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Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule & The Secret to Motivation


Is it worrying about judgment from others? Is it feeling that you’re not enough, or not living up to expectations? Is it based on negative talk you received from others growing up? There are a lot of reasons why we might not fully embrace every aspect of ourselves — and today, with everyone’s lives constantly being on full display on social media, it seems the list of reasons keeps growing. 

I struggled with this a lot along my personal development journey. I felt that I wasn’t enough or that I wasn’t fully worthy of love, and as a result, my self love was shaky as well. I compensated by going all in on sports. That’s where I felt most comfortable, and where I received the most compassion and support from others. I thought that in order for others to actually love me, that it took me performing well on the football or track field. 

Now that I’m older and have put in the time and energy into personal development, I realize that loving ourselves shouldn’t be conditional. It shouldn’t be something that we do only after we achieve a goal or accomplish a task. We should love ourselves unconditionally every step along the way. And my guest today is going to show us how.

Today, I’m so pumped to have one of my all-time favorite people back on the show: the amazing, Mel Robbins! In our conversation, Mel is going to show us how we can fully love ourselves, get rid of negative self talk for good, why we should rethink how we’re approaching the Law of Attraction, and SO much more. Now, please help me welcome back the one-and-only, Mel Robbins, to The School of Greatness!

“The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself.” @melrobbins  

Mel Robbins in the studio with me again! Mel is a best-selling author, tv host and motivational speaker. She’s one of the leading voices in personal development and transformation. With her global phenomenon of an idea, The 5 Second Rule, she taught millions of people around the world the 5 second secret to motivation. Now she’s back with another simple, proven tool you can use to take control of your life in her new book, The High 5 Habit.

If you’re struggling with fully embracing yourself and loving who you are unconditionally, then I know this episode will be a game changer. I encourage you to listen to it and share it with a friend who you think needs to hear it because, let me say, Mel brings the heat in this one! And now, join me for Episode 1,170 of The School of Greatness.

“If you start to high five yourself and tell yourself that you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be fulfilled, you will start to see reasons for it.” @melrobbins  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why did you not know how to love yourself?
  • Why do we think that we’re not worthy of encouragement?
  • What is the difference between high fiving yourself in the mirror and high fiving a partner or friend?
  • What does science say about high fiving yourself in the mirror?
  • How do we learn to not self-sabotage the good things in our life?
  • What is something you’re constantly trying to overcome?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to learn to love yourself.
  • How to stop engaging in negative self talk.
  • Why Mel thinks everyone is using the law of attraction incorrectly.
  • What we get wrong about jealousy.
  • And so much more…
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