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John Lee Dumas

Master Your Day

My man John Lee Dumas of EO Fire offered to do another guest 5-Minute Friday episode and I said yes!

If you listened to the first time he guest appeared on  The School of Greatness, you know John has amazing energy and focus.

That’s how he’s built his incredible business podcasting 7 days a week, supporting up and coming entrepreneurs, and living the dream.

He moved to Puerto Rico last year and you might think he would have been distracted by living in paradise.

But not John. He is a true master of productivity, focus, and discipline and someone I truly look up to in how he runs his day and business.

So when he told me he was coming out with an entire journal designed to support entrepreneurs in mastering their day, I wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy this powerful pick me up from John Lee Dumas in Episode 438.

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