New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Wim Hof

Master Your Body and Heal the Mind

Relax. Breathe. Take control.

How often do you say, “I’m just going to get through the day”? You’re stressed out of your mind, barely drawing a full breath, and running on adrenaline and your fourth cup of coffee. You might live like most of the people you know and miraculously make it to your appointments on time, but this lifestyle isn’t sustainable.  

If you’re not relaxed, you’re not breathing enough. If you’re not breathing, you’re not getting oxygen.

It’s a loop. This kind of fast-paced living leads to continual exhaustion, burnout, mental health breakdowns, and midlife crisis. 

On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about the power of breathing and connecting to yourself, others, and nature to heal your mind and body with a man known as “The Iceman” — Wim Hof.

Wim Hof got his nickname “The Iceman” by breaking several records related to cold exposure. His feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle on his bare feet, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes. 

He says that our brains have the power to guarantee us happiness, strength, and health. We can actually regulate our minds and autonomous nervous systems by breathing and being present. To help people do just that, he developed the Wim Hof Method: a natural path to an optimal state of body and mind.

Today we’re discussing how mastering your mind, connecting to your willpower, tapping into your sixth sense, and relaxing can help you kill disease, overcome burnout, and be happier and braver. This episode is full of inspiring ideas. So get ready!

Who Is Wim Hof?

Wim Hof believes humans have an inner power, which is the ability to adapt to extreme temperatures and survive within our natural environment. On this principle, he developed the Wim Hof Method, a natural path to an optimal state of body and mind. Over time, our lifestyles have disconnected us from our age-old survival mechanisms. As a result, we’ve lost touch with our inner power. After decades of self-exploration and groundbreaking research, Wim has created a simple but effective way to stimulate these deep physiological processes, reconnect us with ourselves, others, and nature, and realize our full potential.

Today, Wim teaches people worldwide, from celebrities and professional athletes to people of all ages, to control their body and mind and achieve extraordinary things.

In this interview, we talked about how to prevent illness, reclaim a sense of control when you’re exhausted and on the edge of burnout, and tap into your sixth sense to experience more joy and feel fearless. If you’ve been feeling detached from the life you’re meant to live, today’s content will give you the practical steps you need to take to begin feeling connected to all the greatness in and around you.

I’m so excited to share this episode with you today because I’ve personally used these principles over the past few years when I’ve felt stressed and overwhelmed. And some of our listeners who have worked with Wim have seen huge transformations in their lives. So get ready to learn how to harness the power of your mind and step into your highest physical and emotional state!

Beat Disease and Mental Illness by Mastering Your Mind 

Extreme circumstances of cold force you to connect your consciousness to your will and reclaim control of your body and mind. After years of living in an environment that doesn’t require us to trigger our fight-and-flight responses like our ancestors, we have lost the ability to easily and quickly operate from our gut instincts and connect them with our will. 

The human mind is powerful. However, thinking often gets in the way of our ability to experience its full potential. Instead of being connected to ourselves and what’s happening around us — allowing our gut instincts to guide us — we think and reason our way through it. 

Wim first discovered the power of restoring this connection by putting his body in extremely stressful circumstances which forced him to tap into his intuition and respond with his will. Once, during a controlled experiment, his body temperature dropped so low that scientifically his organs should have shut down. Wim explained that he was distracted by Serena Williams, who was present and had just won the US Open. As soon as he connected with his willpower and focused his mind on his current circumstance, he was able to stop his body temperature from dropping.

When we are in tune with our intuitive feelings, we are able to accomplish even more, as demonstrated by Wim’s ability to control his body temperature when scientists said he was too cold to do so. Here’s how Wim described this phenomenon:

“Willpower is in the center of the brain, [the] prefrontal cortex, [and it connects] into the brain stem. The brain stem is about survival, but because we live every day in a very controlled environment … The animal [brain] is not being [used] anymore. We are not living like zebras and giraffes to know the danger and flee.” – Wim Hof

We don’t have to avoid predators like animals, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have dangers. Our dangers are inflammation, overworking, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and mental illness. When we encounter these dangers, we need to step into deeper parts of our brains to find solutions and peace. But accessing the deeper, intuitive parts of our brain is no longer natural to us because our controlled environment only requires us to access our thinking brain. 

Learning to manage the cold and master breathing techniques allows Wim and others to access parts of the brain previously thought to be inaccessible. Once you have accessed these deeper parts of your brain, neurological pathways are created, and it’s easier for you to re-access them. Wim explains that experiencing extreme cold isn’t about defying the odds; it’s about learning to connect with yourself to deal with the stress so that you can overcome inflammation and mental illness. And by doing this you can reach your fullest potential.

