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Lewis Howes

73 Questions


Be open.

Be honest.

Let other people in.

Too often we keep up walls and try to hide who we really are.

But when you are vulnerable and transparent, amazing things can happen.

My friend Matt joins me in the Tesla for this episode of The School of Greatness to ask me 73 questions.

I answer them all.

Instead of “Coffee Conversations,” this is “Tesla Talks.”

“The ability to dream and visualize a future I want to create for myself has been the greatest gift I have received.” @LewisHowes  

Matt asks me some silly questions, but we also get deep about my goals.

I share a dark dream I had about my greatest fear, I talk about the scariest moment of my life, and the one question I wish I got asked more.

We had a lot of fun- I hope you enjoy it!

So get ready to know 73 new things about me on Episode 833.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” - Theodore Roosevelt  

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • My greatest fear (16:00)
  • My secret talent (23:02) 
  • My most-used emoji (29:30) 
  • What I would do if I weren’t doing what I do now (33:50) 
  • My career high point (39:20)
  • Plus much more…
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Transcript of this Episode

LEWIS HOWES: This is episode number 833, 73 Questions with me, Lewis Howes.




LEWIS HOWES: Welcome to the School of Greatness. My name is Lewis Howes, former pro athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Each week, we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let the class begin.




LEWIS HOWES: Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” Welcome to a special episode today where—I’m excited to change up the format a bit and sit down with my good friend and COO, Matt Cesaratto, as he asks me 73 Questions that I answer as quickly and as openly as possible. I thought it would be fun for me to step away from the business side of me and share a little bit more about my personal life. In this interview, I talk about some of my favourite things and guilty pleasures, about the things that make me a better person, the best advice I’ve ever received, about my routines, and what I do when no one is around, and the biggest misconception about me. So I’m excited for you to hear these 73 Questions. I was inspired by a few people that I saw do this online and thought I would try this myself and see what you thought about it.


So let me know what you think, send me a message on Instagram, as always. If this is your first time here, please leave a review over on Apple podcast and share your thoughts. If you want me to do more of these personal types of episodes then just send me a direct message or tag me on your Instagram story and let me know as well if this is helpful for you in support to your journey.


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Again, a big thank you to our sponsors and now let’s dive in to 73 Questions with me.




LEWIS HOWES: We’re recording. this is Tesla Talks, cheers. Coffee conversations in the Tesla. We’ve got Caesar in the house, we’ve got Tiffany recording.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible]


LEWIS HOWES: You got the [inaudible], we got—


MATT CESARATTO: We gotta get them [inaudible]


LEWIS HOWES: We should get them to sponsor. I used to have a car, I still have it— it’s a 1991 Cadillac Eldorado, and we did something called Cadillac Confessions a couple years ago. But I haven’t been in the car in a year and a half. I got this Tesla, it’s been amazing. So now we’re calling this Tesla Talks. We’re going to do an experiment. We’re going to do a 73 Questions inspired by Vogue, and then I saw The Skinny Confidential do this on their podcast and they’ve got amazing results so I thought we would do this as well. We actually recorded this another time and we lost the audio, so guys are getting a round two. We’ve changed a few of the questions, and I can’t remember what they were because it was a month ago.


MATT CESARATTO: It’s kind of sad. For those who don’t know, Cadillac Confessions—just a little backstory on that Cadillac and how you got that model ‘91 Eldorado—[forest green?].


LEWIS HOWES: My mentor—when I moved to LA seven years ago, I needed a car. And my mentor, his mentor just passed away, and he acquired this car from his mentor. It was a big inspiration for him. He was driving the car for a bit but then he had a couple of other cars himself, and he wasn’t driving that much. I asked if I could buy it from him. I bought it for $4000. Right when I brought it back from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, I remember day one, someone offered me $15000 for it. I was like, “Wow. Should I sell it or keep [inaudible]—


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible], was it at a car wash?


LEWIS HOWES: It’s at the car wash, man. I washed it right away because I was excited.


MATT CESARATTO: And smoking a cigar.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. And he was like, “I’ll give you 15 grand with that right now.” And I turned it down. I was like, “Nah. I need a car and it’s sentimental, so.” Anyways, I still have the car, but now we got the Tesla, so. It’s been an amazing experience. Been with this Tesla the last year and a half. This thing drives itself pretty much, it’s really cool, so. Anyways, we’ve got 73 Questions we’re going to run through. I’m going to answer them as honest and open as possible. Matt’s got the questions right here.


MATT CESARATTO: We’re going to do it fast, rapid fire as much as possible. Tesla Talks, here we go. Number 1, what is your favourite food?


LEWIS HOWES: Favorite food would be—first thing that came to mind was Smokin’ Joe’s pizza. Pepperoni pizza, in Columbus, Ohio.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] life.


LEWIS HOWES: So good. I love pizza and steak, but I’m starting to get into salads, which I never ate salad before. Sweet Greens nearby




LEWIS HOWES: I’ve never had salads until a few years ago, and now I love—


MATT CESARATTO: Remember you used to eat in college. [inaudible].


LEWIS HOWES: We used to eat…




LEWIS HOWES: Bratwurst every single day with hot pockets and cookie dough. That was our diet.


MATT CESARATTO: Unbelievable.


LEWIS HOWES: We would cook bratwurst. We had a little mini Foreman grill [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: We stayed so fit, and now I take so much work to stay fit. [inaudible] eating clean.


LEWIS HOWES: Now we’re doing a 30 day, 5:00 a.m. workout challenge.


MATT CESARATTO: There is boot camp. [Shoutout?].


LEWIS HOWES: There is boot camp. West Hollywood. It’s taken a while to get back to where we were, but we’re getting there, slow but sure.


MATT CESARATTO: We’re getting there. All right. Number 2, what is your guilty pleasure?


LEWIS HOWES: First thing that come in my mind is Netflix specials. I love binge-watching Netflix specials. I just saw Black Mirror. That was good. That was three episodes that just came out. But any good special series. I just watched Hanna on Amazon Prime, and then any good series on Netflix, I love bingeing.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s funny. I can tell when you’re super tired in the morning, it’s usually because you—


LEWIS HOWES: Because I’ve been up until 4:00 a.m. bingeing Netflix. But once I get obsessed about something, it’s like you cannot break me from doing it. I will do it even if I lose sleep.


MATT CESARATTO:Yep. Here we go, number 3, what’s your favourite dessert?


LEWIS HOWES: God, I love gelato. Just like a creamy, rich, sugary gelato.


MATT CESARATTO: What’s your favourite flavour?


LEWIS HOWES: Oh, gosh. Stracciatella with tiramisu.




LEWIS HOWES: The mixture of the two. It’s amazing, dude. When you get the right creaminess, it just like, melts in your mouth. It’s so good.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. All right, what’s your least favourite food?


LEWIS HOWES: Fruit. Fruit and berries and—


MATT CESARATTO: Berries, I was waiting for it.




MATT CESARATTO: That’s so weird that you don’t like berries.


