’, which explores our ability to heal without drugs or surgery, but rather by thought alone, as well as many other books.

You may think it’s crazy, you can heal yourself with thought alone, but that’s something that I believe and I’ve seen happened with myself, my entire life, and with many other people who have practiced this. And he’s going to back it up with some data and research and science, for all the nerds out there who want to know more about the data. Like I like.

Some of the things we talk about are the four common elements of healing your body with your mind. He dives into each element and how you can do this with yourself. Also, what happens when our minds are faced with trauma. Especially trauma from the past.

Why visualisation is so effective for athletes and all human beings, where anxiety comes from and how to eliminate anxiety, and a 7-day challenge to support you in changing your thoughts so you can improve your life.

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Alright guys, let’s dive into this! This is a powerful one! Make sure to take a screenshot of this, share it on Instagram, I’m telling you, your mind is about to be blown, the moment this begins! How to heal your body with your mind, Dr Joe Dispenza!

Welcome, everyone, to The School of Greatness Podcast! We have the legendary Dr Joe Dispenza in the house! Good to see you, sir!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Good to see you!

Lewis Howes:                 I’m excited about this! I think I first heard about you in What The BLEEP, that was years ago, right?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            That was over ten years ago.

Lewis Howes:                  Ten years ago and that was, correct me if I’m wrong, that was the movie, documentary movie where they talked about that science experiment with the water, right? Is that the same movie?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            That’s the same movie, yeah.

Lewis Howes:                 And what was that whole theory and methodology? What was that about?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, just that water has a very interesting response to thought. And the properties of water make it very unusual. It turns out that when you hold a thought that is more constructive or more coherent, that it crystallizes water into a certain pattern, like snowflakes. And those particular crystals are actually the exact way chemicals enter the receptor sites of cells.

When you’re feeling limited emotions of anger or frustration or impatience or resentment, the signature, electromagnetically, you know, every thought has a frequency, is disturbing, so it actually weakens the molecular structure of water, and you see these very unhealthy patterns.

Lewis Howes:                 So, they’re weakening the body?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, the body is 78% water, so you start thinking about how you start managing your thoughts and feelings, and water’s just a great way to store information, and that’s all it is.

Lewis Howes:                 Wow!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            But there was a lot more in the movie besides that.

Lewis Howes:                 Yeah, but that was the thing I remembered the most.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, a lot of people remember the water.

Lewis Howes:                 That was interesting. Now, you’ve been working with teaching people how to heal themselves with their minds, right? Overcoming disease, overcoming any type of chronic illness or pain, through the mind and the principle of the mind.

I grew up in a religion called Christian Science, that did not use medicine. I didn’t get vaccinations when I was a kid, my dad wouldn’t let me go to the hospital. He wanted to use thought, prayer, the mindset, to overcome any pain or any physical ailment, and so, this is something that I was learning in a different way as an early kid.

When did you start to learn about this philosophy, or principle, or truth, and start applying it to your life?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, I got run over by a truck in a triathlon in 1986 on the biking portion of the race. I broke six vertebrae in my spine and I was told that I would never walk again. So the typical surgical procedure for multiple compression fractures with cord impingement, is a surgery called Harrington Rod surgery.

And in my case, they had cut off parts of the backs of my vertebrae from the base of my neck to the base of my spine, and then they screw in these long, stainless steel rods, and when you screw those rods into the vertebrae, it works like a cantilever. It lifts the spinal column off of the cord.

But the prognosis was, I probably wouldn’t walk again, and if the surgery was hopeful that it would give me some relief, and I think, if it was any other patient besides me, I probably would have recommended this surgery. But this was me, you know?

And I just couldn’t rush into it, so I had four opinions from four of the leading surgeons in Southern California, and they were adamant that I needed the surgery.

Lewis Howes:                 All four of them?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            All four of them, yeah. In fact, the medical director of Scripps Hospital at the time was my head surgeon. He thought I had a head injury or he thought that I had PTSD, that I wasn’t just following his instruction.

Anyway, decided against the surgery, and I thought, “Well, listen, I’m not going anywhere, I’m not doing anything, I’m basically lying face down,” and so I thought, “Well, there’s an intelligence that’s giving us life, that’s keeping our heart beating and digesting our food. It really knows how to heal way better than me. This innate intelligence is what’s giving us life.”

And I thought, “Well, if it’s an intelligence, it’s a consciousness, and consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention. So it must be paying attention to me.” So I said, “Look, maybe I’ll just spend the rest of my time trying to connect to this intelligence and give it a plan, give it a design and give it a template.

And when I was really present and complete with that design, I would surrender this creation to this greater mind and allow it to do the healing for me. And the other thing I said is, “I’m not going to let any thought slip by my awareness that I don’t want to experience.”

Now, that sounds really easy, right? But when you’re faced with crisis or trauma, we tend to focus on what we don’t want to have happen, instead of what we do want to have happen.

So, I started on this journey. I decided against the surgery, and it was a big revolution at the time. I went through six and a half weeks of hell. I just could not get my mind to do what I wanted it to do. Because I would start reconstructing a vertebrae and imaging an outcome and then I would start thinking, “I’m going to be living in a wheelchair, should I sell my practice?”

Lewis Howes:                 Wow! So you were thinking about the way you wanted your body to look and feel, in your mind.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            I reconstructed every single vertebrae.

Lewis Howes:                 In your mind.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, in my mind.

Lewis Howes:                 You imagined it.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Exactly, I wanted to show it three-dimensionally.

Lewis Howes:                 In your mind.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            In my mind.

Lewis Howes:                 You’re not drawing it out or something?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            No, no, in my mind I was reconstructing it.

Lewis Howes:                 Visualising it all the time?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Visualising. And I wanted to say, “Look, take a look at that,” because this intelligence is always present, so we’ve got to be present with it. So, I’d start off reconstructing my spine, and I’d be, like, “Oh, gosh, should I sell my practice? What if I live in a wheelchair?”

Lewis Howes:                 Your practice, chiropractic?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, in Southern California, in La Jolla. But, I couldn’t get my mind to do what I wanted it to do and after six weeks, I just went through the whole thing and I felt like I just hit a golf ball right in the sweet spot, something clicked, and from that point forward, what took me two and a half or three hours to do, I was able to do in 45 minutes.

I was firing and wiring, these new circuits, and I was practicing paying attention. And then, all of a sudden, I started noticing dramatic changes in my health, like this [clicks fingers]. And the moment I started noticing changes in my body, what was going on outside of me, I started correlating it to what I was doing inside of me.

Now I was just hooked and I kept doing it with more passion and more sincerity. Anyway, back on my feet in ten and a half weeks, back training at twelve weeks, back in my clinic, and I just made a deal with myself, that if I was ever able to walk again, I’d spend the rest of my life studying the mind/body connection, and mind over matter.

And then that led me to just stop everything in my life. I just wasn’t the same guy. I had just been initiated into something and sold my practice, sold my home.

Lewis Howes:                 You sold it all?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Sold it all, moved to the North-West, and I just started asking bigger questions, like, “Who am I? Why am I here? What are we doing? What happens when we die? How did all this happen for me? What was the process?”

I started studying the science behind it and I couldn’t find it in any conventional textbooks, because this was unconventional. And the miraculous is kind of unconventional. So I started studying quantum physics and neuroscience and epigenetics, and it started making sense. I started building this model of understanding.

Then I asked the fundamental question, “Has anybody else done it?” So then I travelled to seventeen different countries and interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people with serious health conditions that were treating either conventionally or unconventionally, and they were staying the same or getting worse, and then all of a sudden they got better.

So what was the cause that produced the effect? And the story is, and what I learned, was so amazing, I went back to school and studied neuroscience, because mind was such a strong element. It wasn’t diet, it wasn’t celibacy, it wasn’t any of those things, it was just really this element.

And so, then I was able to figure out that there were four common things, and then I wrote a book about it, and then I thought, “If this works, really, on people that were sick and then got better and they come from all walks of life, all colours, all races, all genders, sexual preferences, but, all of a sudden, I wanted to see if I was able to reproduce it.

So, then I started seeing, “Okay, let’s see if we can teach this, and be able to reproduce the outcome.” Because that’s science, right?

Lewis Howes:                 What were the four common things?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            The first one was that they all believed and accepted that there was an intelligence that lived within them that was giving them life.

Lewis Howes:                 These people you interviewed who had injuries that overcame them?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            No, no, these were people who had cancer, MS, Lupis, Parkinsons disease.