“It’s about how to deal with stress on your body just by using your mind. … The cold is merciless, but righteous so, that you can always depend [on it to allow you] to tap into the depth of yourself by going through the initial reflexes of the cold coming upon you, and then suddenly, you get that deep power. I think it is a noble force.” – Wim Hof

Whether you use extreme cold temperatures or breathing techniques, connecting to your inner self can empower you to experience more freedom and wellness both physically and mentally. At the end of the day, that’s what Wim said the importance of his work was: 

“… to bring people to the awareness that they are in control of their beautiful emotions through their beautiful mind.” – Wim Hof

“Who am I? I’m the savior. But you are, too.” @Iceman_Hof  

Overcome Burnout by Relaxing and Receiving Oxygen

Have you ever thought something like, “I’m overworked, I’m overstressed, I’m depressed, I have no purpose, I’m constantly in prison in my mind, and I have no way to get out”? It’s a normal feeling today. Between keeping up with our fast-paced lives and the fast-paced lives of others on social media, we forget to remember ourselves. Wim has a simple recommendation that leads to more energy, mental clarity, and happiness:

“If [someone is] overworked, stressed, you know, I would [tell them to] relax. … Just relax. I tell them to relax because a relaxed body is able to store up oxygen. If you’re not relaxed, you’re not breathing, and you’re not getting oxygen. Logically, the biochemistry will be less quality, … [and] you’re gonna be exhausted all the time. That’s the burnout and all those things. So, I get these people, and within 20 minutes of breathing, deep breathing we know and feel completely restored in their biochemistry …” – Wim Hof

Not only is relaxing healing for your body, but it restores pieces of your soul and identity because it allows you to let go of the things that aren’t you. This practice actually slows your heart rate and allows life-giving oxygen into your entire body. That’s why when someone slows down and takes a deep breath, they almost immediately feel better and more in control of their life. 

Be Happier and Braver by Tapping into Your 6th Sense

Your sixth sense is the ability to willfully access your subconscious and control it. This is important because it’s easy to walk around subconsciously carrying a bunch of ‘what ifs. What if I get fired tomorrow? What if the banks collapse and I lose all my savings? What if none of my friends show up at the party? ‘What ifs’ keep us stuck, focused on negative possibilities, and in an anxious state of mind. 

During Wim’s experiments, he realized that you can override your subconscious with your sixth sense by consciously choosing your thoughts and feelings. In this way, you can enter into a state of fearlessness.

“A fearless state of being is [the ability] to go with conscious will into any part of the brain. What is that? That is the sixth sense. … The sixth sense is the ability to enter at will into any part of our brain. We thought there was only 16% being able to be controlled by our will in our brain, and now we have shown through brain scans in Germany with one of the two best brain scans of the world [an individual’s ability] to create 100% neural activity. That means we are able to create at will … 100% neural activity within the brain.” – Wim Hof

In other words, we can willfully choose to access any part of our brain. We can choose empowering thoughts over disempowering thoughts and refuse fear.

Wim explained further that it is often our small-minded consciousness that keeps us fearful and anxious. Our limited consciousness keeps our thoughts focused on the moment. The sixth sense is important because freedom, peace, and the solution we need are often beyond what we currently know and require out-of-the-box thinking. 

For example, confidence is often a result of using our sixth sense. 

“If you are confident, that is because you are able to go past the time-space barrier, past the narrowed consciousness.” – Wim Hof

Confidence replaces fear when you can look beyond the moment and believe in a positive outcome. The more parts of our brain we can access, the more we can control, and we’ll have more confidence as a result.

Why You Need to Listen to this Wim Hof Podcast Episode Right Now…

Nelson Mandela said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” 

You must be willing to just lean into discomfort, fear, and insecurity. The more action steps you take towards them, the less they will have power over you, but you must be willing to address them and face them head-on. Facing your fears is ugly and messy. You’re gonna make mistakes, but that’s where the magic happens. You meet your fears and keep moving forward. One day, you’ll look back and realize you have overcome them!

I hope the content shared today gave you the tools, strategies, and inspiration to heal your body, overcome burnout, and live with more joy and fearlessness. All you need to beat the challenges in your life is the willingness to go through them! 

If you enjoyed this episode and you want to learn more about Wim’s work, check out his website here! You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Don’t forget to download his free app (found on his website) for breathwork practices, mindset exercises, and scientific explanation for braving the exposure to the cold. 

Be a hero to someone today by sharing this episode with them and spreading the message of greatness forward.

If you’re ready to embrace discomfort, harness the power of your mind and step into your greatest physical and emotional state, join me with Wim Hof on Episode 799!  


