New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

Lewis Howes on The School of Greatness
Me visiting SuperheroYou HQ for this interview

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Who was obsessed with superheroes as a kid?

Who loved the X-Men?

Who wanted to go to the X-Men’s Academy for Gifted Youngsters?

If you answered all those questions “Me!”, you are going to love today’s episode of The School of Greatness.

The first time I saw Jim Kwik speak on stage, my mind was blown.

His memory is nothing short of superhuman.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, as a kid, he struggled A LOT in school (just like me) and almost dropped out of college because he was so discouraged.

And then he decided to focus his work on learning about learning.

Fast forward 20 years and Jim is a world-renown master of memory, speed reading, learning and the brain. He has worked with the biggest names in the world, including the Clintons, Oprah, and Richard Branson, to name a few.

If that isn’t cool enough, he just opened an amazing Superhero Headquarters in the Hollywood Hills. It’s going to be epic.

I got to meet up with him there recently for this interview.

Not only did we have an awesome conversation (which you can listen to and watch below!) but he amazed me yet again at the end with one of his incredible memory tricks.

We didn’t just talk about superheroes and mind games though.  Jim reveals extremely useful and simple to learn steps to remembering people’s names, retaining the information you take in, and improving your brain in general.

Episode 115 is a gold mine of information for anyone who wants to take their performance and business to a superhuman level. Prepare to have your mind blown by Jim Kwik.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Jim Kwik on The School of Greatness

“If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower.”

Some questions I ask:

  • What inspired you to hack the brain in the first place?
  • Why is learning a superpower?
  • What are some things people can do to remember names?
  • What are some daily rituals you have to sharpen your mind?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

“We all grew up with a 20th century education that prepared us for a world that doesn’t exist anymore.”

  • The 4th R we should learn in school: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Recall
  • The power of writing our goals down (actually using pen and paper)
  • The difference between your problem and the story you tell yourself
  • What a forced multiplier is and why learning is considered one
  • 3 keys to remembering something: MOM
    • Motivation
    • Observation
    • Mechanics

“Two of the most costly words in business are ‘ I forgot.'”

  • The secret behind President Clinton’s amazing memory
  • The connection between “listen” and “silent” (hint: it’s a word scramble)
  • The power of remembering someone’s name after meeting them
  • The 7 tips to remembering someone’s name: BE SUAVE
  1. Believe
  2. Exercise
  3. Say the name
  4. Use it
  5. Ask about it
  6. Visualize
  7. End by saying their name
  • There’s no magic memory pill. There’s a magic memory process.
  • What visualization Jim used to remember my name when he first met me
  • His 10 top rules for improving your memory

“We’re not paid for our brute strength. We’re paid for our brain strength.”

    • Some good exercises to strengthen your brain
    • The AMAZING story behind how he hung out with the whole X-Men cast for a week
    • Plus much more…

Quotes Jim quoted:

“There is no learning without remembering.” – Socrates

“Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” – Mark Twain

“The same level of thinking that’s created the problem won’t solve the problem.” – Albert Einstein

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

Whoa guys. I am still on a high from visiting Jim at SuperheroYou HQ and learning from his amazing brain. Not to mention his incredible stories. This is powerful information. Which memory tip are you going to use to remember people’s names?

 “Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.”

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