LEWIS HOWES: I want to barf when I smell a berry. [inaudible] berry in my face and I’ll throw up on you. I don’t like fruit. I only like apples and bananas, but have to be the perfect texture and ripeness. And I cannot have bananas unless it’s in its form of peels. You got to peel it. I can’t eat it if it’s cut up or mushed up. I can have it if it’s blended and I can’t taste the chunks, but otherwise I can’t eat it. 




LEWIS HOWES: It’s weird. I got a weird thing with food.


MATT CESARATTO: All right. It’s 4:00 a.m. on a Saturday, what do you eat?


LEWIS HOWES: 4:00 a.m. on a Saturday. The first thing that came to my mind was back in Columbus, Ohio when I’d stayed up ‘til 4:00 a.m. I would have a gyro on the street corner after going to— 


MATT CESARATTO: I don’t know why I get the giggles [inaudible].


LEWIS HOWES: What are those night clubs—I’d go to one of the clubs and I would never drink anything, because I’ve never been drunk in my life, but I’d be dancing all night by myself, and then I would walk back to my apartment.


MATT CESARATTO: This is all true.


LEWIS HOWES: My $495 apartment by myself, and I would walk back, and there would be a street meat gyro guy that I would get every weekend. I would see the same guy, Omar, the gyro man, and he would make me extra meat. I would crush those gyros, I love them. It’s probably the worst thing for me, but man, it was so good.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh my goodness.


LEWIS HOWES: You’re getting some stories out of me now.


MATT CESARATTO: That is funny.


LEWIS HOWES: Shoutout to Omar, the gyro guy.


MATT CESARATTO: Omar the gyro guy, all right. All right, number 6, it’s your last meal on earth, what are you eating?


LEWIS HOWES: Gosh, what did I say the last time? I think I would—didn’t I—


MATT CESARATTO: Oh, last time—for those who don’t know, we’ve already done this.


LEWIS HOWES: What did I say—I wonder my what answer [inaudible] different the last time. I think I said I wouldn’t have anything so I wouldn’t fart or something like that. So it would be easy on the way out. So I wouldn’t have an upset stomach my last night.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh my gosh, I don’t remember that [inaudible], do you remember?


LEWIS HOWES: I can’t remember. I think I would have—maybe I was just fast and say, “I’ve eaten enough.”


MATT CESARATTO: I think you did say that or maybe you said something like, “sugar fish”


LEWIS HOWES: Oh, sugar fish sounds so


MATT CESARATTO: You know, to keep it light so you feel great.


LEWIS HOWES: Oh yeah, on the way out so I’m clean.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeha, so you don’t feel heavy.


LEWIS HOWES: Sugar fish [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: I do recall that now that you’re…yeah.


LEWIS HOWES: I might’ve said, like, “Yeah, nothing.” I just want to be light and lean on the way out. Make it easy for people when they have to do the—bury me.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible]. I don’t think that’s much of a worry but that’s good. So what is it? What is your last meal? It has to be something.


LEWIS HOWES: Just a milkshake. 


MATT CESARATTO: Just a milkshake?


LEWIS HOWES: Just a giant milkshake and a pepperoni pizza. That would be pretty good.


MATT CESARATTO: There you go, all right.


LEWIS HOWES: And some bacon. Throw it in there.


MATT CESARATTO: Throw some bacon. Now we’re cooking [inaudible]


LEWIS HOWES: Maybe some Pig Out chips which are pigless bacon chips. Shout out to Pig Out, it would’ve been [inaudible] mushroom. I’d snack a few of those. I’d put them on the pepperoni pizza, I put some pigless bacon chips on top of it so I wouldn’t feel as guilty.


MATT CESARATTO: But for everybody listening, you would have actual bacon.




MATT CESARATTO: Oh, we got a call coming in?




MATT CESARATTO: Oh, actually.


LEWIS HOWES: Call life.


MATT CESARATTO: Call life, friend.


LEWIS HOWES: Chris, you’re on speakerphone and you’re in the middle of a podcast recording. We’re doing a thing at 73 Questions so I’m going to have you—if you can ask me any question that you would want my audience to know—something, anything at all. It can be simple, quirky, or fun. What’s a question you would ask me?


CHRIS LEE: What is something that you do when no one’s looking?




LEWIS HOWES: Like when no one’s actually looking at me or just behind the scenes?


CHRIS LEE: Like, when you’re alone. You know, we all do things that we do that no one sees that we like to do. What’s something that you’ll do when no one’s looking?


LEWIS HOWES I think I like to dream a lot. I like to dream a lot and visualize and plan things that I’d never talk about. Because I’m always scheming in my mind the next step of what my life will look like and how I’m going to manifest it to make it happen. I’m always playing a game in my mind. So that’s something that I do when no one’s looking.


CHRIS LEE: I have another question.


LEWIS HOWES: Go ahead.


CHRIS LEE: What’s the guilty pleasure that you have that no one would know about you?


MATT CESARATTO: It’s funny, but that was actually question number 2.


LEWIS HOWES: Chris, it’s Matt.


MATT CESARATTO: Good to hear from you , man.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, I’d just—



LEWIS HOWES: I’ll do another guilty pleasure. I’ve been pretty good lately, I’ve been pretty clean and going to bed at 10 o’clock, getting up early, working out, eating well.


CHRIS LEE: Yeah, but it could be something that’s simple as like a guilty pleasure I have. I’m addicted to I Love Lucy. Like people would never know that about me.


LEWIS HOWES: Ahh. Uh-huh.




CHRIS LEE: I love I Love Lucy.


LEWIS HOWES: Okay, I show that I used to love and would go back home early just to make sure I didn’t miss was Glee. A big fan of—


CHRIS LEE: Oh my god, that’s great.


LEWIS HOWES: A big fan of Glee, of singing and dancing shows. Or anything with singing and dancing in it, I’m a huge fan of it.


CHRIS LEE: That makes two of us because I’m an addict to that.


LEWIS HOWES: There you go, there you go. Awesome. I’m going to call you back later, but we’re going to leave this in the podcast. I appreciate you.


CHRIS LEE: Okay, cool. I love you.


LEWIS HOWES: Love you, too. I’ll talk to you later. All right, so that was a couple of questions.


MATT CESARATTO: Very good, we had repeated 2: guilty pleasure. So we got two guilty pleasures for the price of one, I love it. All right, here we go, question number 7: what is something you know that no one else knows?


LEWIS HOWES: Maybe an idea in my mind that no one’s thought of that—of what I would want to do in the future, but that’s the only thing. I think everything else in the world, people know about already so there’s nothing that I know that no one else knows except for how I feel about myself and how I feel and think about other people. So what’s happening in my thoughts and in my emotions, no one else actually knows what I’ve gone through or what I’ve experienced, what I’m thinking unless I express it.


MATT CESARATTO: Well, let’s take that down that road. Like what women want. Remember that movie with Mel Gibson where he could hear everything people were thinking. What’s something—I know Chris Lee touched on it but I don’t know, something that you know or do that no one else knows.