To Greatness,

Lewis Howes - Signature

Lewis Howes


“The cold is merciless but righteous.” @Iceman_Hof  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How does creating stress on the body prevent disease? (4:00)
  • What do you think about right before you get in the cold water? (8:30)
  • Why did you get into the ice and breathing business? (16:30)
  • Where do you feel the most loved in your life? (29:00)
  • Who was more influential? Your mom or your dad? (38:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How control of the autonomic nervous system in the brain can help depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders (10:00)
  • How cold helps you still the emotion on your mind (25:00)
  • About your sixth, seventh, and eighth senses (32:00)
  • About the science behind the benefit of putting stress on your body (3:00)
  • Plus much more…

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is episode number 799 with the iceman Wim Hoff. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes, a former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today now let the class begin.

Nelson Mandela said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Welcome to this episode super excited we had Wim Hoff on a few years ago and it blew up. It blew up on video, audio and we decided to bring him back on. For those who don’t know who he is, Wim Hoff got his nickname the iceman by breaking a number of records for his ability to withstand extreme cold. He has set Guinness world records to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in shorts and ran a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot. He believes humans have an inner power which is the ability to adapt to extreme temperatures and survive within our natural environment. On this principle he developed the Wim Hoff method a natural path to an optimal state of body and mind.

In this interview we talked about how to prevent illness when creating stress on our body, also Wim’s life story and how he got into ice and breathing training. Our sixth sense and how tapping into what makes us feel fearless and the greatest lesson the cold has taught him and so much more.

Make sure to share with your friends this can transform your life if you apply some of these principles. I’ve done these principles over the last few years whenever I feel stressed, overwhelmed. Some of my team have done this and had seen complete life changes in them and so many of our listeners who have gone through this have seen huge transformations. So make sure to share this with a friend, be a hero to someone today by just texting a friend this link and spread the message of greatness moving forward.

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All right guys I’m excited about this one this will be powerful make sure to share with your friends. Without further ado let me introduce to you the one the only Wim Hoff.

Wim: This [?] is being hurt. They see what kind of hole we have created in the ignorance, dependency of ours.

Lewis: Okay.

Wim: And that we shoot chains and see past these walls of not knowing now how much you could know.

Lewis: Okay.

Wim: Within yourself and that it is there scientifically endorsed, yet it is not to the interest of the establishment to be self-aware with so much more power within in such a short time being able to set off.

Lewis: Right.

Wim: So, 6 years ago we showed as the first ones in medical history that the autonomic nervous system can deeply be influenced. After 16,134 test subjects of endotoxemia, bacteria injected all became sick, because it’s inflammation causing these bacteria. It’s a controlled experiment and it’s to find out if we have a natural way means of our mind maybe breath in hospital or controlled environment how to beat inflammation, which is the cause and effect of any disease in the earth.

Lewis: Inflammation?

Wim: So they created this endotoxemia model that is injecting a bacteria and it works for 3 to 6 hours. People become really sick.

Lewis: Have you done the injecting?

Wim: Yes, I’ve done the injection and I was the first one to show a complete different chart than all the 16,000 people. And then they said “But that’s because you are the iceman, you are a freak of nature and you do these crazy and extreme things. That’s why you are able where others are not able to.” And then I said “No, what I can do anybody can do.” They took me on in the end and I took 18 people to the mountains 4 days and learn them to cope with extreme cold in their shorts, I learn them breathing techniques, and their mindset.

Mindset is a neurological muscle inside we have. When that unite it’s called the willpower you can really connect with that into any part of the brain and with that into parts thought of inaccessible. This is the latest study I’ve shown in Detroit, Michigan in the Wayne State University in brain scans called water is stress. In the end anything out there stress, negative stress coming to us creating cell biological stress.

Lewis: So when we create stress on the body and how does that help us kill information disease or sickness?

Wim: By going from your consciousness, your will, we thought of will is somewhere there it’s not over there its right over here a muscle and you are able to go with that will. Power is in the center of the brain free frontal cortex go into the brain stem. The brain stem is about survival but because we live every day in a very controlled environment like the world where we live in with the heat, the cold. We got it all controlled by our thinking, not by our feeling anymore. The old brain your reptilian brain stem and the limbic system, the mammalian brain the animal is not being lift anymore. We are not living like zebra and giraffes to know the danger and flee and fight. You don’t need to flee fight but the dangers are still there.

When the dangers come like inflammation causing inflammation then we don’t know how to step into those deeper parts of the brain because we were thinking all the time. Does 25% of our blood flow goes into this thinking brain and the rest is like on standby.

Lewis: Do you think it’s possible for someone if they’re getting a cold or a flu-like symptoms, without breathing techniques or without cold therapy can they just use their minds to change that flu-like sickness or they need breathing and cold?

