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Philip Levine

Winning Elections and Disrupting the Status Quo

“To be an American means to do the right thing.”

I have always said that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be selfless. You need to be looking to serve and help your community.

People can tell when you aren’t being sincere, when you’re faking it, and when you are trying to deceive them.

As it turns out, being a politician isn’t that different. It’s one of the best ways you can truly create change in your community, and if you take the time to listen, people will really respect you.

At least that’s what I learned from today’s guest, Philip Levine, the former Mayor of Miami Beach.

“The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack.”  

Philip is now running for Governor with a progressive vision to move Florida forward as a leader in the 21st century economy. He wants to revitalize the economy, envisioning a Florida with better-paying jobs, more competitive public schools, and an entrepreneurial approach to protecting our environment.

In the past, he funded his own campaign, refusing money from special interests, and easily won re-election to two terms with a majority of the vote.

On this episode we had a really amazing conversation. Before he was ever in public office, Philip was an entrepreneur, creating multiple companies and scaling them to great success.

He let me in on some incredible information a lot of people don’t know about him, including how he gave back to one of the most influential people from his childhood.

Philip goes into detail on how he led a successful election campaign, the lessons he learned from Bill Clinton, and how you can become a better communicator.

If you want to hear how you can be a better entrepreneur and better humanitarian at the same time then you need to listen to Episode 602.

“The goal today is to bring us together, not divide us more.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What made you want to transition from entrepreneur to mayor? (6:50)
  • How do you enroll people in a single “company” that’s going to be gone a year later? (10:20)
  • When did you first connect with Bill Clinton? (14:55)
  • What’s something Clinton isn’t notorious for that makes him different? (19:28)
  • Who was your greatest teacher growing up? (26:32)
  • What’s the biggest lesson your mother taught you? (28:52)
  • Do you think everyone should serve in public office at some point? (33:47)
  • What’s an entrepreneurial approach to helping our environment? (38:04)
  • What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome? (41:36)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Philip’s background in marketing gave him an edge (9:30)
  • When he first felt the need help people (13:46)
  • The greatest lesson he learned from Bill Clinton (17:03)
  • How to train yourself to be a better communicator (22:53)
  • Which of his parents was the more inspiring teacher (27:36)
  • What got him so involved in the environment (30:28)
  • How you can get involved in your community (34:08)
  • What Philip thinks we need the most as a society (41:12)
  • What he is most proud of that most people don’t know about him (42:48)
  • Plus much more…

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