LEWIS HOWES: I think I know that I’m going to be building something massive, even bigger than what it is right now. I just did this interview with Mark Sison. At 61 years old, he launched a brand within his personal brand that then 4 years later he sold for $200 million. And he was a great example and reminder that everything you’re doing now is leading up to something bigger in your life later. It may not make sense in the moment, but it’ll always make sense later. Like he didn’t know all these skills that he acquired for 61 years of his life, that’s when it was going to hit for him. I think I know that something big is building right now for something greater later. I don’t think anyone else—maybe there’s some other people who are like, “Yeah, you’re destined to do something big and I see big things for you, but I really see some magical, big things in the future happening. It’s just a matter of when.”


MATT CESARATTO: All right. I like that [inaudible]. Number 8, how do you describe yourself?


LEWIS HOWES: Loving, passionate, wise, humble, serving, giving man.


MATT CESARATTO: Yes, you are.


LEWIS HOWES: Thank you, I know.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. Number 9, funniest thing you have read about yourself?


LEWIS HOWES: Well. I’ve actually been laughing a lot lately because I’m in a new relationship. Yanet, she has over 10 million fans on Instagram. When she posted something about us together, it’s hilarious. The thousands of comments of people, like these little teenage boys or whatever saying funny stuff about me. They have no clue who I am. So I just laugh about it all. There’s nothing specific that’s coming out, but every few days there’s always something funny that someone says online.


MATT CESARATTO: Number 10, what’s your biggest fear?


LEWIS HOWES: Biggest fear would be dying with regret. I just feel like there’s a lot of people that don’t do what they want to do, or at least don’t try to go after what they want to do. And then they always upset about it later in life. They’re upset and they wish they would have done something that they didn’t do whether it’s go for their dream or they—a lot of families break up and they wish they would’ve just forgiven people in their family and moved on. Or wished they had travelled more. So I just want to make sure I don’t. I’m afraid of regretting something. I know I’m going to make mistakes in my future. I’m going to go mess up. I think that’s part of life and growing. But I think as long as I always clear with myself, take ownership, responsibility for my life, apologizing to people I might have hurt whether deliberately or on accident and just really own my life and then I could feel good at the end of the day, so.


MATT CESARATTO: All right, I love it. Can you do any impressions?


LEWIS HOWES: [What did I do?] the last time, the lion? [SINGS] That’s the lion from Lion King. That’s about the only thing I can think of.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s fantastic.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, there you go. 


MATT CESARATTO: There you go. Number 12. What is—


LEWIS HOWES: That’s not from The Lion King, that’s from The Wizard of Oz. 


MATT CESARATTO: Wizard of Oz. Yeah. The lion. All right, number 12: what advice would you give your 10-year-old self?


LEWIS HOWES: Ooh, lots of advice. I would say take it easy on yourself. Life is a game, make sure you’re having fun. Don’t beat yourself up every single day emotionally. Don’t get so down on yourself. Find a few good friends that you can have fun with.




LEWIS HOWES: Focus on your health every single day.


MATT CESARATTO: Fantastic. Number 13, what is the best thing that happened to you this year?


LEWIS HOWES: Oh! Best thing that happened this year? I’ve had a lot of good things. I met someone—I’m in a relationship with someone that I’m really excited and grateful about that’s just so much joy, so much love, passion, connection, intimacy, and I’m just having a lot of fun. Really learning more about myself growing and just enjoying the relationship a ton. I think really recommitting to health on a consistent basis. I think I go on waves where sometimes I’m really consistent, other times I’m not. But I feel like the last few months have been really consistent especially with you, having you as an accountability partner is really powerful. I find that I’m much more committed to something when I have someone holding me accountable or that I have to show up for and they have to show up for me. So I’m really excited about that. I feel like I’m getting in great shape. I’m just excited about all of it, all of the things that our team are doing. What we’re up to, it’s all been amazing this year.


MATT CESARATTO: Great. All right, number 14: what’s the best thing that happened to you this month?


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. I think—we’re doing a 30-day in a row challenge. 5:00 a.m. club.




LEWIS HOWES: There is boot camp. I think that’s been the best thing this month.


MATT CESARATTO: Fantastic. 15 – what’s the biggest surprise you have ever had?


LEWIS HOWES: I would say—I don’t know, biggest ever? But I think this year I was pretty surprised on my birthday. My girlfriend threw this huge kind of morning birthday bash for me and decorated the whole place and got me this box of private presents. I remember I was like crying about 15 minutes after that this happened because I was so emotional. I never had someone throw kind of this experience for me. So that was a big surprise where recently that happened that I was really excited about. 


It’s a beautiful view. We got off the car and we’re at a little canyon here in LA.


MATT CESARATTO: Planes flying over.


LEWIS HOWES: Planes flying over.


MATT CESARATTO: Got all kinds of challenges today. Number 15: what’s the biggest surprise you ever had?


LEWIS HOWES: I would say being in all-American in football after not playing for three games in my senior year. I didn’t think I would make it because I got injured and didn’t play a few games. I was like, “There’s no way they’re going to select me.” But then we made it in the playoffs and we have three extra games and I dominated in the playoffs.


MATT CESARATTO: Crushed them.


LEWIS HOWES: And then getting all-American, that was cool. That was a cool surprise.


MATT CESARATTO: Awesome. Number 16, how are you enjoying this interview so far?


LEWIS HOWES: Loving it.


MATT CESARATTO: Shake out the energy, right? Oh, man. All right, number 17: what is the question you wish people would stop asking?


LEWIS HOWES: What I would tell my younger self.


MATT CESARATTO: You know, that one you get all the time.


LEWIS HOWES: What advice would I give my younger self, yes.


MATT CESARATTO: You also get like, “Who’s your favourite podcaster all the time.”


LEWIS HOWES: Who’s your favorite podcaster. I can’t Don’t ask me that anymore.


MATT CESARATTO: Everybody asks you that.


LEWIS HOWES: Don’t ask me that anymore. It’s the worst. 


MATT CESARATTO: Why, what was your answer?


LEWIS HOWES: It’s 800 something episodes, how do you choose one favourite? There’s so many amazing people. 


MATT CESARATTO:It’s like telling a parent “who’s your favourite child?” Come on.


LEWIS HOWES: I can’t do it.


MATT CESARATTO: Cool. Number 18: do you have a secret talent?


LEWIS HOWES: I can do the belly roll.




LEWIS HOWES: And I can make myself look like I’m pregnant




LEWIS HOWES: I can also make it sound like there’s a water fountain.






MATT CESARATTO: This is good stuff.


LEWIS HOWES: That was from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.




LEWIS HOWES: I’ve never seen that. I was like, I tried that for months. Flicking my cheek until I finally figured it out.






MATT CESARATTO: Crazy. 19—funny thing is, that actor, he went to my high school.




MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] successful career.


LEWIS HOWES: Cleaveland? 


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] High School.


LEWIS HOWES: Which [inaudible]?




LEWIS HOWES: Which one? The main one?


MATT CESARATTO: No, not the main one. The guy who did the water




MATT CESARATTO: Gosh, we got to figure out his name. People listening, though. 


LEWIS HOWES: Ferris Bueller.






MATT CESARATTO: Number 19: what are three things you cannot live without?


LEWIS HOWES: Air, water, and food.


MATT CESARATTO: I like that. Literal. All right, 20. Who would you want to have coffee with?




MATT CESARATTO: Awesome. 21 – who should everyone be following right now?