Wim: No they don’t need it. We are different than zebras and giraffes and that is because a part of us is animal, but here comes in the human consciousness the human power of the mind and the seat of that is our brain. And our brain we have learned only to go into the surface and the thinking and controlling the world around us. With that we have no way of accessing into these neurological pathways and into the depth of our brain, we didn’t access that. For that the cold is great, for that the breathing is great but once you have done that then suddenly these neurological pathways are existing, and you know what this is what I did in Michigan showed as the first one in the world in brain scans, how to get cold water and stress it on the body and make it go away. My skin temperature did not go down just by using the mind.

Lewis: Really?

Wim: There could be a circus act or whatever. It’s about how to deal with stress on your body just by using your mind and stress on your body could be cause by biological stress, physical stress, emotional stress any stress, but in the end biological stress. And we have a possible connection between our will and the part of our brain which is really internally just through the mind using the mind with stress, with the result of stress.

Lewis: When you’re about to enter into 30, 40 degrees ice cold water and what is the thing that you think of 30 seconds before? Obviously you’re doing your breathing techniques and other stuff but what’s the thing that when you think about getting in and then sitting in there so that your temperature does not change or maybe it changes a little bit but not drastically?

Wim: If you stay for 2 hours in and the cold body temperature the core is not changing and even in New York I was with Dr. [?] and after 1 hour and 15 minutes in the with the ice, my core body temperature went down to a point where normally physically or physiologically by medics have stated here we have no power over our core body temperature anymore, it goes spirally down from here and you’re gonna die.

Lewis: Hypothermia.

Wim: Getting into coma, body parts shut down and then you die. We have no way to get down and I was dangerously past this level.

Lewis: You were there?

Wim: Yes, I was there.

Lewis: Wow.

Wim: One of the, Serena Williams who just won the U.S open and she was there and I was looking. So, I was not busy with my controlling my body, I went dangerously down and then where normally you can’t go up anymore I just use my mind. And now comes 30 seconds before I go in I just say “Shut up go in. Feel and connect.” And this connection they saw now is the connection with the [?]. What they say “We now have the compelling evidence of the key components of the autonomous processes in the brain or related to mood regulation” where normally we get into depression or anxiety or fear, all those things because we don’t have a hold on those key components of those autonomous processes. Autonomous outside of the world not it’s inside of the world shown in the brain scan and that to regulate your mood or the emotion itself.

This is what they said the professors. You can look it up it’s all been published by the way and I’m waiting on the next study on people with bipolar status, because I think it takes 4 days to get people out of their bipolar state of mind and get them back into the sense of control and have balance within themselves the way nature [?] to be. Because being bipolar in nature the mammal it would not survive bipolar.

Lewis: Right.

Wim: So we are equipped after millions of year how to deal with all those state of minds to become the best in the moment again and regulate that, but we lost it through the thinking brain too much, we have indulge too much into the thinking brain. So when we get this now back we are able and there’s the importance of your work, my work to bring people to the awareness that they are in control of their beautiful emotions through their beautiful mind.

Lewis: Absolutely. When you see someone that comes to you that says ‘I’m overworked, I’m overstressed, I’m depressed, I have no purpose, I’m constantly in a prison in my mind and I have no way to get out.’ What would be the path that you would recommend in the next 24 hours to them?

Wim: If they’re overworked, stressed you know I would do relax. Whatever you feel relax the person, bring it away from the anxiety where he isn’t. So, we have the tendency, we have the power as humans to share love to share a deeper feeling and one is anxiety. That would be the first one. Are you ready for some changes? Okay, tired we will increase your energy we will get you back in the sense of control. You want to go A to B and enjoy the view well go. So, we will get you there okay? Just relax. I tell them to relax because a relaxed body is able to store up oxygen.

Wim: So, if you’re not relax you’re not breathing you’re not getting oxygen?

Wim: And logically the biochemistry for it will be less quality and that is going to be chronic, it’s a loop then you’re gonna be exhausted all the time. That’s the burnout and all those things. So, I get these people and within 20 minutes of breathing, deep breathing we know and feel completely restored in their biochemistry and thus that’s who you are.

Lewis: Right.

Wim: From there they feel when the biochemistry is right energy comes, it’s mitochondrial. Mitochondrial you get aerobic, you get more ATP. ATP these are energy that’s work on the transportation system, blood vessels in your body is at the length 3 times the world, it all has its beautiful muscles and it wants to be awaken so it is able to run the blood flow better through the body and bring nutrients, oxygen, and vitamins to the life force itself into the system to alter. You know what happens? The heart rate suddenly goes down 15 to 30 beats a minute 24 hours a day, where’s the stress? It’s gone because everything itself is biological stress, but people don’t know it and with that they get this sense of control over, simply by breathing and going into the cold.