Lewis Howes:                 Who got better.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, just spontaneously. You know, it’s called spontaneous remission.

Lewis Howes:                 So, they believed there was an intelligence.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            There was some invisible life force that they were connected to. That they felt like they had lost their connection to, they had become separate and disconnected from. And yet, when they got the diagnosis, they woke up and said, “Man, I’ve got to connect again! I’ve got to connect to my essence!”

So they developed a relationship with it, just like you develop a relationship with anybody. It takes time, you’ve got to be present, you’ve got to connect, you’ve got to experience, you’ve got to be present. All of these things are important elements.

So, that was the first thing. The second thing was that they realised that it was the mismanagement of their emotions and the hormones of stress that really began to create their condition. Now, stress is when your brain and body are knocked out of balance.

So, stress is when your body is knocked out of homeostasis. We have an innate mechanism in our body that returns us back to order. So, if somebody cuts you off on the L.A. freeway, you have an emotional reaction, but fifteen minutes later you’re back to driving and you’re over it, right?

All organisms in nature can tolerate short term stress.

Lewis Howes:                 But when it’s all day long, all week, all year.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, so if you’re reacting to, like if a Tyrannosaurus Rex is chasing you, you have to make a decision. “Am I going to use 20% of my energy? Or am I going to use 100%?” So, it turns out when you’re reacting to traffic…

Lewis Howes:                 200%!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Right! Or if you’re reacting to your co-worker, sitting in the cubicle next to you, you’re turning on that response. And what was once very adaptive, becomes very maladaptive, because when you turn on the stress response and you can’t turn it off, now you’re headed for disease, because nobody can live in emergency mode for that extended period of time.

Well, human beings, we can turn on the stress response just by thought alone. You can think about your problems, and you’re producing the same biological effects. So those chemicals give the brain and body a rush of energy, and people become addicted to that rush of energy.

So, now they use the problems and conditions in their life, to reaffirm their addiction to that emotion. They need the bad job, they need the poor relationship. So that means they become addicted to the life that they don’t even like.

Lewis Howes:                 Why do they need the bad job or the bad relationship and stay stuck in those?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Because it’s a conditioned response. So, listen, if you get angry at a co-worker, and all of a sudden you get an arousal in your brain and body, right? You get a rush of energy. When you start noticing that your body starts dropping, your brain starts noticing your energy starts dropping, you’re automatically going to have the image of the co-worker, in order to, what? Give your body the next jolt, right?

So, all of a sudden, people become addicted to their own thoughts, right? So, these people realise that, “Oh my gosh, I’ve been mismanaging my attention and energy and I got to get beyond my past, I’ve got to get beyond these emotions, I’ve got to make some big changes. I’ve got to break the habit of being myself. I’ve got to stop being this person.

Now, that sounds really good, theoretically and philosophically, but change is such a hard thing, right? Because the moment you come back to your senses, and you step back into you life, and you see that person, or you go to that place, or you’re with that experience, so many people are unconsciously reacting, in their thoughts and feelings, to everything in their environment.

So, now their environment is controlling how they think and feel, so they realised that, in order to change, they’ve got to be greater than their environment! Greater than the conditions in the world, greater than the circumstances.

Lewis Howes:                 Be mindful of that every time it comes up, like, “Okay, I’m going to think differently, I’m not going to react this way.”

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, “I’m not going to go back, I’m not going to go back.” Because the moment you start reacting emotionally, emotions are a record of the past. And if those emotions are driving your thoughts, you’re thinking in the past.

And if you can’t think greater than you feel, and you believe your thoughts are part of your destiny, you’re creating more of your past, right? So, it turns out that the repetition of thinking and feeling, and feeling and thinking, these loops that people get caught in, condition their body to subconsciously become the mind of that emotion.

Which means now, their body, as well as their own conscious mind, is believing they’re living in the same past experience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What’s the relevance behind that? Well, the latest research on genes says, genes don’t create disease, it’s the environment that signals the gene that creates disease.

Lewis Howes:                 The emotional environment or the physical environment?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Your environment, any environmental reaction. But if you’re emotionally reacting to your environment the same way, you’re signalling the same gene in the same way, and now you’re headed for a genetic destiny.

So, the hormones of stress push the genetic buttons that create disease. If you can turn on the stress response just by thought alone, your thoughts can make you sick. And if your thoughts can make you sick, is it possible that your thoughts can make you well?

So, I began to realise that the repetition of thinking and feeling, and feeling and thinking, caused me to feel guilt and I didn’t even know it was guilt, it just feels like me. I’m used to the same chemical continuity. But when they decided to change, any time you change anything about yourself, get ready, because it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

Lewis Howes:                 It’s going to hurt.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            You’re going to leave the known, you’re going to leave the familiar and you’re going to step into the unknown.

Lewis Howes:                 Even if the familiar is uncomfortable and painful, it’s still going to be painful leaving the pain.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Right! Because some people are super happy being unhappy. So then they would rather cling to their suffering than take a chance on a possibility. So what they say is, “I really have nothing to lose.”

So then they said, I’m willing to be uncomfortable and be in the unknown,” and it turns out, that’s the perfect place to create from. So when the body is conditioned to become the mind, then to change it needs to be greater than the body, right?

Lewis Howes:                 How do we become greater than the body?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, that’s a whole other conversation, but let me finish this, okay? So the third thing they said was, “Okay, so, now that I know that I’ve got to break the habit of being myself, and I can’t mismanage my thoughts and feelings and change how I act, I’ve got to watch how I speak, I’ve got to become conscious of how unconscious I am.”

Because 95%  of who we are, by the time we’re 35 years old, is a set of memorised behaviours, like a computer program, emotional reactions, unconscious beliefs and perceptions. So, the first step to change is to become conscious of how you think, to notice how you act, to pay attention to how you feel.

And the act of observing those states of mind and body separates you from that program. Now you’re the consciousness observing that program, and it turns out, the more conscious you become of how unconscious you are, like lighting a match in a dark place, that first step creates enormous amounts of chaos in the brain and body.

And it’s disturbing, so people just go back to the same addiction, the same emotion the same problem. “Phew! This feels better! That feels familiar.” So they said, “Okay, now that I’ve got to change, I’ve got to reinvent myself.”

Now, this is really important, because they started sitting down and thinking, “Okay, who in history do I admire? Who are great people, role models that I could follow? What are the qualities and characteristics that they have? How am I going to change?”

These are what we call ‘frontal lobe questions’. The creative centre of the brain switches on, and the emotional centre settles down, so then they started thinking, “How would I have to be n a new life, if I was really going to heal?  What would I have to change about myself?”

Now, there’s this interesting phenomenon that, if you close your eyes, and you begin to think about doing something – you’re an athlete, you understand this – if you have a background in football and you  were running a pattern, or you were doing something, you would rehearse it in your mind. It turns out that the act of mentally rehearsing something, when you’re truly present, your brain does not know the difference between what’s going on out there, and what’s going on in here.

In fact, your brain will begin to look like you’ve been doing it for the last five days, and you’ve never run the course. So now, your brain is no longer a record of the past, because, typically it is, now it’s a map to the future.

So now you’re priming your brain. So that became the platform. Experiments with piano players, you know, you take a group of people who have never played the piano before, and you divide them into two different categories.

One group of people, you teach them one-handed scales and chords, you do a brain scan on them. They come and practice for two hours a day, for five days. At the end of five days, if you rescan the brain, they’ve grown new circuits on the opposite side of the brain, nothing magical there. You learn something new, learning’s making new connections.

Get some instruction, you get an instruction, you get your body involved. You get your body involved you’re going to have experience, experience enriches the brain. Pay attention, you’ve got to pay attention to what you’re learning and repeat it, firing and wiring, you’re going to assemble new circuits.

You can take the other group of people, have them come for two hours a day, for five days, have the brain scan before, the brain scan after. Have them close their eyes and mentally rehearse playing those scales and chords. At the end of five days, they’ll grow the same amount of circuits in the brain as the people who actually physically demonstrated the action.

What does that mean? Well, it’s not only that they changed their brain by thinking differently, but their brain looks like they’ve been playing the piano for five days. Now, set them in front of a piano, never played the piano before, they’ll play those scales and chords, because their brain is wired to play it.

So, now, the act of rehearsing who they’re going to be, one of the qualities, and beginning to get into this creative state, began to lay down the circuits of a new personality. And a new personality is connected to a new personal reality.