LEWIS HOWES: Nah, I really like Jay Shetty. I think that everyone should be following him.


MATT CESARATTO: Jay’s great. Yeah.


LEWIS HOWES: I really like Joe Dispenza, everything he’s talking about. I think it’s really powerful to help people heal their thoughts and their bodies. So I would say those two guys would be really good right now.


MATT CESARATTO: Awesome. 22 – if you had anything stolen from you.


LEWIS HOWES: I have. Yeah, my heart. My heart’s been stolen a few times, yeah.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh, wow. Skin deep, cut into it. 23 – what’s your favourite country you visited?


LEWIS HOWES: I really like New Zealand and I like Ireland. Just because the sceneries are amazing. I love the beauty of those countries, but I’ve been to—I think I’ve been to like, thirty or forty countries. I’m going to Turkey soon, that’s what I’m excited about. I just like exploring. I like traveling.


MATT CESARATTO: You’re going to be catching up to Chris Guillebeau soon.


LEWIS HOWES: Was it a hundred and something?


MATT CESARATTO: A hundred and something. Yeah, that was his thing. 


LEWIS HOWES: Maybe that would be a challenge to give myself. That’d be a fun decade in my life. It’s like hit every country.


MATT CESARATTO: Wow, that’d be cool.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible] big a challenge. Walk across America, inspired by Mike Posner. He’s walking across America right now.




LEWIS HOWES: It’s like almost 300 days is going to take him. I think doing that would be fun one year. And then traveling the world would be fun.


MATT CESARATTO: You want to walk across America?


LEWIS HOWES: I don’t know, I just got inspired yesterday, I just thought about it. The first 100 days I was not inspired. I was inspired that he was doing it and I was like, “I never want to do this.” Then I was like, “You know what? One day, walking across America would be a pretty cool thing to say you do.”



LEWIS HOWES: How many people say they did that?


MATT CESARATTO: It was pretty inspiring, that whole Forrest Gump thing. 


LEWIS HOWES: Just amazing.


MATT CESARATTO: There was a gentleman from Canada who actually did that. I think he ran across Canada. I think that’s what inspired Forrest Gump, or the writers of Forrest Gump. Okay, [inaudible] playing into that. 24 – what country do you wish to visit?


LEWIS HOWES: Gosh, I’m blanking right now. I really want to go to Japan. I think Japan seems really cool. There’s so many amazing places there so Japan would be awesome.


MATT CESARATTO: Great. 25 – what are you most excited about in your life right now? Didn’t I just—I thought we just answered that.


LEWIS HOWES: I’m excited about Summit of Greatness. We’ve got our 4th annual Summit of Greatness coming up. if you don’t have your tickets yet, go there and get your tickets. We’ve got some of the best speakers in the world coming, best workouts in the morning. It’s going to be an amazing experience.


MATT CESARATTO: Columbus, Ohio.


LEWIS HOWES: Columbus, Ohio. It’s just a beautiful weekend. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, go get your tickets right now.


MATT CESARATTO: For a team, it’s like the most challenging yet rewarding experience.


LEWIS HOWES: So rewarding.


MATT CESARATTO: Just to be together.


LEWIS HOWES: So much fun.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. Can’t wait this year. We have a lot of exciting speakers coming in. All right. 26 – what’s your favourite movie?


LEWIS HOWES: I would say Forrest Gump. Shawshank Redemption. Swingers.


MATT CESARATTO: Oohh. Interesting. We’re just talking about—


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible]


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]




LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: And I’m supposed to be happy because he’s wearing a backpack?


LEWIS HOWES: Backpack? Vegas, baby!




MATT CESARATTO: Oh man, I love that movie. 27 – if your life was a song, what would the title be?


LEWIS HOWES: Don’t Stop Believin’.




LEWIS HOWES: [Let’s go?], baby.


MATT CESARATTO: 28 – best gift you ever received?


LEWIS HOWES: The gift of imagination. The ability to dream and visualize a future I want to create for myself has probably been the greatest gift I’ve received. And my parents gave me that ability when I was a kid, because that’s what’s been allowing me for so many years to create what I have on my mind and believe I can go after it.


MATT CESARATTO: Awesome. 29 – what’s the last gift you gave a friend?


LEWIS HOWES: I gave you an ass whooping the other day.


MATT CESARATTO: Not a shuffleboard man. I was dominating.


LEWIS HOWES: Smacked me in the face. It’s the first time in a long time I feel like you beat me at shuffleboard. And you beat me at cornhole like six weeks ago so you’ve actually been beating me.


MATT CESARATTO: I did. Oh my goodness. [inaudible]


LEWIS HOWES: I had a partner that was unable to—


MATT CESARATTO: Crushed you on the treadmill today, too.


LEWIS HOWES: You did crush me. Three things. Three things you crushed me at recently. But…


MATT CESARATTO: The last gift you gave a friend.


LEWIS HOWES: I don’t know. I think I gave—


MATT CESARATTO: How about you really supported your nephew, Lucas, who is in town?


LEWIS HOWES: My nephew and niece were in town for the last two weeks. He got up at 5:00 a.m. with us every morning.


MATT CESARATTO: Working out with us.

LEWIS HOWES: Working out. We got him something like a gift of—


MATT CESARATTO: You’re having him read books, and you’re rewarding him.


LEWIS HOWES: Read books. Challenging him, rewarding him. So I think that was a good gift.


MATT CESARATTO: That was great. That was really, really powerful.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] everywhere. 30. But we’re in nature. 


LEWIS HOWES: Nature, baby, enjoy it. [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible]. 30 – what is your most used emoji? I know this. Yeah.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible] all the time. It’s like, raise the room, hands in the air. Just like, “Yeah, go for it.” That or just like a heart. I click heart all the time on stuff. It’s just the quickest thing.


MATT CESARATTO: 31 – what is the first thing you thought of this morning?


LEWIS HOWES: If we’re going to go to a dark place, I had a really bad dream last night. Bad dream that may feel so real. Have you ever had one of those dreams where it felt real?




LEWIS HOWES: It scared the crap out of me. I told you what it was this morning.




LEWIS HOWES: It scared me. And that was the first thing. It was a reminder of what I’m capable of doing in the world in a bad way and it was a reminder of like, “Okay, never go to that place emotionally or mentally.” So I’m grateful I had the dream as a reminder of what not to do.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah, yeah. All right. 32 – when do you wake up?


LEWIS HOWES: Right now, 4:40 a.m. Alarm clock. Last 23, 24—


MATT CESARATTO: 5:00 a.m. club. Shoutout to Robin Sharma.


LEWIS HOWES: Sharma life.


MATT CESARATTO: Yes. 33 – what three words describe you? What’s your [inaudible]?


LEWIS HOWES: What do you think? Didn’t we already do this already?


MATT CESARATTO: I like this [inaudible]. I like the repeat.


LEWIS HOWES: What do you think three words that—what would you say?




LEWIS HOWES: Committed.




LEWIS HOWES: I’m pretty joyful.


MATT CESARATTO: Actually like this one. Childlike. I don’t know.


LEWIS HOWES: I was going to say childlike.


