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Lewis Howes

The Power of Service

When in doubt — serve.

The iconic Muhammad Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

I’ve always been a big believer that everyone is addicted to something. And if we are going to be addicted to anything, why not find a positive addiction and why not be addicted to serving other people? When you’re giving your gifts to other people, you’re creating something in the service of other people. It lights a fire under you, and then it makes you stronger and more confident. It makes you want to keep going, and it helps the other person as a result.

And this is one of the most powerful things about service here on The School of Greatness. My goal is to serve as many people as possible. Our current mission is to impact a hundred million lives weekly to help them live better lives.

This means that I can’t tailor every episode to be well-liked by every listener. Some episodes are slam dunks, others get mixed responses, and some get critical feedback. And let’s be honest — sometimes it hurts when people say negative things about our dreams, our programs, or products, or something else we put our time and energy into.

When someone says something nasty about our mission, it can be hurtful to us if we allow it. But this fear of criticism doesn’t shake me off my path because my mission is service — not pleasing everyone, which will never be possible. You’ll never be able to make everyone happy in this process. I know I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I can still give my all to improve other’s lives in the way that I best see fit.

“If we are going to be addicted to anything, why not find a positive addiction and why not be addicted to serving other people?” @lewishowes  

The desire to serve is a beacon. I can always look for guidance, right? When I’m stuck with the decision, it helps me think of the people that are involved, or if I’m trying to figure out which course of action will serve them best, then everything else falls into place.

With business, I did a lot of training on public speaking, and I got pretty good at being able to get in front of a crowd, but I was still really nervous. I was speaking in front of 20,000 people, but I still remember getting nervous before every speech that I’d go onto. Even after five, six, seven, eight years of doing this all the time, I’d still be nervous. And I eventually talked to a coach who said that the reason why I was nervous was that I was still worried about what people thought about me.

I was so worried that I would mess up and make a fool of myself. But that worry kept me from unlocking my potential. I was able to change my mindset by accepting that I would not be perfect and that I would give as much as I could to the audience during every speech. This same mindset has aided me in my personal life, business, and career.

There are things that you can do every single day to show that you care, and that service mentality will pay dividends in your relationships. It’s hard to be nervous when your heart’s on fire with service. You’ve got to embrace in your heart because it will guide you in figuring out what you’re meant to do in the next stage of your life

If you’re just trying to figure out your mission, focus on service because it’ll fill you up and it’ll help you impact the people around you at the highest level. It will make you more confident, more energetic, and better at what you do!

Obviously, we’re all going to go through challenges and adversity, and nothing’s going to be perfect for the rest of our lives, but when I think about great leaders of the past, the ones that bring people together, they focused on this service mentality. I hope this episode inspires you to adopt this same heart of service!

Join me on Episode 1,032 to learn more about the power of service!

“Serve people based on your values, your passions, and the impacts you want to create.” @lewishowes  

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