So, the next question is, “Does that change the body?” Take a group of men, have them do one handed curls, in their mind, and bring an emotional component, like, “Stronger, harder, more intense.” One hour a day for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, 13.5 increase in muscle strength. Never lifted a weight.

Now their body is changing by thought alone. So, these people began to reprogram their brain and body, and all of a sudden, they began to act differently. Why? Because they installed the circuits. They began to think differently, of course! They began to feel differently.

They were no longer feeling pain, they were actually liking themselves, right? So then, after living by a different emotion, they’re feeling an elevated emotion before they were healed. They’re not waiting for their healing to feel joy and gratitude. They’re feeling gratitude and joy.

Now the body is healed because the body is feeling the emotion ahead of the experience, and if the environment signals the gene and the end product of an experience is an emotion, you’re signalling the gene ahead of the environment.

And what do genes do? Genes make proteins. And what are proteins responsible for? The structure and function of the body. Now you’re literally becoming somebody else.

And now you’re turning down the genes for disease and you’re turning up these other genes. So, I started to realise that reinvention process is exactly what we’ve always done. It’s just that we get complacent in certain areas of our life and we stop.

Now, the last thing they had in common, the fourth thing, is that, when they were doing that rehearsal process, that they had long moments where their lost track of time and space. In other words, they were so involved in their inner world, of imagining, that when they turned the light on in the room, or when they lifted their blindfold up, or whatever they were doing, they thought it was twenty minutes later, and it was an hour and twenty minutes later.

And when you’re truly focused, and you’re truly paying attention in your present moment, all of a sudden, you will leave this three-dimensional reality, and when you leave this three dimensional reality, there’s only one other place you go, and that is the realm of thought.

And that is called the quantum field. And that quantum field is where all possibilities exist. So they were connecting to a field of information that had everything to do with the first principle, which is that invisible intelligence is both within us and all around us, personal and universal.

It is the unifying field that governs everything material in this world. And you’re going to change something material, that means you’ve got to get beyond your body to heal your body. Because if you’re your body trying to heal your body, there’s one thing that we can guarantee: it’s going to take time.

It’s going to just take a long time, because you’re playing by the rules of Newtonian physics. If you play by the rules of quantum physics, energy dictates matter. So, when you’re truly in the field and you’re making changes there, then the downward cascade in our lives that we biologically, chemically, hormonally, genetically, is just the side-effect of what’s happening in the field.

 Lewis Howes:                 It accelerates.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, it accelerates it. Exactly! So you do it in less time because you’re doing it in a realm that doesn’t play by time.

Lewis Howes:                 This is fascinating, because, growing up in this religion that I grew up in, it was a constant reminder, a daily practice, to think in a certain way. To think that you can never be physically harmed, and that you are infinite love, that you are infinite light, you’re infinite soul, spirit, life, truth and love.

It was constantly taught to me that I’m never able to get physically harmed, and that, if you are, that means your thought is off, and you just have to recreate your thought, and you’ll have a healing. It’s a little extreme for some, and if you’re not well practiced in it, and if you don’t know howto really manage the thoughts and train them, then you can hurt yourself.

You can really hurt your body, and, it happened. But I used this philosophy, strategy, technique, idea, in sports, and I would rehearse, constantly, like you talked about, I was constantly rehearsing the games. What I wanted to create for the season, for my body, for my life.

And it just seemed like it would always happen. I would rehearse constantly, over and over and get lost in my thoughts. You called it the quantum field. Is that what you called it?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Mm-hmm.

Lewis Howes:                 So, I was in the quantum field to be on the physical field, I was playing in the quantum field, just like everybody playing on the physical field. And I remember I would watch game film of world record holders, in track and field and football, and watch them every single night, and mentally rehearse the same movements they would have, before I would fall asleep.

And then I would practice the next day. But I was constantly rehearsing in my mind, how I wanted to show up. I was rehearsing this moment, in my life, ten years ago. I was rehearsing what I would be doing this year of my life.

Do you do this on a daily practice for yourself? And, if so, how does that rehearsal look?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            I do, I do! Two things I wanted to say about that: First of all, this is really not for everybody, because it’s like pregnancy, either you are or you’re not. I mean, there’s no in between. You can’t be a little pregnant. Either you are, or you’re not.

Lewis Howes:                 Who is it for, and who is it not for?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            So, what I found is that, when I started studying spontaneous remissions, it was for people who had reached the end of their emotional belief, where there was no longer any answers. The doctors gave up on them and there was nothing else they could do. And so they changed everything about themselves, and some of them were physicians.

They were just going, like, “Wow! What have I been doing?” But now, fast forward to today. In an age of information, ignorance is a choice! You’ve got so much information, you don’t need a doctor, you don’t need a teacher, you don’t need a priest or a minister to gain information. You don’t need an authority, right?

Technology gives us very quick information. So, now, people are informed. Twenty years ago, doctor said to you that you had this health condition…

Lewis Howes:                 You believed it.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, and not only that, you sign on the dotted line and you got the treatment or the surgery. Fast forward to today, everybody just kind of goes, “Wait a second.”

Lewis Howes:                 “You want to give me multiple pins and this!”

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, you go home and you research it and you say, “I want to try this!” So, now, all of a sudden, people are taking their power back. So, people are more informed, so surgical procedures, pharmaceuticals are not always the first choice for people because there are other ways.

And people only do the best with what’s available. So now, information has scaled and changed the way people face off with health conditions, and now people are coming into this, number one, if they have a health condition that they can self-correct and number two, there are people who are saying, “If I’m headed for a genetic destiny, because my mother and this and my father had this, but I know the gene doesn’t create it, but how I act and how I feel is going to signal the same gene. Well, I’m just going to change my genetic future.”

So, no, people are super proactive in the process, right? So that’s point number one, but point number two is that, if you start realising that this is actually possible, and I can tell you that without a doubt it is, because – we were talking before we started – the things that I’ve been witnessing!

I mean, in the beginning it was just a person who got a little better, felt a little this, a little that, you know? Food allergies went away. But then, all of a sudden we’re talking about our last event, two people with stage four cancer, fully reversed.

A woman with a very serious neurologically disorder. They couldn’t even name it. Crutches, the whole bit, left the event, no crutches. How does she do that? Well, let me ask you a question: If she doesn’t look like a movie star and she’s not buffed and young and attractive and successful, she’s just a normal person, and you listen to this person’s story, and there’s a thousand people listening to that story, you’re going to scratch your head and say, “Wow! If she can do it, so can I!”

And just like an infection spreads amongst a community and creates disease, health and wellness can be as infectious as disease. So, do I use it? Yes, but not in the way that people think. Like, I’m not interested in success. I’ve had it, I know that that’s an important element.

I think that success is  side effect of who you are, but what am I after? I’m after making a difference in the world. I want people to become empowered. So, my rehearsals, my meditations, and connecting, area all about the next thing that we can push the envelope for.

In other words, if that person healed themselves of that health condition, and this person healed themselves, is it possible for that person to heal another person? And if they can heal that other person, which is now happening, is it possible to heal somebody on the other side of the planet?  You just have to build the model, and then come up with the science to be able to piece it together.

And science, it turns out, is the language to help to demystify that process. So, I now know, without a doubt, if you give people sound, scientific information, and every time they learn something new, they’re adding new connections in their brain. That’s what learning is. And if they can begin to pay attention for just one hour, now they’re causing jungles of neurons to be organised, there’s a platform of understanding.

If I say to you, “Now, turn to the person next to you and explain what I said,” – and we do this at our events – if you can turn to the person next to you and explain what I said, you’ve wired it in your brain.

What’s the relevance of that? Now you’re installing the neurological hardware in your brain in preparation for an experience. And the more you understand what you’re doing and why, the how gets easier.

And if nothing is left to conjecture, superstition or dogma, or spiritual New Age stuff, but its grounded in science, you’re going to have more intention behind what you’re doing, and you’re going to assign more meaning to it.

Lewis Howes:                 It’s more believable.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Exactly.

Lewis Howes:                 Not just blind faith, but something’s backing it as well.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Right, and then if we can set up the conditions in the environment, and give people the proper instruction. And if those people can get their behaviours to match their intentions and their actions equal to their thoughts.

Think of the mind and body working together. [They’re] going to have a new experience, and that experience is going to enrich even more circuits in their brain. The end product of an experience is an emotion, all of a sudden, they’re going to feel unlimited, they’re going to feel empowered, they’re going to feel successful, they’re going to feel worthy.

Now they’re teaching their body, chemically, to understand what their mind has intellectually understood. Knowledge is for the mind, but experience is for the body, and they’re embodying that information.

