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Jordan Harbinger

Master Social Skills and Confidence

Way back in the day, when The School of Greatness was in its early phase, I had the chance to get a master podcaster on the show.

Jordan Harbinger has been running his wildly popular podcast, The Art of Charm, for 10 years – you read that right.

He’s also the founder of a training company that teaches people how to build their confidence, social skills, self-esteem, and career progression.

So when he first came on the show in Episode 73, we talked all about tips and tricks to build those skills and get dates.

When he was in town recently and we had a chance to sit down and record a second episode, I wanted to go deeper.

I wanted to understand the core truths Jordan has learned from decades of studying people, success, influence, and social capital.

And he delivered (along with several awesome stories).

This time we went into the emotional and psychological reasons behind what we do and how we can build awareness to change.

I’m stoked to bring you a second dose of my brilliant friend Jordan Harbinger in Episode 439.


“The mind follows the body and the body follows the mind.”  

“Our emotional responses are the opposite of logic.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What would make this the most powerful podcast episode you’ve ever done? (3:59)
  • What got you so interested in human social dynamics? (17:45)
  • How can you create a positive perception in the minds of everyone you come in contact with? (34:57)
  • What is social capital and why is it so important? (1:00:45)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The story of how Jordan got kidnapped twice in his twenties (5:01)
  • Why non-verbal communication always trumps verbal communication (24:11)
  • How our defense mechanisms actually work (31:33)
  • When first impressions are really made (35:16)
  • The drill that Jordan suggests anyone can do to boost their confidence and social perception (41:40)
  • How to shift out of a negative mood quickly (56:23)
  • Plus much more…
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