New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Lewis Howes

The Keys to Successful Relationships (And Maintaining Them)

Here is the promised second episode of the mini solo series on how to build and maintain relationships with influencers.

I’ve been reading all your comments on the last episode and love the feedback – thanks!

Today’s follow up episode is taking the conversation deeper and getting into territory I don’t hear many people discuss.

Pretty much it comes down to this: how do you maintain lots of relationships with busy, important people and continually improve them?

Well, I can tell you this much right up front — it doesn’t happen without effort and consistency.

The good news is, anyone is capable of doing this if they just practice the right habits and come at it with the right intention.

So in today’s solo round on The School of Greatness, I’m sharing things I rarely talk about – how I maintain hundreds of quality relationships with people who are incredible influencers.

I still want to hear your feedback on these solo rounds, so let me know what you think after listening to Episode 437.

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

The 9 Keys to Maintaining Successful Relationships in Business

  1. Make a list of the top 20 relationships you want to evolve and invest in.
  2. Show up to their events, add positive energy, make them look good.
  3. Connect them with people in your network who you know are a value add.
  4. Be yourself. People want to be friends with real people.
  5. Share what you’re learning – pass along insight, tips, discoveries, etc. that will support their vision.
  6. Invite them to things that you know they would enjoy and you have a connection to.
  7. Send them a text or note of acknowledgment on random occasions without an ask attached.
  8. Ask them how you can support them and what their biggest need is.
  9. Promote their stuff! Even if it’s a tweet or Instagram mention, they’ll notice and appreciate it.

Show Notes:

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