And if you’ve done it once, you should be able to do it again. And when we keep repeating the experience – you know this, as an athlete – it’s going to become automatic, it’s going to become innate, it’s going to become second nature. It’s going to become who you are.You don’t have to think about it any longer.

So, take a person who is abused as a child, with an alcoholic parent, who has a very rare genetic disorder. They’ve manifested weakness in their bones because that’s the emotion they live by. A genetic disorder that medical science says, “We have no way to help you.”

How do you explain, after a year, of every day, going it, overcoming herself, overcoming herself, to become someone else, that no more fractured bones, no evidence of broken bones, no more crutches, no more wheelchair, running again? How do you explain that? Except, she literally became someone else.

She literally became somebody else. The disease existed in the old personality. She’s not that person any more, biologically. That’s absolutely possible. So, for me, I chase the mystical. I want those profound moments, where I cannot go back to being the same guy again. Because once you taste that wine or your drink from that well, all of a sudden, the way you perceive reality changes, because you start to see things that always existed but you didn’t have the circuitry in place to perceive them.

Why? Because the inner event is an experience, and experience enriches the brain. We don’t see things how they are, we see things how we are. So, as you begin to change your circuitry, you’re going to perceive more of reality.

Why? Because we probably perceive 1% of reality. So, how do we begin to fully engage, right? So, for me, none of that matters, none of that veneer stuff matters. What matters is the essence, what matters is, “Am I making a difference in the world? How can I begin to effect a change and help people to heal or create a better life for themselves?”

And not do it matter to matter, with bravado and adrenaline, and all that. That’s the old way. This is about connecting, and instead of going and getting it, creating a field where you draw it to you, and the synchronicities, and the coincidences, and the opportunities that are coming to you, as a result of you doing the inner work, you’re going to rush less in your life, and you’re going to be more aware of your energy.

And nobody changes, until they change their energy. And when you change your energy, you change your life. But that doesn’t mean you change your energy, do a meditation, and then you get up, get on a freeway and flip people off. You just disconnected from the energy of your future!

You’ve got to be greater than the conditions in your environment, you’ve got to maintain that state of being. You’ve got to be greater than the habits and emotions of you body, and you’ve got to sustain it for an extended period of time.

Lewis Howes:                 How do we change our energy, and how do we sustain it for an extended period of time? How long does that time need to be, until we really start to see [results]?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            It’s sometimes immediate. Okay, so our research that we’ve done in the last six years, because we’ve seen so many incredible, incredible things going on in our workshops. People stepping out of wheelchairs and all sorts of crazy things.

Lewis Howes:                 You’re like a church!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, kind of like, yeah.

Lewis Howes:                 Like a church, a mega church.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            But hopefully not that!

Lewis Howes:                 Based in science. Isn’t that amazing that some of these churches, when people get to believe, whether they have science backing it or not, it’s the belief in their mind.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            They step out into the unknown.

Lewis Howes:                 Step out of your body and heal yourself.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            And instantaneously. Instantaneously.

Lewis Howes:                 And we do see that a lot. And some people are, like, “How can that be possible?”

Dr Joe Dispenza:            “How can that be possible?” Well, we’ve…

Lewis Howes:                 You’ve done the research now.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            We’ve assembled a team of scientists, we’ve done 8,500 brain scans. I can tell you when a person’s about ready to change. I can tell you why people don’t change. I can tell you what it takes to change.

Lewis Howes:                 So, what does is take to change?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, when you change, most people keep their attention, always their awareness on their body, they keep their attention on everything in their environment. People and things, their brain is always scanning everything around us to determine what’s known and unknown, what’s safe and unsafe, right?

And we do that all the time. So, our research shows that the moment you take your attention off your body and you go from somebody to nobody, you take your attention off the people in your life, people you identify with, and go from someone to no one. I mean, so many people spend their whole life building an identity on being someone.

Take your attention off your cellphone, your computer, your car, and go from something to nothing. Take your attention off where you’re sitting, where you need to be, someplace you have to go, and go from somewhere to nowhere. And take your attention off time, linear, thinking about the predictable future, or the familiar past, and fall into the generous present moment, and go from sometime to no time.

Then all you’re left with is consciousness. And that’s the moment you’re no longer playing by the same rules of matter to matter. And there’s a very elegant moment that takes place in the brain. In fact, I was just showing my research to a group of researchers in Santa Cruz this past week, and they were blown away.

And I said, “Now watch, this person’s going to have a transformational moment.” They say, “Well, how do you know?” I go, “I’ve seen enough of these.” And the next moment, the whole brain lights up. That person is switched on, they’ll never be the same person again. They’re having a transcendental moment.

And we could actually predict it and teach it now. It’s a formula, just like you doing sports. It just becomes a formula. And then you change the formula and you add to it. So, when you no longer are identifying with your body, your environment and time, that’s the moment of pure consciousness.

Lewis Howes:                 You’re just an idea.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            You’re an awareness. Awareness that has nothing to do with local space and time.

Lewis Howes:                 You go beyond anything.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            You go beyond, and that’s when the brain – because the brain doesn’t change the brain, it takes a long time. It takes a long time for the personality to change the personality, for the ego to change the ego, the programs to change the programs takes forever. Matter takes a long time to change matter.

But when you’re in this moment, you’re no longer playing by those rules. Consciousness is the phenomenon above matter. In fact, consciousness is beginning to activate or manipulate circuits in the brain. People just think the brain is creating consciousness. No, consciousness is executing the brain, right?

So then, if the brain can change, then the mind doesn’t change, the mind is the brain in action, it’s consciousness that changes it. So, disengage and get beyond themselves, you are at your absolute best when you get beyond yourself.

Getting the person to that point…

Lewis Howes:                 How do you get someone to that point?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, so we teach them that formula, we teach them that point where, all of a sudden, they reach that generous present moment where they just feel connected. And when they’re in that place, all the things they thought they wanted, they actually no longer want, because they feel like they already have them.

So then, imagine, living your life from that place, you would be more judgemental, and you would be less frustrated, you would be less impatient.

Lewis Howes:                 Or reactive, yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            And so, the formula, then, is that it requires attention, which  is a coherent brain, and when you’re living stressed out and something goes wrong, and you’re threatened, and you can’t predict an outcome, or you have the perception that something’s getting worse, or you can’t control it, you switch on that fight or flight response that we talked about.

Now, here’s what happens: When that occurs, you start shifting your attention from one person to one problem, to one thing, to another person, to another place, because your brain is trying to predict the next moment.

Well, every one of those people and things and places, has a neurological network in your brain, so as you shift your attention from one to the next, it’s like a lightning storm in the clouds. Your brain starts firing very incoherently, and when your brain is incoherent, you’re incoherent. And when you’re living by the hormones of stress, not a time to create, not a time to open your heart, not a time to learn. Not a time to trust. That’s the time to fun, fight, or hide.

So, people spend 70% of their time, or their life, living in this state. So think about it. So, then, when you’re under stress, if there’s a cougar around the corner, you’re not going to sit down and meditate. You’re going to sit still.

Lewis Howes:                 Or jump in a tree, yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, you’ve got the survival gene switched on and nobody is going to believe in possibility when you’re living in survival, right? So then, when you’re living in stress, what happens is that you narrow your focus on the cause. You narrow your focus on matter, the object, the thing, and as people get switched on and all of their attention is on their outer world.

When the hormones of stress kick in, the body gets an arousal, now your attention is on the body, and of course, when you’re under stress, you’re trying to predict the future, based on the past, and now you’re literally enslaved in the three dimensional reality, so then how do you get what you want? You’ve got to try harder, you’ve got to force it more, you’ve got to work harder, you’ve got to fight for it. That’s matter trying to change matter.

Lewis Howes:                 Exhausting!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            And people would just burn out, right? So then, we now know that when you go from a narrow focus on something and you start to open your focus, you create a sense, an awareness, that the act of opening your focus causes you to stop thinking. And if you stop thinking, you know longer activate those circuits and you start to slow your brainwaves down.

And as you slow your brainwaves down, you start connecting to that autonomic nervous system, the thing that’s giving you life. And, all of a sudden, when you get beyond yourself, it’s like, “He’s gone. Let’s just step in and clean up this mess before he gets back.” And it’s job is to create order and balance.

Lewis Howes:                 So, your body will start to do that for you.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            The innate intelligence will just step right in, once you connect, so you’ve got to know how to connect. So you’ve got to change your brainwaves. You can’t change your brainwaves, you’ll stay in an active state, you’re basically moving furniture around. You’re analysing your life within some disturbing emotions.