Lewis: Yeah.

Wim: Just do it and it comes along. Now we go into the cold. I got this Oscar actress Gwyneth Paltrow and within one and a half hour in ice bath very stressful, but you’re gonna feel great.

Lewis: When is that?

Wim: Tomorrow.

Lewis: For those who don’t know your story why did you get into the ice and breathing training in the first place?

Wim: Actually, if you go back I was born traumatically. I was one of the twins’ identical twins, they never knew there was another one and I came almost too late.  My mother was very religious like naïve religious, strong as a woman very strong. She made this invocation and she told me later “Oh God [?] lives’ because they go to cut her open to get the baby out and she wasn’t fear about that and she was being pushed from the recovery room to the operation room. And in the whole just before entering the rubber doors of the operation she just got me out with the words “Oh God let this child live.’ So, but at that moment I was nothing.

Lewis: Right.

Wim: That invocation and mother has power and naïve or not she can change the world, she can make it hard like a tattoo on your soul. And that’s what happened I was always different than my identical twin brother.

Lewis: He still alive?

Wim: Yeah, but he’s not able to do what I do because what I do because I had different experiences coming there from. Always being different than him but 100% genetically the same. They did studies on us and then they saw it’s a genetically the same but he’s not able to do and because of the training.

Lewis: If he did the training would he be able to do it?

Wim: Yes and he is doing it now. Everybody who’s doing this is able to pass it on and get the same results scientifically have achieved. The autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, the immune system, and the deepest part of the brain are now accessible at will for anybody who does this properly.

Lewis: When did you start getting into this?

Wim: This is like a sub current. When I was 12 I was reading on psychology and Buddhism and I was always living strange looking for things out there and wherever I go to get my hands upon I was into and when I was 17 I already read so many books, so many religions, traditions, cultures. And there I found the cold water.

Lewis: Really?

Wim: Sunday morning thin layer on the water looking around and just undressing myself. I went there and I knew from the inside this is it. It connects and this is what.

Lewis: You can’t think about anything else? You have to think about that moment.

Wim: Yes, but it match my birth trauma. And this is what I later figured out I was born in the cold of the hole almost suffocated, too long in there suffocate you. So, the first thing you do when you get into the cold water you take into breathing.

Lewis: Take a deep breathe.

Wim: That’s it. So the cold does the same the cold brings you right there like real birthing. I felt you know beyond or deeper than thinking you feel ‘this is it I felt power, I felt this connection which I had experienced at my birth.’ At the time I was not absolutely aware of anything but now I was aware I had touch on something and I was always looking for. And that made me.

Lewis: What were you looking for?

Wim: That trauma to get a hold and that’s what’s imprinted inside and that made me the other day come back and do it again. 4 months later I was able to stay and this is not for nobody this is me for 5 to 7 minutes under the water.

Lewis: Holding your breath?

Wim: After 25 of these deep breathe. It goes that all [?] and it was great, you feel a great stillness while doing it it’s like in a fetus position under water, it’s on my own and nobody around. And there I always train every day, every winter and the moment began to separate the breathing and brought us hope. And then I saw all the lights and all the chakras, whatever they call in all these books I saw it and this time not because of breathing but because of experience.

Lewis: Being in it. Didn’t you have an experience later in your life when someone died in your life and.

Wim: My wife when I was 35 with whom I had 4 children and I worked with them. She jumped from 8 story down because of mental disorder.

Lewis: Really?

Wim: So severe I mean like here and just kissing the kids goodbye first. Love was there but the terror was also there and she decided to jump and go. That can be life that can be terror of life in life and a lot of people are suffering in this world. I at that moment was earning very little. Having 4 children I was at the mountains at that present moment because making money through mountaineering and being a mountain guide and all. My kids were with the family in Spain and she did that and that of course is such a great impact and broke not only my heart, I was shocked. You don’t know what happened but you have 4 children so you take care of the children and you go on, but deeply you are broken. Now, there I began very consciously go into the cold water because at that moment from there on I had to deal with my own terror in my mind and my worries, my own broken heart. The cold makes your mind still you cannot picnic, you cannot think about your works or about anything.

Lewis: You have to focus.

Wim: So you are surviving. So surviving is the same part as the emotion the deep emotion. So that was the only way still influence the emotion creating all these bubbles in my head. So my children made me survived the cold healed me.

Lewis: How long did it take?

Wim: It took I don’t know 5 to 10 years.

Lewis: To heal the process?

Wim: To get it consciously to my mind. I think it took me a month to get a hold of this anxiety inside something like that and then from there on I just kept on doing it, and I love it as I did it before but now that is absolute therapeutic power.

