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Chris Brogan recently said he was thinking about deleting his LinkedIn account.

I was shocked when I first read this, but I also understand that he must be getting overwhelmed by the amount of people reaching out and asking for favors.

Since Chris has given me amazing advice, and I consider him to be a mentor of mine,  I decided to create a video to show you (and Chris) why I think it would be a mistake if he deleted his LinkedIn account.

The message in this video is not only for Chris, but for everyone who isn’t using LinkedIn to its fullest potential yet.  I urge you to start using it more aggressively, as you will see what the benefits are in this video.

Staying On LinkedIn

Here are my 8 main reasons I feel Chris Brogan should stay on LinkedIn:

1.    Google Juice: LinkedIn is one of the top search results for Chris (and most of us)

2.    Recommendations: With 145+ recommendations you create more authority and social proof

3.    Build and Manage a Powerful Database: More powerful than with Facebook and Twitter

4.    Exporting Contacts:
No other *top* social networking site does this

5.    Driving Traffic: Your status updates, links, and WP blog app drives organic traffic to your site

6.    More Followers: People will follow you on Twitter, join your newsletter, and subscribe to your blog

7.    Sells Books:  Need I say more?

8.    Decision Makers: Higher net worth of people are on LinkedIn over the other traditional business sites

Do you think Chris should delete his LinkedIn profile?  Are my points compelling enough to keep him (and YOU) on LinkedIn?  I hope Chris decides to give it another chance and think about it differently from here on out, and I hope the rest of you understand how powerful LinkedIn can be for your business.

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