MATT CESARATTO: I love how [inaudible]—he introed you for some event for a book tour a long time ago, and he’s like, “My definition of Lewis is childlike.” 




MATT CESARATTO: Not childish, not to be mistaken childish. Completely different. Childlike to embody joy—




MATT CESARATTO: Exploration, fearlessness—


LEWIS HOWES: Curiosity.


MATT CESARATTO: Curiosity. Yeah.


LEWIS HOWES: I was going to say childlike—but is that one word or two words?


[That’s one word.]


LEWIS HOWES: Is it childlike?




LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, for me, childlike. I would say… 




LEWIS HOWES: Passionate/committed.


MATT CESARATTO: Committed, competitive. Admit it.

LEWIS HOWES: Competitive. Very competitive. And then maybe the last one. I want to say I’m very loving. 




LEWIS HOWES: Compassionate, loving, yeah.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s part of both of our [inaudible]


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. I’m a passionate, wise man.


MATT CESARATTO: All right, 34. What words do you live by?


LEWIS HOWES: What words do I live by?


MATT CESARATTO: What’s coming to you in the moment?


LEWIS HOWES: A quote. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Seems like I live by that. Yeah.


MATT CESARATTO: Who do you go to for advice?


LEWIS HOWES: You. All the time. Tiffany.




LEWIS HOWES: You know, I’ve been going to myself a lot for advice lately. I think I should trust myself a lot. I always ask people for advice, but I always knew the answer inside. Like I would ask for people for advice to confirm what I’m already thinking. So I think I’m learning to trust myself more, but I also get opinions because I don’t want to act like a know-it-all sometimes.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s great. All these files are like reminding me of that Mickey Mouse Disney animated from a long time ago. Seven at One Blow or something like that. [inaudible] giant.


LEWIS HOWES: I’ve never heard of this.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh, and the tailor. I think it’s some—The Brave Little Tailor, that’s what it’s called. Mickey Mouse


LEWIS HOWES: I remember this. I remember [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] he like—he was a tailor and he was trying to catch these flies and he get seven in one blow. So they’re talking about a giant outside and they’re like, “Who do we go for to kill this giant?” And he opens up and he’s so proud of himself. He goes, “I got seven in one blow.” And everyone’s like, “Seven?” So now they [inaudible]. They thought he was going to slay the giants, and then [inaudible].


LEWIS HOWES: Did he die?


MATT CESARATTO: They sent him out to slay the giants—




MATT CESARATTO: And he took care of it.


LEWIS HOWES: Oh, he did?


MATT CESARATTO: He killed the giant. You got to see this.


LEWIS HOWES: Okay. I’ve never heard of this.


MATT CESARATTO: I’ll show it to you later.


LEWIS HOWES: Please do. Seven In One Blow.


MATT CESARATTO: You know, I got my daughter now. I’m thinking kids movies left and right. I’m in love with Disney all over again.


LEWIS HOWES: Lion King’s coming out. I’m excited [inaudible]?


MATT CESARATTO: Oh, it’s going to be exciting, I know. 




MATT CESARATTO: What number are we on? Number 36. What’s the best advice you have ever received?


LEWIS HOWES: Man, I don’t know. I got a lot of good advice. Trust your instincts and believe in yourself. 




LEWIS HOWES: Those things, yeah.


MATT CESARATTO: 37 – if you were not where you are now, what career would you be in?


LEWIS HOWES: I’d probably be a chiropractor or a firefighter, policeman. Maybe in the army.


MATT CESARATTO: Really? I’ve never heard this from you.


LEWIS HOWES: I thought about the army when I was younger. I remember one day thinking about this seriously and I was like, “I just don’t want to go die.” I just remember being like, “I just don’t want to die young.” 




LEWIS HOWES: But I thought about Navy Seal and the Marines. I always thought about—just because of this competitive nature and there’s a team aspect. But I think I almost went to chiropractor school. That was on my mind for about a day as well. And I didn’t go. Had other plans.


MATT CESARATTO: I’ll tell you, I could see you as a sportscaster.


LEWIS HOWES: That would be [inaudible], yeah.


MATT CESARATTO: Calling the game.


LEWIS HOWES: That would be fun.


MATT CESARATTO: Because your passion [inaudible]—


LEWIS HOWES: Oh, down from downtown! 


MATT CESARATTO: Yes, from downtown.


LEWIS HOWES: Touchdown!


MATT CESARATTO: I could see you as jumping out of your seat, not be able to hold on to your headset—


LEWIS HOWES: You’re amazing.


MATT CESARATTO: I could see you doing something like that.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, it would be fun. That would be fun.


MATT CESARATTO: And call it pretty funny because you got some funny moments. When you’re into it—


LEWIS HOWES: Just a bit outside.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh, man. Just like the soccer—and the guys [inaudible] soccer games.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: Sorry, football for anybody overseas.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: Yes, the goals. I can hear you calling that out. 


LEWIS HOWES: I’d be fun. I’d be fun.


MATT CESARATTO: All right, 38.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible,] that would be cool, too.






MATT CESARATTO: 38. What is one thing you have always wanted to try?


LEWIS HOWES: Oh man. I feel like I try a lot of things that I want to do. I wanted to be in a musical when I was in high school and I tried out for the musical. I wanted to salsa dance, try learning Spanish, singing lessons. I’ve learned guitar. The things that I always dream about doing, I feel like I’d go after and try them. Sometimes I’m not that good but I try it.


MATT CESARATTO: I like to see you as couple guest spots in some movie.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]. 


MATT CESARATTO: It could be fun.


LEWIS HOWES: I don’t have a desire to be a full-time actor but that would be cool to do a couple of those. Just that I think it would be a challenge, it would get me nervous so I would have to practice and work for it. and then it’d be fun to see the results.


MATT CESARATTO: I’ve been pushing you to improv. Would you commit to that?




MATT CESARATTO: I want you to do some improv.


LEWIS HOWES: I think that’s like a next year thing.


MATT CESARATTO: Okay, next year, 2020.




MATT CESARATTO: All right, [inaudible] calendar.


LEWIS HOWES: It’s the singing that’s this year, next year is more improv, acting class.


MATT CESARATTO: You got this voice lessons in recently, I love that.


LEWIS HOWES: I know, [inaudible].


MATT CESARATTO: I’m glad you committed to that. 

LEWIS HOWES: I’m expanding my range, too.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible]. You’re using your voice for the podcast. You gotta think longevity, long term. We’re going to keep this podcast going as far as I’m concerned.


LEWIS HOWES: Let’s go.


MATT CESARATTO: Years, decades. Let’s do this. School of Greatness, 2050.


LEWIS HOWES: 2050, let’s go.


MATT CESARATTO: Yes. All right, 39. When have you been starstruck?


LEWIS HOWES: Huh. I was at an event with Oprah and went to one of her speaking gigs. It was called SuperSoul Sessions. I remember I went backstage where there was maybe 100 influencers. There was a lot of celebrities back there. Oprah walked this close to me. She walked past me and she was talking to everyone. I didn’t even want to go up and say hi to her because I don’t want to be that person that goes and introduces myself. I just [want to be introduced?] so I just kind of watched her walk by. I was like, “Oh.” There was like an energy to her, there was like an aura. I was like, “That’s Oprah.” That was cool.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s awesome. Alright, 40. What is your ultimate goal in life?


