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Dr. Drew

The Psychology of Healing Addiction and Trauma

If you've loved someone who has suffered from addiction or trauma - or if you are someone - today's episode is going to mean a lot.

As someone who has experienced childhood sexual abuse myself, I’m still learning the best ways to heal and become whole from this.

So when I got the chance to meet THE Dr. Drew from TV shows like Celebrity Rehab and radio shows like Loveline, I jumped at the chance.

Even if you’ve never seen the many shows Dr. Drew Pinsky has appeared on over the last 30 years, it doesn’t matter.

Within the first few minutes of listening to our conversation on The School of Greatness you’ll be hanging on every word.

“Nothing matters but the important relationships in your life.”  

Dr. Drew has spent his entire medical career working with patients who are specifically struggling with these kinds of tough issues and he’s a gold mine of information about them.

He’s also extremely experienced in radio, TV, and podcasting, so he delivered a great interview.

One of the things I was most touched about Dr. Drew, however, was how genuine his desire to help people is. He absolutely loves what he does, he is one of the busiest and most productive men I know, and I was left with no doubt as to why he’s been so successful in his career.

I hope you share this one with anyone in your life who you know has struggled with these issues. We need all the help we can get.

Much love to you and Dr. Drew for sharing his wisdom in Episode 419.

“Greatness is an individual measure.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was it like to raise triplets? (3:43)
  • What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the human experience from your work? (14:50)
  • What part of health should we be focusing on if we feel held back? (16:13)
  • Would you say our closest relationships affect our body the most or is our relationship with ourselves more impactful? (17:22)
  • What is the root of addiction? (20:31)
  • How many peak performers do you think have addictive personalities? (25:42)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Dr. Drew’s best advice on picking a fulfilling career (8:18)
  • Why the AIDS epidemic got him into doing mainstream media (9:55)
  • Why being heard is the first step to someone healing from trauma or addiction (19:14)
  • Why recovering from trauma takes so long (22:26)
  • The science behind how addiction works and why it has survived in the gene pool for so long (23:46)
  • Whether emotional or sexual abuse is more traumatic and the best ways to heal from them (26:27)
  • Why Dr. Drew doesn’t like the idea of anger management (29:08)
  • The aspect of trauma that keeps us going back to that situation for more (33:57)
  • The number one daily ritual Dr. Drew recommends to everyone (35:28)
  • Why Dr. Drew has devoted so much of his career to the media (42:53)
  • Plus much more…
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