Lewis: And a purpose too yeah.

Wim: Now look at this Lewis, this happened in 95 and it’s 2018 it’s like 23 years ago and now I’m a dropout from school but now I am teaching the professors and the doctors in all the world that we have an ability to tap into the deepest part in our brain and solve all the matters related to mental disorders and having no control. And there is no pill, no medicine involved it’s your own awareness your own power. And then you get into the cold and breathing and we skip the breathing and the coldness, we get in our innate control by our mind the way the establishment doesn’t like it, but we should have to confront ourselves with any stress happening in the world to take care of our beloveds.

Lewis: Well the establishment doesn’t like it because it’s no making them money.

Wim: That is the big disease and I think making money great, but I don’t want pills I want happiness, strength, and power. If you are happy how much money do you need? How much of this you need? If you are happy you’re happy. So, if you are able to regulate your own mood and we found a compelling evidence of the key components of the autonomous process in the brain related to emotion itself. I want it I’ll dare, professors and doctors prove me wrong guys because we got a proof already in the [?], but we are with the establishment.

Let’s begin and start guaranteeing happiness, strength, and health because it’s there. There your work and my work collide positively.

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Where do you feel the most love?

Wim: I just love, I think you’re a very loveable person. I get to meet people like you and that’s amazing and that’s very loveable and powerful because in the end love is the greatest power in the universe. If you are in love with somebody then you’re fine there is no thinking anymore.

Lewis: Fly.

Wim: So that love is the biggest one and that love you got not only for your woman you get it also from your children. We lost that because we lost the connection, we are wrongly schooled from the beginning of. So, the school like school of greatness it starts in the primary school and the primal, let’s not have them just being taught in history language and mathematics.

Lewis: Teach them love.

Wim: Compose by scientific endorsed reality wherein they are able to tap into the immune system, endocrine system to guarantee happiness, stress, and health. Happiness is endorphins and dopamine and all that. The health is control over tapping in into the immune system in all the level. And the strength is the adrenaline at your service like the adrenal access in your conscious world. With that comes, we should not be individualize through schooling to become a tough motherfucker.

Lewis: Yeah.

Wim: Strength is where we help each other to become the best of ourselves and it’s all there now.

Lewis: What’s your greatest fear?

Wim: It’s always a different looks like the same. You know fear is, I can explain it like this a feel in a state of being that is able to go with this conscious will into any part of the brain. What is that? That is sixth sense. We have shown the sixth sense, 7th sense and 8th sense now through scientific mechanisms. We are able to detect different neurological networks in the brain related to the body and of course commanded by the brain. We call it subconscious and there you get the 6th sense, 7th sense, and the 8th sense.

6th sense is I make a shortcut is the ability to enter at will into any part of our brain. We thought there was only 16% being able to be controlled by our will in our brain and now we have shown in brain scans in Germany with one of the 2 best brain scans of the world to create 100% neural activity. That means we are able to create at will consciously and 100% neural activity within the brain and thus suddenly the willpower is able to enter into the right neural active part of that brain. That means we are able to go past the time space barrier of our thinking and that is the 6th sense. There is the feel of state of being because your brain and your body are connected to be able to interact and confront with anything that is going to happen in the future.

Fear only exist because we are too much into our time space little area, narrowed consciousness and when there is narrowed consciousness in the future things will happen wherein you will have to go to another part of the brain to solve the matter at that moment. Those are the life lessons but it is too narrowed so that’s why the fear comes in and the fear says only things ‘go to me and find out why I’m here.’  Like pain is a signal psychologically fear is there. So that is number 6 the 6th sense and you can feel it as confidence, if you are confident then that is because you are able to go past time space barrier, past the narrowed consciousness because that’s the narrowed consciousness is all about.

Lewis: Yeah.

Wim: Number 6 is feel confident. Number 7 is the immune system. Neurological network thought of inaccessible now we shall show to make it accessible for people. So, what is the immune system? It’s a detection system to get the wrong intruders out like in a moment, not waiting 5 to 7 days and then the flu comes in and the fever and this. It takes 5 to 7 days to get into the specific answer and get a molecule on the membrane of the intruder and then suddenly you have no clue anymore.

Lewis: Wow.

Wim: You can do that in 5 minutes with your will and was able to go past the time space. So, that’s number 7 we got that and we have shown in science I’m only bringing things together and then number 8, I lately showed brain scans in Detroit how to tackle top down a stress out of your body. That is the power of the mind and I tell you I’m just at the beginning.

Lewis: What is your personal fear though?

Wim: I got a family with 6 I’m in fear all day long. So, he goes so fast out of your sight.

Lewis: So you’re afraid of something happening to your family or?