LEWIS HOWES: I want to be really healthy for a long time, for as long as I live. I want to be very healthy, physically pain free, emotionally, mentally pain free, I think. That’s becoming more and more important to me.


MATT CESARATTO: Longevity, man. You can’t buy more time. 


LEWIS HOWES: You can’t buy more time. 




LEWIS HOWES: I think achievements will come by being consistent in showing up, having value—cool things are going to happen. Achievements, success, money—all those things are going to happen overtime. But having inner peace and having a healthy body, healthy mind—that is something a lot of people struggle with that we take for granted when we have it. So I really want to sustain that for as long as I can. That’s my biggest goal. Because by having clear energy and healthy energy will allow me to create more value in the world. And I’ll appreciate it so much, so.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s great. Love that. All right, halfway point.


LEWIS HOWES: Halfway point.


MATT CESARATTO: 41. What are you scared of losing?


LEWIS HOWES: I’m scared of losing my health. [inaudible]. I’m seeing my friend Amy Purdy posting a lot right now on Instagram about—she’s got some disease or health challenge that the doctors cannot figure out what it is. She’s just been kind of sick and going from doctor to doctor for months, and she’s already lost her legs, and now she’s losing her health. She’s just scared because she doesn’t know how to fix it. it doesn’t matter how clean you eat, how much you sleep. She just doesn’t know how to fix it. I’d be scared to lose that because I’m just really—it makes me grateful for my health.


MATT CESARATTO: Keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, of course.


MATT CESARATTO: 42. What was the biggest moment for you and your career?


LEWIS HOWES: Hitting The New York Time’s bestseller was a big moment just because it was a dream of mine ten years prior. I would say that was a big moment.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s huge. Yeah, we celebrated that.


LEWIS HOWES: It was big. That, getting on Ellen, I think that was a cool moment as well because it was like a 10-year vision coming full circle. Hitting 100 million downloads in the podcast, that was another big moment.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh. All right. 43 – what is the most awkward situation you have ever been in?


LEWIS HOWES: Awkward? I’m thinking of like embarrassing moments. An awkward situation I was in was flying in the Blue Angels last year, being in this little bubble that—I couldn’t move in a little bubble. However many thousand feet up in the air, throwing up within the first three minutes and being in the plane for 45 more minutes. 




LEWIS HOWES: Nauseous, wanting to pass out. It was the most awkward and uncomfortable situation. But I tried to enjoy the moment. [inaudible] did because of you.


MATT CESARATTO: I know. You went in, I appreciate that.


LEWIS HOWES: I went because of you. I did not want to do this, I turned it down and then you were like, “This is amazing.”


MATT CESARATTO: That was my thing, I wanted to be a pilot. Now you’re talking about wanting to potentially be in the military, seal [inaudible].


LEWIS HOWES: You’d been a great pilot.


MATT CESARATTO: I want to be a pilot now.


LEWIS HOWES: If you get LASIK, it can be perfect.


MATT CESARATTO: I know, I know. But I specifically wanted to be a fighter pilot. I didn’t want to fly cargo jets or cargo planes.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible] amazing, dude.


MATT CESARATTO: There’s something about this, like Top Gun. I actually saw that the other weekend. I haven’t seen that movie in a long time.


LEWIS HOWES: That’s a great movie.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah, Ken and I were watching, it’s fantastic.




MATT CESARATTO: Oh man, how sad losing Goose.


LEWIS HOWES: All right, what are we on?


MATT CESARATTO: Allright. 44 – what will you regret spending too much or too little on?


LEWIS HOWES: I regret spending too much time on social media. It’s a waste of life. Just spending time on there all day. So I regret doing that. What do I regret doing too little of? Not working out, taking care of my health.


MATT CESARATTO: All right. 45 – what negative experience made you better?


LEWIS HOWES: Shoot. Every experience growing up of me doing anything bad, anything that was out of integrity, that was lying to my parents, stealing whether it’s candy bars, whatever it may be when I was a kid. All the things that I did that I’m not proud of make me better because they bring me more humility when I get caught or when I recognize that it’s not integrity. So all those things make me feel better, actually. Like we’re not—it wakes me up. It’s like, “Okay, this is not the life I want to be living. What’s the true path I want to be on?” So when I have those experiences, those moments, I learn about myself and I feel like it makes me better.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. Great. 46 – what is your career high point?


LEWIS HOWES: I think making my first dollar online was a big moment because it showed me what was possible for a brighter future. When I was on my sister’s couch, I made $6200 on my first kind of online webinar, and that was a big moment. It just showed me something new that was available where I didn’t see a possibility before that. So having that possibility was a highlight, because then I could take action on it consistently once I had that possibility.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah, that was powerful. That’s great.


LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible]. We wouldn’t be here today without that moment. So for me, that’s a highlight of having that opportunity.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s great. All right. What is the first thing you do in the morning?


LEWIS HOWES: Right now the first thing is get up, brush my teeth, go downstairs, and you’d pick me up and go to the gym.


MATT CESARATTO: 48 – what is one question you wish people would ask you more?


LEWIS HOWES: What are you most grateful for?


MATT CESARATTO: That’s on your voicemail, isn’t it?


LEWIS HOWES: It is, yeah.


MATT CESARATTO: “Tell me what you’re grateful for.” That’s great. “Or I won’t return your call.” What is your definition of misery?


LEWIS HOWES: Being trapped in something you don’t want to be in and feeling like there’s no way out.


MATT CESARATTO: Like being in the cockpit in the Blue Angels?


LEWIS HOWES: Being trapped in that when you’re puking. Being trapped, yeah—


MATT CESARATTO: There’s another hour left.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, being trapped in a metaphorical prison that you don’t want to be in and feeling like there’s no way to get out. Whether it’s the airplane, whether it’s a bad storm, a relationship. Feeling trapped and feeling helpless of getting out of it. 


MATT CESARATTO: All right. 50. [inaudible]. Do you believe in love at first sight?


LEWIS HOWES: First sight. I believe in loving people in the first moment, yes. Do I believe in falling in love with someone in the first sight? No. But I believe in loving someone at first sight, like all human beings. There’s an energy when you connect with someone. I’m like, “Oh, I love the person.” Like Bob Proctor walked in the other day and I was just like,”Oh man, I love this guy. I just met him for the first moment.” So being in love and being like, “This is someone I want to be compatible with and in love with and it would be a great match,” I feel like that takes time for it to build.


MATT CESARATTO: All right. 51 – do you believe in free will or destiny?


LEWIS HOWES: I believe we have all the potential to achieve the things we want in our future, but it’s up to us to take the actions necessary to develop the skills, the habit, the routines and the value to make it manifest. But my destiny is not going to happen by just sitting on the couch all day and hoping it happens. I’ve got to show up and take the action.


MATT CESARATTO: It’s meant to be…


LEWIS HOWES: It’s up to me.


MATT CESARATTO: 52- if you could have a superpower, what would it be?