And I can tell you, after looking at all those brain scans, if you’re analysing your life within some disturbing emotion, you’re going to make your brain worse. In fact, you are thinking in the past. So, you teach people the formula, how to open their focus, change their brainwaves, connect to that invisible field, all of a sudden, different compartments of the brain start synchronising.

The front of the brain starts talking to the back of the brain, the right side starts talking to the left side, and, all of a sudden, what syncs in the brain, links in the brain, and, all of a sudden you start to see this person starting to look more like themselves.

And when you see those two hemispheres of the brain start lighting up, watch out! Because that person’s going to feel really whole. They’re going to start loving life, they’re going to be in love with life, because the union of polarity and duality is wholeness, at the exact same time.

Coherent brain, when you’re resentful, when you’re judgemental, when you’re impatient, your heart beats out of rhythm. Why? You’re stepping on the gas and you’re stepping on the brake at the same time. Your body and its intelligence, living in survival, is saying, “T-Rex is back there, but you’re not running!” Because you’re sitting across the table, looking at somebody smiling and your body’s revved up, right?

So the heart is beating arhythmically. And when that happens, you’re squandering, you’re using all the body’s life force and turning it into chemistry.

Lewis Howes:                 Using all that energy to survive, as opposed to think beyond.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Right, right. So you’re drawing from your vital life force, that invisible field around your body, and you’re turning it into chemistry, you’re actually going to shrink your own field. The hormones of stress cause us to be materialists, right? When we’re under stress, we’re using our senses to determine reality, so now you feel more like matter and less like energy. More separate from possibility.

So then, to teach a person, then, to regulate that heart centre. And we do this, we’ve done six thousand heart scans. Why? Because, if I can teach you how to get in that heart state, and I can teach you how to activate that centre, and I can teach you how to regulate an elevated emotion, the heart starts to create a very coherent signature.

And when the heart starts beating like a drum, like dropping a pebble in water, it begins to produce a measurable magnetic field, up to three meters wide. Now you’re more energy that matter, more wave than particle.

Now, that field that’s being created, is measurable, and that’s an energy, and energy is frequency, and all frequency carries information. So, what is the information, when it makes it here.

Lewis Howes:                 Because you’re sharing it into the world, yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            It could carry the thought of your healing. Why? Because it’s consistent with the energy. Guilt isn’t going to carry the thought of your healing, it’s a different frequency. And, all of a sudden, now, the person is elevating their emotional state and they’re allowing their thought to be carried on that frequency, they’re broadcasting a whole new energetic signature.

But thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body and how you think, and how you feel, creates your state of being. So then the question is, if you keep practicing, creating that state of being, it should become familiar to you. Yes, or no?

Lewis Howes:                 Yes!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            The word, ‘mediation’, literally means, ‘to become familiar with’. So if you’re moving in those elevated states, and your heart is coherent, and we’re measuring, and I can say, “Lewis, you got it. Now do it for thirty minutes. Now do it for sixty minutes,” and you practice, using the coherence, you’ll know when you’re there and when you’re not. Yes or no?

Lewis Howes:                 Sure!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            And then, you’ll be able to say, like a skill, like anything else, “Give me a minute, I’m going to step out,” and you’re going to go back in the heart coherence, and bring up that state.

Lewis Howes:                 How do we get there, in the heart?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            With practicing the formula! Again, arrest your attentions, calling up elevated emotions, and when you start seeing that starts happening, then you sustain it, then you keep practicing. And, all of a sudden, it gets longer and longer and longer.

Now, what’s the relevance behind that? Well, we’ve measured our transmitters. So, when a person actually activates their heart, the heart releases a chemical called oxytocin. Oxytocin is actually the love chemical. Oxytocin signals nitric oxide, nitric oxide signals another chemical called endothelial direction factor.

What does that do? It causes the vessels in your heart to swell. You will literally have energy in your heart, you will literally feel like your heart is full. Now, once you have that feeling, you’re not going to want to trade that feeling for anyone or anything.

You’re going to say, “Why would I judge that person? If I judge that person, I lose this feeling!” Now, all of a sudden, you’re self regulating. Now, once the heart is activated – I just was at the research lab this week – once the heart is activated, it acts as an amplifier, and it amplifies energy in the brain.

So, once you start opening that heart, and it begins to signal the brain, you’re going to suppress the survival signals. In fact, the research shows, it will reset your baseline. In other words, if you’re anxious and vigilant, and you learn how to self regulate, you will actually reset the baseline.

And you’ll say, “Well, the trauma was fifteen years ago. I saw somebody get murdered,” or whatever. And then we’ll say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but the moment the heart, not the brain, it’s the heart that actually resets the medulla, and the person, all of a sudden, switches down, and, all of a sudden, I just don’t have anxiety.

We have thousands of brain scans with anxiety and depression, people from all walks of life. They were reset, and, all of a sudden, they don’t have anxiety. They don’t have to take medications or do anything, they know how to self-regulate.

Lewis Howes:                 Where does our anxiety stem from?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Anxiety is doing this: living in survival. When you’re living in survival, I’ll tell you this, when the survival gene is activated, out of the infinite potential, so in the quantum field, you’ll always choose the worst-case scenario. Why? Because if you’re in survival and you’re preparing for the worst, there’s always better chances of surviving if anything less happens.

So, people are always collecting the worst thing in their mind, and they begin to emotionally embrace that future before it happens. Thought and emotion. You start conditioning. So your conditioning the body to become the mind of fear.

You keep doing that enough times, once the body becomes the mind, it’s a subconscious program. The person has a panic attack. Try as you may to control it with your conscious mind, you can’t. You programmed it subconsciously. Now you worry about the next panic attack and as you start worrying about the next panic attack, it’s the vigilance that creates the next one.

Now, here’s what’s happening in our work: People who are self-regulating and creating these elevated states, we have heart scans of them sustaining heart coherence for a whole hour during a meditation, then at the end of the day, they’re still wearing the monitor, it’s 8 o’clock at night, they’re not even in meditation, and for a whole entire hour they’re in heart coherence.

We say to the woman, “What’s going on here?” She said, “I have no idea. I was just getting ready for bed, and all of a sudden, my heart just swelled up, it was so intense, I had to lie on my back and surrender to love, instead of surrendering to fear.” She had a spontaneous love attack, instead of a spontaneous panic attack.

Now, I would call that the natural state of being. So then, if you’re living by those elevated states and you know how to live the emotion of your future before it happens, you’re less likely to wait for it to happen, because you’ll feel like it already happened. You’re less likely to try to control it. You’ll know that the moment you lose the feeling, you’re just disconnected and you’re going to make your way back.

And when you get good at it, no person, no thing, no experience can take it away from you. Now, you’re empowered, and if you understand the laws of how creation happens, then you’re less likely to compete and rush to get what you want. You’re going to know that it comes to you. And then that’s the model to create.

Lewis Howes:                 Knowing it’s going to come to us at the right time? What if we want it faster?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            You just do it again! But remember, if you’re trying to make it happen faster, you’re back to the old self. The new self would never do that, the new self would constantly stay there. And so, how does it appear? It appears in a way that you can’t expect.

Because, if you can predict it, it’s the known. It’s going to come in a way that you haven’t thought of, an unknown. It’s going to rock your world, it’s going to catch you off guard, it’s going to leave you no doubt. That what you’ve been doing inside of you, that produces some effect outside of you.

And when you correlate what you’ve been doing inside of you with the effect that you produced outside of you, you’re going to pay attention to what you did, and do it again. And the energy, the joy that you feel when it happens, you’re going to use that energy to create again.

Now, people say to me, “I’m this way because of that person and that thing.” I would say to them, “So you mean, then, that person, or that experience or that thing out there is controlling your thoughts and feelings. That means you’re a victim to your environment.”

But when you start choosing your thoughts and your feelings and it produces an effect in your environment, you’re going to change the belief that you’re a victim, consciously, or sub-consciously, to becoming more of a creator of your life.

And now , all of a sudden, you become a creator of your life, you can’t blame anybody. You can’t say, “Oh, that person or that thing,” you have to say, “I’ve got to be greater than that environment and condition. Who, in history, can I study, that had the same challenges? Let me just work that into my rehearsal, so that I can improve,” right?

Just like you’ve done with sports. It’s the same process.