Wim: Oh yes and that makes me very attentive. I’m learning of him right now because once again I’m just at the threshold of the power of our mind and to dive deeper and explore more. In the end it is to guarantee love composed by happiness, strength, and health guaranteed to our children, and then getting into the power of the mind. This is the new dimension where I got in, they saw me in Germany then have these people in brain scans and suddenly at will make it this go, all the neural activity creating the right neural biochemical environment for the willpower which is in the end neural activity to enter into any part of the brain which is not possible if we are too much the way we are schooled is narrowed down than the 25% less of blood flow goes through the other part. That’s not alive we make it alive and suddenly the power of the mind is able to naturally go where it needs to go into the so-called subconscious. You are a submarine to go in and venture and find out the rest going on in there. In the end it’s for the soul to be able to flourish and to be and there is all the power of the love.

Lewis: Who was more influential in your life growing up your mom or your dad? And what was the greatest lesson they taught you?

Wim: My dad was like a gypsy and my mother was very strict. I love my mother if I have a teacher it was her and now it’s my dog, because my mother, she is still there and she is great. My dog when I go into the mountains in freezing temperatures and all that my dog is 3 times faster. In the mountains he is playing around it is -20 or -25, it is freezing cold and he’s just playing around. If there is a teacher it’s her, but in the end it’s the cold itself. The cold is my teacher.

Lewis: What is the greatest lesson the cold has taught you?

Wim: The cold is merciless but righteous. So, that and you can always depend always you are able to tap into the depth of yourself by going through the initial reflexes of the cold coming up upon you and then suddenly you get that deep power, I think it is a noble force.

Lewis: Can we do a 3 minute breathing exercise? Where you tell me and guide me and tell me what to do. If someone is watching and they only have 3 minutes a day to do some type of breathing exercise or a mindset?

Wim: You know in 4 minutes you got a pushup exercise. This is what we do the pushup exercise vacuums the oxygen out of you, but first into oxygenize we got act [?] the muscle tissue and thus when the muscle tissue is [?] it is the right chemical environment for the neuro performance transmitter to keep on going. Just to show it to yourself, besides that you get deeply into the autonomic nervous system within 4 minutes.

Lewis: Let’s do it.

Wim: Very soon I’m going to ask you to do pushups without [?] and that is because before we are going to [?] the blood and that goes into the muscle tissue and that will create the right chemical environment for the neuro performance to keep them going. Within 4 minutes you get so fast in your biochemistry and you hold your breath which is consciousness and thus the consciousness goes into the nervous system into the [?] by science it is not possible, it’s the autonomic nervous system.

Lewis: So what do we do first?

Wim: You know how many pushups you normally do? Keep that and that is your baseline and now we’re gonna do more pushups without breathing is that possible? Be the alchemist he’s gonna show and you’re gonna feel. Relax it’s able to store oxygen.

Lewis: Do we sit or stand for this? Does it matter?

Wim: If you stand you can go directly into pushup exercise. As you wish as you feel. Fully in and let it go.

Keep on going. Fully in and let it go. All the air have one thing in mind you give the best you get the best. Light headedness whatever you feel make it stronger, breathe in to it.

We are oxygenizing the body alkalizing the body. Muscle tissues becoming alkaline.

One thing in your mind.

Be a mean a machine. You are the alchemist.

Here come the last one fully in let it go and stop and go no breathing.

Whenever you feel the urge to breathe you can take it in and keep on going.

Lewis: Oh man.

Wim: Well done. This is the way you get deeply into the autonomic nervous system and really regulate adrenal access because he was not breathing and he became vacuum within. Suddenly you got to survive and I think we never do and it’s good for you. You tell what you feel.

Lewis: It’s good. Oh man I wished I didn’t do chest this morning but I got a full like chest morning but it feels good. I was feeling like tingly and light headed doing breathing but then I felt like I had a lot of energy when I breathe all the way out. I was pushing I felt a lot of energy.

Wim: That’s the alkalinity in the muscle tissue and the performance transmitter acetylcholine is able to go, and normally when it becomes sore acetylcholine is not able to go anymore.

Lewis: Do you recommend people to do that 4 minute exercise every day?

Wim: Yes, everybody has 4 minutes no excuse.

Lewis: Should they do the exercise with pushups or just by breathing?

Wim: With pushups a lot better because you get the shit out of your system. And you’re adrenal access is on and that resets the body and that means you get into this natural biochemical state.

Lewis: It’s like high.

Wim: Yes and that’s logical. The thing is we got to free app on the website and that is.


Wim: Yeah, and there is a free app and you got all the scientific signs behind it about the cold and the way the breathing deeply gets into it.