LEWIS HOWES: Gosh, what did I say the last time? I can’t remember.


MATT CESARATTO: Man, I can’t—let me think.


LEWIS HOWES: Superpower. If I can have a superpower, I think health. I don’t know. For some reason, health keeps coming back to me. Being like Wolverine. 




LEWIS HOWES: Get injured, heal. Instant healing. Here’s a power that I would love to have: the ability to look or think about someone or touch someone and they’d be healed from anything they have going on. Touch you? You’re healed.


MATT CESARATTO: I love that. That’s sweet.


LEWIS HOWES: For life.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s powerful. Noble. I just want to fly.


LEWIS HOWES: Be a humble servant. You want to be able to fly?


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. Wouldn’t that be sweet?


LEWIS HOWES:  But you’re going to have a jetpack in 30 years. You’ll be able to fly. That’s not a superpower.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh man, but that’s fantastic, just somebody and heal.


LEWIS HOWES: I think touching someone, they’re healed for life. That would be a power. It’s a gift that keeps giving.


MATT CESARATTO: This reminds me of Jesus. Sorry to interrupt.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah, yeah. of course. I think the ability to—I don’t know. Fly, yeah, that would be fun. The ability to think what other people are thinking or something and know what they’re thinking, x-ray vision. All that’s cool, but the ability to give someone a gift of peace and healing would be powerful.


MATT CESARATTO: All right. 53 – besides LA, where would you live?


LEWIS HOWES: New York City. 





MATT CESARATTO: I love that song. All right, 54. What is one word you use too much?




MATT CESARATTO: Like so many others. 55 – what is your biggest goal this year?


LEWIS HOWES: I just want to stay very healthy. I’m health [inaudible] right now.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible], yeah.


LEWIS HOWES: It feels good. I just feel like be very healthy this year, that’s the goal.


MATT CESARATTO: 56 – what show would you make a cameo in?


LEWIS HOWES: Oh, man. A show that’s out right now?


MATT CESARATTO: Not necessarily. Any show.


LEWIS HOWES: Any show. My first thoughts was Billions just because I’m watching that right now.


MATT CESARATTO: I’d say get those voice lessons into use if Glee was still on.


LEWIS HOWES: I would love being in Glee. Just sing some Journey.




LEWIS HOWES: If I could sing, that would be amazing. Just put me in there for like, one song.


MATT CESARATTO: I’d pay to see that.


LEWIS HOWES: That’d be awesome. 57, what is a movie that made you cry?






LEWIS HOWES: The last past of Rudy.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh man, I tear up every time.


LEWIS HOWES: They put him on his shoulders and the music, the violins—Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.


MATT CESARATTO: Oh man, I used to watch that every Friday before a game. So Friday Night Lights—


LEWIS HOWES: It’s amazing. 

MATT CESARATTO: My mom would actually let me come home early. I’ll just lay in my parents’ bed and watch it on their TV.


LEWIS HOWES: Get excited.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] since I am passed out because I want to sleep before the game, but that would be thing. I always had to watch that final scene. It just gives me—just ready to go.


LEWIS HOWES: That’s a good one.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. Love that. Favorite album of all time?


LEWIS HOWES: Dave Matthews. Crash. Is it called Crash or the one where Crash was on? I used to listen to that in middle school or high school all the time.


MATT CESARATTO: All right, 59.


LEWIS HOWES:  Satellite in your eyes. That was a good one, too. Satellite. 


MATT CESARATTO: Great. That’s a great album, you’re right.


LEWIS HOWES: It’s great. I’d bet if that was the same album but I’m feeling Dave Matthews right now.


MATT CESARATTO: So on the way back in the Tesla.


LEWIS HOWES: That’s good.


MATT CESARATTO: 59. If you could be a rockstar, who would you be?


LEWIS HOWES: I like John Mayer. John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. I feel like they’re such good singers and they can play the guitar so well.


MATT CESARATTO: Castle on the Hill. Castle on the Hill.


LEWIS HOWES: [Coldplay?]


MATT CESARATTO: I could hear that song over and over.


LEWIS HOWES: Both those guys, I’m thinking just—and they have positive songs. I like their stuff.




LEWIS HOWES: Great song.

MATT CESARATTO: Yeah, that’s not the one.


LEWIS HOWES: Ed Sheeran. Yeah. That’s not Castle on the Hill.


MATT CESARATTO: It’s not good.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. It’s good though.


MATT CESARATTO: What makes you think so? Oh, shoot. All right, let’s get moving. Let’s see. 61- what song do you hear too much on the radio?


LEWIS HOWES: When I like a song, I listen to it a thousand times until I get sick of it. I put it on repeat over and over again until I get sick of it. There’s nothing on the radio right now, it’s always a new song. Right now, I listen to a lot of J Balvin.


MATT CESARATTO: All right, I got to backtrack. What’s your go-to karaoke song?


LEWIS HOWES: It’s Kiss the Girl. [SINGS] That’s it.




LEWIS HOWES: Your face when I said that, you’re like, “What?”


MATT CESARATTO: I know. I was like, “Wait, what?” I wasn’t sure.


LEWIS HOWES: Disney, baby.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s fantastic, I love that. 62 – how many siblings do you have?


LEWIS HOWES: Three older siblings. I’m the youngest of four.


MATT CESARATTO: Baby. Baby Lew. Yes or no, do you speed in your car?


LEWIS HOWES: It’s hard for me to let anyone be in front of me, so I don’t necessarily—I’m probably speeding 5, 10 miles over all the time on the highway. In the main streets, I’m not really speeding. I just need to be in front of the car next to me. I don’t know what that is, but I always have to be leading the pack. 


MATT CESARATTO: This is the only yes or no question.


LEWIS HOWES: I have to explain it, though.


MATT CESARATTO: I hear you, I hear you. Spoken like a speeder. You have to explain why you speed.


LEWIS HOWES: Go ahead.


MATT CESARATTO: You speed so fast in that Tesla—it’s ridiculous how fast that car is.


LEWIS HOWES: It goes, “Boom!” Instant speed. Boom!




LEWIS HOWES: 100 in like, “boom.” Five seconds.


MATT CESARATTO: There’s a couple of times I was shocked in how fast you accelerate. 


LEWIS HOWES: It’s good.Fast.


MATT CESARATTO: You get somewhere quick in that car. Way to go, Tesla. Way to go, Elon Musk. 64 – what is you nerdiest quality?


LEWIS HOWES: I don’t know What is my nerdiest quality? What would you say?


MATT CESARATTO: Hmm. Nerdiest.


LEWIS HOWES: I have no idea. Maybe that I like musicals? Is that nerdy?


MATT CESARATTO: I feel like that’s stereotypical. That’s kind of mean to say that that’s nerdy.


LEWIS HOWES: I don’t know, you’re saying what’s the nerdy [inaudible].


MATT CESARATTO: You do geek out on musicals, so I guess that is nerdy.


LEWIS HOWES: I don’t know if that’s nerdy. I’m not like, “Ooohh, I love cars,” or, “I love baseball cards or coins or stamps.”


MATT CESARATTO: Right. You’re not materialistic.




MATT CESARATTO: You’re not materialistic at all.




