New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Andrew Huberman,Dr. Mark Hyman & Rich Roll

Ultimate Guide to Holistic Health: 3 Keys to Controlling the Mind & Resetting Your Nervous System

"Breathing controls our level of alertness and calmness; two inhales followed by an extended exhale can significantly reduce stress."

How much does the body control the mind, and the mind control the body? Today, we have 3 SOG favorites giving their own take on the mind-body connection and how they approach holistic health in their own lives. Andrew Huberman dives into the profound connection between the brain and body, revealing how our nervous system shapes our mental states. Dr. Mark Hyman shares his transformative journey of healing trauma to find true happiness and love. And Rich Roll inspires with his incredible story of overcoming addiction and embracing a life of continuous growth. This episode is packed with actionable insights to help you transform your life – now, let’s dive in!

"Healing trauma is crucial for finding true happiness and healthy relationships." @Dr. Mark Hyman  

And now let’s jump into episode 1631 of The School of Greatness!

"You feel most alive when you step outside your comfort zone and test yourself." @RichRoll  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How much does the body control the mind and the mind control the body?
  • Can you explain the brain-body contract and its significance?
  • What role do emotions play in our overall health and wellness?
  • How can breathing techniques help manage stress and mental states?
  • What are the differences between anxiety-associated depression and fatigue-associated depression?
  • Can you discuss the impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships and health?
  • How did psychedelics help you in your healing journey, Dr. Hyman?
  • Rich, how do you sustain positive habits and avoid falling back into old patterns?
  • What are some practical tools to enhance mental and physical health?
  • How do you balance personal growth with maintaining important relationships?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The brain and body are deeply interconnected, influencing each other continuously.
  • Emotions and states of mind involve both brain activity and bodily responses.
  • Depression and anxiety can be mitigated by understanding and leveraging the brain-body connection.
  • Breath control is a powerful tool for managing stress and altering mental states.
  • Holistic health involves addressing emotional traumas and adopting practices that enhance both mental and physical well-being.
  • Plus much more…

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