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Michael Todd

Mastering Relationships, Marriage, & Sex (The SPIRITUAL Keys)

What's holding you back?

Is your past holding you back? Do you find it difficult to move forward in your life because you’re constantly reliving your past memories?

Maybe it’s not your past, but your present — are you in an unhealthy relationship where your partner is tearing you down instead of building you up? You want to improve, grow, and cultivate a healthy relationship, but your partner doesn’t seem to be operating on the same frequency as you.

Or maybe it’s not your present, but your future. You’re unsure of what your purpose is, and you struggle with feeling anxious about all the possible bad things that could happen to you. You desperately need something to place your trust in so that you can move forward confidently.

If you find yourself in either one (or all) of these camps, you’re not alone! Each day, we all struggle with different things that can hold us back from greatness and healthy relationships. Many people go throughout their lives held back — but this doesn’t have to be you.

We can heal from our pasts. We can have healthy, lifelong relationships. We can find trust and stability in a world that’s always changing.

Today, I have a guest who is sure to inspire you that this is all possible. I’m thrilled to welcome Pastor Michael Todd onto The School of Greatness!

“Greatness is actually fulfilling what you’re called to do.” @iammiketodd  

Pastor Michael along with his wife Natalie, have been the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK since February 2015. They were entrusted with Transformation Church by the founding Pastor, Gary McIntosh after 15 years of operation. Their personal philosophy and driving passion is representing God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ. Their mission is to place Christ in the center of culture to impact their community, city, and world with the gospel presented in a relevant and progressive way.

In 2016, because of their obedience and the viral impact of the sermon series “Relationship Goals,” they gained influence and the ability to reach millions of people all over the world. With the popularity of this series spanning over 2 years and gaining over 6 million views, Ps. Michael knew that this wasn’t just a sermon but was a necessary lesson in which the world needed to hear. You can pick up a copy of his debut book Relationship Goals here.

Pastor Michael is a highly sought-after speaker and leader who has ministered and spoken in many churches and events, both domestically and internationally, all while leading Transformation Church, where they reach over 5,000 people in physical attendance and over 20,000 people live online every week. Pastor Michael and Natalie live in Tulsa with three beautiful children — Isabella, Michael Jr., and Ava Todd.

In addition to being a spiritual leader, I would consider Pastor Michael as a relationship expert as well! In this interview, you’ll find tons of valuable advice in order to find and maintain healthy relationships that last.

Join me on Episode 1,087 to learn about mastering relationships, marriage, and sex with Pastor Michael Todd!

“You aren’t in control of the things that happen to you but you can control how you react to things and the actions you take in your life.” @iammiketodd  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Were there any moments in the last 5 years where thoughts of infidelity crept into your mind?
  • Why do we lie to ourselves all the time?
  • What happens when you’re showing someone they can trust you after breaking their trust, but now they don’t believe you?
  • How does someone start sharing things about themselves that are extremely traumatic or hurtful in order to start healing?
  • What has been the biggest challenge emotionally about becoming successful?
  • What do you say to people who want to let go of their problems but don’t have the same faith as you?
  • How do you detach your ego from your accomplishments?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why we should be focusing on progression not perfection.
  • How to heal your relationships from past issues.
  • What happens when you’re working on yourself but your partner is holding you back.
  • The three main qualities every relationship should be founded on.
  • How important therapy or counseling is for your relationship.
  • How to start believing in yourself and all you have to offer.
  • Plus much more…

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