MATT CESARATTO: I mean, that Cadillac was like—


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. $4000 car. I don’t know what I’m nerdy about. I nerd out on branding and marketing and—



LEWIS HOWES: [inaudible], this is so cool. So I like that type of stuff.




LEWIS HOWES: Podcasting, I’m kind of nerdy on, you know.


MATT CESARATTO: Yup. Yeah. Cool. 65 – most memorable moment while podcasting.


LEWIS HOWES: Tony Robbins on the jet with Tiff Tyler. One of her first weeks on the job. We’re on Tony Robbins’ jet, and it was just a cool moment. I was just like, “Wow, this is a nice, big [inaudible] moment.”


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. Tiff, Sarah, and me and you.


LEWIS HOWES: It was amazing.




LEWIS HOWES: Nick [inaudible] was there.


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] was there, yes.


LEWIS HOWES: Taking photos. We had Kobe Bryant also, that was a big moment. So.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s great. All right, what was your first job?


LEWIS HOWES: I remember it was mowing golf course greens, 5:00 a.m. My dad would take me to the golf course and mow the lawns on the greens. I did a horrible job. Because you’re supposed to have the lines perfect, and I was just like, messed up so much, man.


MATT CESARATTO: I used to loved mowing the grass. 


LEWIS HOWES: It’s a [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: [inaudible] naked look. Unbelievable.


LEWIS HOWES: This is different, though.


LEWIS HOWES: This has like no turf. You’ve got to get the lines perfectly on this machine, it was like a big wheel lawn mower thing heavy. You couldn’t correct anything. It was challenging, but I learned a lot.


MATT CESARATTO: All right. 67 – what would your DJ name be?


LEWIS HOWES: What did I say the last time? DJ… DJ Smokeshow.




LEWIS HOWES: I actually made that up.


MATT CESARATTO: Smoke? [inaudible]. Remember the theatre? They’re like, “We can’t have you more smoke. The fire [inaudible]—”


LEWIS HOWES: Put it. I don’t care.


MATT CESARATTO: And you’re just, “We need [inaudible] to smoke. This year, you’re like, “We want smoke cannons.”


LEWIS HOWES: DJ Smokeshow.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s awesome. Bradley, stop, call it. I love you, though. What is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?


LEWIS HOWES: I think the Blue Angels was pretty scary. I didn’t like that. Going up there was pretty terrifying.


MATT CESARATTO: Now you can go skydiving. I always wanted to—


LEWIS HOWES: That’d probably be the most terrifying thing I’d do. I haven’t done it yet, so.


MATT CESARATTO: Let’s do that.




MATT CESARATTO: Let’s do it for [inaudible] birthday.


LEWIS HOWES: 50th birthday.




LEWIS HOWES: All right, 40.


MATT CESARATTO: 50, might have a heart attack. 40.




MATT CESARATTO: All right. 60—what are we on—69. What is the first app you open at the morning? Obvious.


LEWIS HOWES: It’s either WhatsApp or Instagram.


MATT CESARATTO: It’s Instagram, come on.


LEWIS HOWES: A lot of times it’s WhatsApp. I check and see if my lady has texted me.




LEWIS HOWES: I’ll text her back. And then Instagram.



LEWIS HOWES: And then it’s Messenger. Text messenger to see if you’re going to be at 5:00.


MATT CESARATTO: Text, yeah. That’s true. 70 – what is one misconception about you?


LEWIS HOWES: Huh. I think that people that think that I’m just some big jock or something, but I’m very sensitive and emotional and have my heart—I feel a lot of things. I feel a lot of energy from people. I think I’m very intuitive so I take on a lot of energy of friends, family, people who have been hurt. I take on the pain of people in situations.


MATT CESARATTO: It’s empathy. Yeah.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. I think I have a lot of—people may not think this at all because of the way I talk sometimes, but I feel like I have a lot of empathy, so.


MATT CESARATTO: You’re a big kid, dude.


LEWIS HOWES: I’m like a big kid. Yeah.






MATT CESARATTO: The second I met you, you were just like, you wanted to have fun, joyful. “Stop studying, let’s just go have fun. Let’s go play.”


LEWIS HOWES: Never wanted to study [inaudible]


MATT CESARATTO: “Let’s go play, let’s go play.”


LEWIS HOWES: So playing, yeah. I’m like a big kid, but I also have a very sensitive heart.


MATT CESARATTO: Yeah. Kids are very sensitive.


LEWIS HOWES: I cry a lot and all that stuff.


MATT CESARATTO: Kids are very empathetic.


LEWIS HOWES: Yeah. 71, 72?


MATT CESARATTO: 71. Biggest weakness.


LEWIS HOWES: Probably that I’m too sensitive. Sometimes they can affect me too much that it gets me into rut until I can’t focus. When I allow things to affect my heart too much would be a weakness as well.


MATT CESARATTO: All right. 72 – who is your biggest inspiration?

LEWIS HOWES: First thing that comes to mind is that Matthew McConaughey speech that he gave when he was winning the Oscars or something where he’s like, “My biggest inspiration is me 10 years from now.”




LEWIS HOWES: When I heard that I was like, “Yeah, I wanted to adapt that.” The vision I have in my mind for who I want to become in the next few years—5, 10 years, that’s my inspiration. These models of other people that I see, that I’m inspired by—you know, The Rock does things I’m inspired by, LeBron James does things I’m inspired by, Oprah, Ellen. They do things—their way of being is inspiring so it gives me an idea of a model that I want to have for my future self. So I’m inspired by a lot of people, but I’m also inspired by the person I want to become in the future.


MATT CESARATTO: Last question. 73 – when did you know you were supposed to be an entrepreneur?


LEWIS HOWES: Oh man. When I realized I couldn’t go to the job interview that I had. My first job interview was a sports marketing position in Columbus, Ohio. I started applying for jobs because my sister said I needed to start paying for rent at her house because I was sleeping at her place for about a year and a half rent-free. And I started to apply for jobs on Craigslist. I found a sports marketing job that actually looks pretty exciting. I was like, “Aw, this thing is pretty cool. I could probably go do this.” Applied for it, got the interview, and I remember being kind of excited a few days before to go to this interview. I got my sport jacket on—I only owned one sport jacket. So I put the sport jacket on and as I was getting out the door, I’d opened the door and I looked out the front to see my car.


I remember I couldn’t walk down the steps to go out of the house. For some reason, whether it was ego or confidence, I was like, “If I go to this, I’m going to get this job.” Then I started to see my future self. Being there for 3 months, 6 months, a year, 3 years because I would be competitive to work my way up and do whatever it took. And I was just like, “That’s not ultimately what I want to do. I don’t want to work at a sports marketing company right now. I want to see what else I can do that I love.” So for me, that was the moment when I realized I had to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t know that was what it meant to be an entrepreneur. I just knew I couldn’t go do that specific job. And I had to figure out a way to make money so I can survive. So that was the moment when I knew I was going to become an entrepreneur.


MATT CESARATTO: That’s great. All right, well, fantastic.


LEWIS HOWES: Was that 73?


MATT CESARATTO: For sure. That’s 73.


LEWIS HOWES: 73 Questions—




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