Lewis Howes:                 When do you experience the most love? Personally?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Ooh! That’s a great question! So, it turns out that the signature of the quantum field is greater degrees of oneness and wholeness. So, think about it. When we live in stress, we live in separation, right? Because our senses fool us into believing, “You’re there and I’m here, and everybody is separate from us and everything is separate from us. That’s 3D reality, right?

But as you start opening this centre, when you become nobody, no one, no thing, nowhere, no time, right? That’s the moment that you’re consciousness lines up with the consciousness of the field. That’s when you are totally present.

Now, here’s the deal. If I can get people to believe that, just because they can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, that they can just connect and pay attention to that field, and stay present with it, and become more aware of it, moment after moment after moment. Every interaction with that invisible field, every experience lays down new circuits in their brain for them to perceive more of it.

So then, as they keep their attention on it, they start moving closer and closer to it, so they experience less separation and  more oneness and wholeness. So then, when that happens, there’s a cascade of all kinds of physical and chemical and energetic things that begin to happen.

So, for me, the best way that I can describe that field is as intelligent love. It’s greater levels of order and unity and oneness. And when you strike it, and you hit it, it is the most incredibly electric feeling you will ever have.

It is the most familiar, unfamiliar feeling that you will ever have. You will swear that you are ancient in that moment, and you will connect. And it won’t be just, like, love for your puppy. You will feel it in every single cell of your body, and I mean, like, a vibration, a coherence, where your body becomes electric.

And the only way we can describe that, is love. You taste that one time…

Lewis Howes:                 You want it all the time.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Although, here’s what I say: I always say, the first time it happens, the first time it happened to me, and every time since, when I come back to my senses, I always say the same thing, “Joe Dispenza, you’ve got this all wrong!” Because some veneer, some conditioning is lifted, you start realising that the way you think life is, isn’t that way.

So now, when I’ve had those moments, Lewis, I have said, “There cannot be any more love than this,” until the next experience. I mean, how much is there, right? I mean, you get super humbled.

Lewis Howes:                 When was the last time?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, about five days ago, yeah.

Lewis Howes:                 What was the moment?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            I just had a very profound mystical experience. I was, I’ll tell you the short story.

Lewis Howes:                 And how often does it happen, also?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            I don’t know, I mean, I live for them.

Lewis Howes:                 Yeah, so you try to do it every month, if you can? Weekly?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            No, I just do the meditations and then, when they happen, if I’m just in the right place and I don’t have a plane to catch or an e-mail to answer and I have a little laxity and I can kind of surrender into the moment.

I had this incredible, I don’t know how to describe this, but there is a geometric pattern, like Mandela, I don’t know what it was, and it moved right through my entire body, and it was like, working with me, and with my physical body.

And if I could surrender to it, it was just incredible bliss, I mean incredible, incredible bliss. I don’t know how to describe it. And when that occurs, when it happened to me, my heart was just lit up, like, it wasn’t a physical experience, you know? It was from within.

And here’s the weird thing. Every time it happens, my heart feels alive. It lasts for days. The emotion from the experience lasts for days. And people are, like, “Uh, what’s up with you?” And you’ve just kind of got this big smile on your face.

Lewis Howes:                 Because you’re joyful!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            I just am so happy to be alive! So, I think that, listen, I now know – I mean, we’ve measured genetic changes, hormonal changes, neurotransmitter changes. We’ve measured immune system responses by trading fear for gratitude, we’ve measured gene expressions. We now know that people can signal the gene to reduce cancer and tumours, signal the gene to grow new neurons, we’ve measured this.

Signal the gene for stem-cells to go to damaged tissues and repair them, oxidative stress gene signal.  We’ve seen that in our students. Now, here’s the deal. You have, through all of those studies, in the last six years, you can’t tell me you’re too old to do this work. You can’t tell me that. We’ve got people in their eighties doing miraculous things.

You can’t tel me you’re too sick to do this work. People who were at the end of their life, stage four, and we turn that battleship around. You can’t tell me that you had too turbulent of a past to do this. There are people who had really rough pasts, who are now free.

You can’t tell me you’ve never meditated before. We have people who never meditated before have the most profound mystical experience. You can’t tell me you’re too overweight, too underweight, too out of shape, too in shape. You can’t tell me that any more.

Because all colours, all races, everybody can do it, that’s the cool part about it. And when you get a community of people together, and you move them from one state of mind to another, there’s this moment. And I can almost predict when it happens, the second or third day, when people just start hooking up.

And then, when they start hooking up, when we start seeing, we’re seeing now, on our events, I mean, a lady who was blind from birth, 5% vision, by the end of the event, was seeing. I mean, how do you explain it? We had three people in the last two events that were deaf. They’re hearing, now.

People with crutches, who were limited, who were walking without crutches or canes. Spinal cord injuries, I mean, Parkinson’s disease. I mean, in a week! That’s got to be, I mean, if it doesn’t wake you up to what’s possible, when you’re witnessing a tumour on a woman’s thyroid that was there at the beginning of the event, is gone at the end of the event.

I mean, you’ve got to scratch your head and just go, “Wow, reality isn’t at all the way I think it is.” And so, there’s this humility that comes, and it’s like, “Well, I don’t know anything, but I’m willing to push the envelope a little bit more.”

So, we’re only as good as our ability to execute this, but as we get better at it…

Lewis Howes:                 Consistency, too, yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Consistency, I’m all about consistency, and I’ll be the first guy to say, “Do the blood test, do the scan, let’s do the test to make sure that it’s not just in your mind. It’s in your brain.” So that the evidence then supports it, the testimonials support it, and, all of a sudden now, people are beginning to wake up to what’s possible.

And just like the four minute mile. The four minute mile was broken and once it was broken, everyone did it. So, what we’re seeing now, is the same thing. We’ve pierced a veil, and people are just all in. They’re not 50% in, they’re all in, and my goodness, we’re creating this kind of wake, and momentum.

But not just for healing, but for creating new jobs and new relationships, new opportunities.

Lewis Howes:                 Abundance, yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Whatever it is that they want. People come to the work for all kinds of reasons, and I don’t really care, but by the time the start doing the work, all they really want to do is give. Because when you feel so amazing and you feel so great about yourself, that you no longer want anything, the first thing you want to do is give.

I mean, when we see that brain scan moving into coherence, and those two hemispheres come together, and, all of a sudden we see that heart just start going, boom, boom, very orderly, and there’s more energy going into the brain, the brain goes into super coherence, you can walk around and look at that person who’s getting a brain scan, and there are tears of joy rolling down her face.

She’s feeling so whole, that it’s impossible to want. How can you want when you’re whole.

Lewis Howes:                 You don’t need anything.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            You feel like you have it already. That’s the moment the magic happens! So she is no longer creating from lack and duality and separation, scarcity. She’s feeling like it already happened and that’s a very profound signal in the field. That’s dropping a big stone in the water and producing some big waves.

Lewis Howes:                 Because it’s starting to manifest, you’re attracting synchronicity, everything.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            That’s right, now she’s drawing it to her. So then, if you’re doing that, to answer your original question, if you keep practicing that, then you’ve got to get up and maintain that modified state of mind and body your entire day. And it’s just a practice. And as you do that and you start seeing all the fun things happening, it’s not like, “Ugh, I got to go create my life to day.” You’re like, “I gotta go! Because I don’t want the magic to stop!”

So, I just do it because I love the crazy, wonderful things that happen that I would just never anticipate in my life. And so, people are catching on to it, and they start coming for one reason, you know, they want money, or they want their health. But it’s not about your money. It’s not about your health, it’s not about your new relationship, it’s not even about the mystical moment.

It’s about who you become in the process. Because, overcoming all those limitations to become somebody else, nobody can take that away from you.

Lewis Howes:                 Wow! And do you feel like you answered those questions, for yourself? Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, I think so.

Lewis Howes:                 Or are those questions you still haven’t answered?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            No, I mean, it’s not that there’s questions that I still haven’t answered, it’s just that I’m always changing my answers. Because even my definition of surrender, just from six months ago, is not even close to the same definition that I have today.

Lewis Howes:                 What’s the definition now?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, surrender, I mean, it’s just greater degrees of letting go and trusting. Like when my world is going sideways, and my staff is just freaking out, I’m always like, “Oh, I’m just going to let go. I’m not going to control anything.”

Like, “What! The ship is sinking!” But I’ve got to go against the chemicals and I’ve got to trust.

Lewis Howes:                 Yeah, because if you’re going to stress in that moment, and have anxiety, you’re going to create more of that.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Oh, you’re going to make things worse. So, I just let go all the way. All the way. And you’ve got to lay down the very thing you used, your whole life, to get what you want, for something greater to occur. And that’s not one bite. That’s not one leap. Yeah, it’s a practice.