Lewis: Video training. You doing workshops around the world now too right? So if people want to do a workshop with you they can go to

Wim: In L.A it’s gonna happen in November and then New York and New Orleans and things like that. All over the world Australia, Asia, Europe.

Lewis: What is your mission? What do you want people.

Wim: I want everybody to be happy, strong, and healthy and that it is there and that you learn to own your own mind because it’s beautiful. Then you sense a power and you become powerful and you are a protector and you live in harmony with nature around you inside and outside same thing.

Lewis: When you have control you’re not being, you’re not trying to survive and be a victim of life. You’re in control of life and you are able to serve other people around you.

Wim: Yes, our energy doesn’t need so much to survive and to be, we get so much more energy and we naturally give that, but for that we have to first have to know who we are. And for that we need that control, and for that we are into these signs to show everybody has it.

Lewis: Who are you?

Wim: I’m here like a simple dude changing the world.

Lewis: If there are 3 words to describe you what would those 3 words be?

Wim: I’m crazy about life. They always said it’s crazy you know negatively content and I say “I’m still crazy.” So the family being who am I? I’m the savior but you too and everybody is.

Lewis: There’s a couple of questions to ask you to finalize this. One is called the 3 truths. I don’t remember if I asked you this the last time but I’ll ask you now. Imagine it’s the last day of your life many years from now and you’ve achieved everything you want. The world is healing and people gaining their power back there’s less mental stress and disease. Information is leaving people’s bodies, they’re controlling their minds and everything. The worked you’ve done is impacting the world. Your family is healthy you’ve got 20 grandkids whatever you want everything you want has happened. But at some point you got to leave, you got to leave this earth and everyone is there and it’s a great celebration but everything you created you’ve got to take it with you. So your work, message this podcast it’s all got to go with you, but you get to write down on a piece of paper 3 things you know to be true about your whole life and the lessons you’ve learned in your life. So, you can leave behind 3 lessons for the world, what would you say are those 3 lessons or 3 truths that you would share with the world?

Wim: Have the courage to go through fear. Find out who you really are and heal as many as you can.

Lewis: Really?

Wim: Yes.

Lewis: Find out who you are.

Wim: The real power of yourself. Find your real power it’s much more down than we thought. And once again I’m a drop out I am teaching professors and doctors all over the world. I got a holistic view and the holistic view come from nature. Nature knows more than we have stated in books and got them into our minds narrowing us down and thus it is able to be corrupted. The soul cannot be corrupted that is who we are. That is the power I wish for everybody to find and then to go like a warrior.

Lewis: Well, I want to acknowledge you Wim for the consistent mad man mission that you are to help heal and transform lives, I think you found a method that works for you and works for so many people. And your passion and commitment no matter what you look like or what people say about you, you’re just a maniac on a mission to change lives and I acknowledge you for that. I acknowledge you for your huge heart, we sang some songs the last time you were here. So, I acknowledge you for being a passionate and curious child even at 59 years old and never letting your childlike spirit leave you, because I think a lot of people at your age, my age forget who they are as a child and it leaves them, and you’ve kept that spirit alive and it’s infectious in a positive way. I appreciate you man.

Wim: That is nice that is great.

Lewis: My final question for you is what’s your definition of greatness?

Wim: I’m astonished now every day I’m astonished, I got this little baby. I got a beautiful wife I am changing the world every day I feel great I am a man on a mission, any man or woman on a mission is gonna feel great.

Lewis: There you go Wim Hoff appreciate it.

There you have it my friends’ happiness, strength, optimal state of the body and mind all through breathing mindset and using the cold to our advantage. If you enjoyed this make sure to tag me @lewishowes on Instagram and tag Wim Hoff let me and him know what you thought about this and share this with your friends, put a link on your story on Instagram. I’m telling you it’s going to change the lives of so many people if they just apply some of these strategies. It is powerful anytime you seek this comfort in your life you will see certain results. The hard phase done well create better result for you overtime. It’s not fun it’s not easy but I’m telling you it is worth it. Make sure to share with your friends’ or be a champion in someone’s life today and send them a text.

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You have the power to change your life in any moment based on the thoughts that you think and the actions you take.

Nelson Mandela said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” You must be willing to just lean into those discomfort those fears, those insecurities. The more you take those on the more action steps you take towards them the less they will have power over you, but you must be willing to address it and face yourself head on, face your fears it’s gonna be ugly and messy, you’re gonna make mistakes but that’s where the magic is. Face your fears and keep moving forward. I hope this interview help you give you tools, strategies, inspiration that you can do this as well. You can overcome the challenges in your life if you’re just willing to go through them. Quit avoiding these things and go through them. I love you all so very much and you know what time it is, it’s time to go out there and do something great.

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