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Russell Brand

The Power of Fame, Fighting Addiction, & Spiritual Freedom in Your Life

Do you struggle with addiction?

When you hear the word “addiction,” what do you think of?

Several of us probably think of an addiction to drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, or LSD. But the truth is, addiction can expand far past drugs. As humans, we can be addicted to all sorts of things, including affirmation, the opinions of others, sex, money, and even failure.

Are you addicted to something? Take a moment to really think about that question. Sometimes, we can be addicted to something without even realizing it. We can even be addicted to things that are good — such as relationships, wealth, or our jobs.

But when these external circumstances take over our internal self-worth, we can completely lose ourselves in the process.

Today’s guest is familiar with addiction — he was addicted to drugs for several years in his past — but by seeking meaning within himself, he has found freedom. He sums it up perfectly in this quote: “Don’t think you can medicate yourself with anything external. It’s within you, and you already have it.”

Please welcome Russell Brand to The School of Greatness!

“Make helping other people something that is integral to your life.” @rustyrockets  

Russell Brand is an award-winning comedian, actor, author, public thought leader, and a passionate activist for mental health and drug rehabilitation. Since rising to fame in 2003, Russell Brand has established himself as one of the world’s most celebrated stand-up comedians.

Aside from stand-up comedy, Russell is also a phenomenally successful author, broadcaster, actor, podcaster, columnist, political commentator, and mental health & drug rehabilitation activist. When he was a teenager, he started trying different types of illegal drugs and became addicted to heroin in his early twenties. Recovering from that addiction was one of the hardest things he did in his life, but he succeeded and wrote a New York Times bestselling book documenting his journey to healing — Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions.

Since then, Russell has written several more books, starred in movies, and launched his two podcasts — Above the Noise(a meditation podcast) and Under the Skin (a podcast about revolutionary politics and spiritual awakening). His most recent creation is his book Revelation: Connecting with the Sacred in Everyday Life — an Audible Original that explores the meaning of life, death, and the sacred space in between.

Russell is one of the most insightful people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. His perspective on life, success, and healing will encourage you to seek spiritual awakening in your own life, no matter your beliefs! You’re going to love this episode!

Join me on Episode 1,109 to learn about the power of fame, fighting addictions, and finding spiritual freedom with the talented Russell Brand!

“Become you. Don’t become the obstacles. Don’t let the obstacles define you." @rustyrockets  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What does fame actually mean?
  • What does fame do to people if they don’t know how to manage it?
  • When did Russell feel the most insecure and when did he learn to overcome that?
  • When does Russell feel the most loved?
  • What does he love about his wife the most?
  • What should people prioritize in their lives so they don’t waste their life away?
  • How can we overcome self-doubt to gain real confidence?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why practicing your values can help you be part of something bigger than yourself.
  • The three skills Russell wishes he knew earlier in his life.
  • How to be the father to yourself when learning new things.
  • What happens when you don’t commit yourself to achieve your dreams.
  • Why self-doubt can be critical to your awareness.
  • The reality of freedom.
  • How Russell manages negative thoughts.
  • Plus much more…

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