And so, it’s letting go a little bit more, and trusting. If you over surrender, that’s lazy, and lethargic. If you over intend, that’s trying and forcing. So there’s this razor’s edge between intention and surrender, right?

You’ve got to be able to…

Lewis Howes:                 You’ve got to take action.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Right, but you don’t want to get in the way, right? And so, that’s just a lot of trial and error, but you figure it out, right?

Lewis Howes:                 What do you feel like your mission is right now, then?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Wow! So, for me, right now, my passion is these week-long events.

Lewis Howes:                 How many do you do a year?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            We do about ten or just a little less than once a month, around the world, and it’s usually about a thousand people. And now, what we’re doing is, we’re doing this whole other level. We’re doing two very cool things.

One is a challenge activity. And what I want to do is, we now know that our students can create a lot of brain and heart coherence, but they can do it with their eyes closed, in a room with a thousand people and soft music playing, and feel safe.

But, now, let’s get them in a situation where they would normally listen to fear or some emotion.

Lewis Howes:                 Get them in the real world.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Get them in the real world, and get them up somewhere where they’re feeling a little uncomfortable, or they’re being challenged through endurance, and let’s see some brain/heart coherence, right on the spot.

Like, “This is the moment. This is your life. You’ve got to be able to do this right now. You can’t say, ‘I can’t, it’s too hard. I can’t do this, I’ll start tomorrow. I don’t want to.’ That’s not the moment. That’s what you do in your life. Let’s put you there, and instead of just white knuckling and pushing it through, let’s get really conscious.”

Lewis Howes:                 Surrender.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            “Let’s get really present. Let’s create that heart and brain coherence, and let’s work it.” And then make the move when you’re in that state. Rhythm within resistance, create that kind of coherence.

And I was just at the HeartMath Institute, who we partner with, and Doc Childre showed me, the guy who created HeartMath, he said, “It’s all about rhythm through resistance. It’s about that ability to create that kind of internal order when there’s chaos going on around you.”

So, what’s the relevance of that? A person who’s going through a challenge activity that’s a huge obstacle course, and they have the belief that they have a spinal cord injury, or they have MS, or Parkinson’s Disease, and they never try anything in their life, and we got them up there. And there’s people rooting for them, and they’re in that state and they’re in that hear coherence.

And they go through that whole course, and they’ve overcome, they’re going to walk back into their life and whatever challenges that they have, they’re going to be, like, …

Lewis Howes:                 “This is nothing.”

Dr Joe Dispenza:            “This is nothing, I mean, I just reset the scale.” And the other thing is that if people move past where they normally can go, there’s a liberation of energy, and that’s a available energy that just need to be organised, and so they start organising that energy, then they’re doing magic!

The other thing that we’re working on is non-local healing, which we call, ‘the cage’, where a person can lie down, with a health condition. We get eight people around them, we teach them about energetic coherence, we talk to them about the science, that it’s not matter that emits a field, it’s the field that creates matter, change the field, you change matter.

We give them the science and the understanding, and then we let them go. And we have seen all kinds of healings take place, in, like, ten minutes. How do you explain that? How do you explain a person lying there, who isn’t even being touched, and their entire body is moving in all these different directions, with energy? And it’s incredible.

So, I want to develop that. Why? I want to get so good at that, Lewis , that 50% of those people who are lying down, get up healed. We’re going to walk into a city whe we do  a week long event. We’re going to call the nearest hospital, and we’re going to say, “Send the kids with cancer down.”

We’re going to change futures. And man! You talk about opening your heart, but if you think you open your heart, but when you get an opportunity to give and these people have been working all week long. When it comes time to heal, they’re not saying, “Oh, my back hurts.” They’re not saying, “How long is this going to go? Am I doing it right?”

Lewis Howes:                 That’s right, they transformed someone’s life, yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            They left those attitudes on Monday! This is Friday, this is Saturday! They’re hooked, they’ve been connecting to the field all week long. They’re not in their analytical mind, they’re beyond their body. They know how to get beyond their environment, they know how to get beyond time.

So, when it comes time to execute, they’ve been practicing all week. They’ve been in camp, they’ve been practicing. So you get a group of people doing that together and, all of a sudden – we’ve measured the energy of the room, and the energy always goes up, always goes up. And that’s available energy to heal. That’s available energy to do the mystical.

So, I just want to get consistent, and I want to get really good at it. And it’s not about me.

Lewis Howes:                 You’re not good at it yet?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, we were making great changes, unbelievable changes in people’s health. But, before I step out into the world and say, “Let’s go to the children’s hospital in Toronto, and let’s call up the oncologist there and say, ‘Hey, we’ll never touch the kids, we’ll just lie them down and we’ll just be half an hour, they’ll just be lying on the ground, and then we’ll be done.’” I want to be good enough that when we do do it, that we’re going to execute an outcome.

And, that way, we’re beyond reproach. It’s no longer a bunch of spiritualists doing this. Well, there’s a science behind this, and we now know it.

Lewis Howes:                 Yeah, thousands of cases.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, we’ve got tons of cases now, but I don’t know the statistics. We’re going to start doing the statistics now, and we’re going to start tracking those changes. So then I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, “Oh, yeah, we’re at 30%. Last three events we had 30% remission.”

Not just, like, it goes away for a little bit, but it goes away and stays away. And some people go into the healing cage for their knee problems and they come out hearing better. That just happened to a guy the other day.

He had bad knees, and he went in to get his knees healed, but he didn’t think about his hearing problem, he got bit by a poisonous snake when he was, like, a three-year-old kid, and always had hearing problems, wears hearing aids, the whole bit. He comes out of the [cage], he said he’d never felt that amount of love in his entire life.

And that’s the common thing that people say. The woman who got her vision back, that’s not what she talked about. She didn’t talk about the fact that she could see. All she kept saying was, “I feel like a child again. I feel like a baby again. I feel fresh, I feel like I’m newborn! I feel clean.”

She kept talking about how she felt. Then she said, “Oh, yeah! And I can see faces now,” and there were these two big flower arrangements on the stage. And she said, “I thought those were guards, guarding Dr Joe the whole week.” She couldn’t even see the flowers, she just saw the form, and she goes, “I can see the flowers, now.”

But the first thing was how they felt, and him the same way. He said, “I was sobbing. I never felt so much love in my life! It wasn’t like I was trying to feel it, it just happened.” And he says, “And then i got up, and all of a sudden I could hear Dr Joe talking, without my hearing aids.” And it was just kind of like, “I guess y knees are a little better, but my hearing’s a lot better!”

So you never know, you never know!

Lewis Howes:                 Everyone’s got to get in the cage.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            In the cage, yeah.

Lewis Howes:                 I’d like to give people a challenge. I’m curious, and I want everyone listening, for the next seven days to try something. And if you could give one to three different things that we could think differently, or eliminate, when a thought comes to us, or we react in a certain way.

If there’s something you think, that, if we eliminate it, one, two or three things, and we did this every day, we would start to see incredible feelings, differently, we’d feel healthier, more lively, more loved, what would be those few things.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, most people, first of all, number one, they get up in the morning, and the first thing they do is they think about the problems in their life. And those problems are memories from the past, so the moment they think about their problems, they’re thinking in the past.

Every one of those problems has an emotion attached to them, so they start feeling unhappy, or unworthy, or whatever, and how you think and how you feel is your state of being so, most people’s entire state of being is in the past when they start the day. So, from the familiar past, they’re going to live in the predictable future, right?

So they get up and they check their cellphone, they check their text, their WhatsApp, their Facebook, they post something on Facebook, they tweet, check Twitter, check the news. Then they go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, take a shower, get dressed, check more e-mails, drive to work the same way, do the same thing.

So, they’re in a program. They’ve actually lost their free will to the program. So, if you start your day, and you start your day with this simple question: “What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?” You ask yourself that question.

Now, listen, your body is going to go, like, “Well, you’ve got to get a cup of coffee.”

Lewis Howes:                 “I’m tired.”

Dr Joe Dispenza:            “I’m tired,” yeah, and you’ve got to go, “Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! Body, you’re not the mind, I’m the mind right now. You’re going to sit here, I’m going to feed you, you’re going to get your coffee, you’re going to do all those things, but right now, this is my time and you’re going to obey me,” right?

So, now, the body is no longer the mind, you’re the mind. And so, once you get up and you become aware of it and return back to the present moment, every time you do that, it’s a victory. And you’re changing something, an aspect of yourself.

So then, ask yourself, I do this all the time, “Write down four thoughts that you’re going to stay conscious of the whole day.”

“I can’t, it’s too hard.” You’d be surprised! The moment you become conscious of what those thoughts are, how unconscious you’ve been to them, all day long for weeks on end. Write down how you speak, how you speak. Four things you want to change.

How you act. How do you act? Do you complain? Do you blame? Do you make excuses, feel sorry for yourself? That’s a victim consciousness. What emotions do you live by? Is it possible you’re so used to living by guilt you don’t even know it’s guilt, it just feels like you?

Do you allow your energy to drop? Become conscious of those states of mind and body and review them, and say, “This is the old self.” Then say, “What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain?” And start firing and wiring, and start feeling it.

What behaviours will I demonstrate today? What choices will I make? One day, one lifetime. And just like you did, rehearse them. Rehearse the whole entire thing. Begin to install the neurological hardware in your brain. And if you keep installing it, the hardware is going to become a software program and you’re going to start thinking and acting that way.

And then, here’s the tough part, can you teach your body, emotionally, what your future’s going to feel like, before it’s made manifest. And don’t get up until you feel that way. Now, practice that for a few days, and then see if you can stay in that state and watch, all of a sudden, those weird doors start opening for you.

Lewis Howes:                 Synchronicities.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Synchronicities, whatever they are. Number two, take time at the end of your day, the end of your day, before you lie down, and give thanks for your life, and feel gratitude. And really teach your body what it feels like. The emotional signature of gratitude, when gratitude means you’re getting something.

If I give you something that’s of value, you would say thank you because you would feel it, right? So when you’re receiving, you’re giving thanks. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. So then, people only accept, believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to their emotional state.

So, if you’re in a state of gratitude, every thought is going to make it right down into your body. If you say, “I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, I’m wealthy, I’m wealthy!” and your body is programmed for negativity, it’s saying, “No, you’re not,” and that thought is going to stop right here.

So, you elevate your state. There are about twelve hundred different chemical reactions that to in the body that begin to restore and repair the body in a state of gratitude. And so, we’ve done the research to prove that.

Ten minutes. And just feel it, with all of your heart. That’s it!

The third thing, and very important, take time, whenever it is, sit down and close your eyes, and begin to just open your awareness to the space around you and just sense it, and pay attention to it, and become more aware of it.

The act of opening your awareness, begins to reduce the stress hormones and creates more coherent brainwave states. I’m doing it right now. It’s just a practice, it’s just a practice. And the more you do it, the better you get at it.

Lewis Howes:                 Yeah. Who’s been your greatest teacher?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Ooh! Life! No doubt about it. I believe that life is our initiation. I do my best to see my life as a reflection of my mind, and I think that life is our greatest teacher.

Lewis Howes:                 A reflection of your mind is essentially, like what you’ve created, is a reflection of how you have been thinking.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Lewis Howes:                 So, if you’re showing up sick, physically, then that’s what you’ve created in your mind?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Look, I don’t believe that germs make me sick. I believe I make me sick. I do!  I mean, there’s no germs with my name on it, out there. I mean, they’re called opportunistic bacteria, because they’re waiting for an opportunity, for your immune system to be compromised.

And so, for me, personally, I ask myself this question every day, “At what point do I stop believing that I create my life? What is that point?” So, I’m always pushing that envelope a little more. So, for me, I think life is our initiation.We don’t need to go to any ancient school of wisdom in the Himalayas.

Life is our initiation, and when you meet the challenges in your life, from a greater level of mind, you’re going to begin to move through those initiations. And what is the side effect of that? Wisdom. And that’s what we take with us.

Lewis Howes:                 Yeah.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            It’s being wise.

Lewis Howes:                 Powerful! Wow! How can we connect with you online and go to your events? What’s the best place to go to?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            So, my website is just, and there’s a ton of resources there. We have an online progressive course, now. I don’t teach those courses any more, because my interest is in the week-longs.

So for people who come to a week-long, they do a home study course where they get the basics, they understand what we’re doing. It’s about 23 hours, they can do it in however long they want.

And then, with that comes another study course and when they’ve done that they can come to a week-long and join in with a community of people who are all about passion and the unknown.

Lewis Howes:                 Amazing! When’s the next event?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Well, the next event, the next week-long, is in Toronto, September 1st through 7th, and it’s pretty close to sold out. And then we’ll be in Australia in October. And the the UK in November, and then Cancun, and Moscow in December.

And then I got more, I’ve got a couple of events that I’m doing here and there, other things, yeah.

Lewis Howes:                 Amazing! A couple of final questions for you: This one’s called The Three Truths, that I ask everyone at the end. If you imagine it’s your last day, many years from now, and you’ve achieved, or created, or been anything you wanted to do. You’ve done it all.

Everything you can think of, it’s happened, you’ve created it, books, events, whatever you want to do, heal the world, you’ve done it all. But, for whatever reason, you’ve got to take everything with you, all your writings, your research, materials, videos, events. It’s not available for anyone to have any more.

But you have a piece of paper and you need to write down everything you know to be true, about your life, or the lessons that you would leave behind. And these are the only lessons that they would have access to.

What would you say are your Three Truths?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Ooh! Wow! Number one is that the divine lives in every human being, and that we have to make an effort to connect with it every day. And when we do, it answers the call in ways that we would just never anticipate. I know that to be the truth. And that nobody is so special to be excluded from that phenomenon.

Number two, is that we are the creators of our lives, and not the victims of our lives, and that, taking time in your life to invest in yourself, is to invest in the future. And when you invest in yourself, you invest in your future, and when you believe in yourself, you believe in possibility.

And I think that everybody secretly believes in themselves, and so, taking time to understand that we are just works in progress and to find time to forgive ourselves and forgive others and start fresh, this is the next day, is a blessing, is a blessing.

And finally, I think that it’s not our purpose in life to be popular or successful or beautiful or intelligent. Our purpose in life is to remove those blocks, those veils, those limitations that stand in the way between us and that divine intelligence.

And when we do, it begins to make it’s way through us and we become more like it, we become more loving. It is a loving intelligence. We become more giving, it’s a giver of life; we become more conscious, it’s a consciousness; we become more mindful, it has an infinite mind; we become more wilful, it has an amazing will.

It’s nature becomes our nature, it’s mind becomes our mind, and then we don’t have to try to be liked or try to be important or try to be recognised, we’re just happy for no reason at all. And I think that is the natural state of being.

And I think that we innately know that, on some level.

Lewis Howes:                 Those are great truths!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Thank you, thank you.

Lewis Howes:                 Before I ask the final question, I want to acknowledge you for a moment, Joe, for constantly pushing the envelope on what’s possible and constantly learning and growing and researching, so that you can continue to help so many people in the world overcome pain, overcome stress, overcome disease, anything that’s holding us back.

And I really acknowledge the work that you’re doing, because I think it’s awakening so many people to what they thought was possible and were limited to, to what is now actually possible in their lives. And I acknowledge you for that.

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Thank you.

Lewis Howes:                 I appreciate it. And I’d love to have you come back on sometime in the future, but, for now, I think that’s going to blow people’s minds. I was extremely inspired by everything you said.

So, the final question is: What is your definition of greatness?

Dr Joe Dispenza:            Greatness. My definition of greatness is to be greater than your environment, to be greater than your body, and to be greater than time. And if you do, you will be great. I mean, that is it!

Lewis Howes:                 Thank you, man! Appreciate it!

Dr Joe Dispenza:            You’re welcome.

Lewis Howes:                 That was great!  Thank you.

Lewis Howes:                 There you have it, my friends! Heal your body with your mind, with Dr Joe Dispenza. Make sure to share this with your friends, Take a screenshot, tag me on Instagram, tag Dr Joe Dispenza, put it on Twitter and Facebook and all those places online.

We want to get this out far and wide, to help anyone you might know who has got something stuck in their life, emotionally, physically. Send this to them! Send them an e-mail, send them a text, let them know about this episode, because I believe this will help heal and inspire so many people. If you enjoyed it, then share it with a friend and continue to spread the message of greatness.

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Again, Jack Cornfield said, “Wisdom says we are nothing, love says we are everything, between these two our life flows.”

I hope you enjoyed this one. Just know that you have the power to change your life at any moment, when you continue to think differently, feel differently and act differently in your life.

I love you, and you know what time it is: It’s time to go out there and do something great!

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