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Laird Hamilton

It Starts with Your Breath

Breath is necessary for life.

They say if you learn to master your breath, you’ll have the strength of ten tigers.

So, why don’t we focus more on breathing?

We should Breath is energy.

When an endurance athlete loses control of their breath, it usually means they’re losing.

But it’s bigger than that.

Your life begins with your first breath and ends with your last.

You exist because you breathe.

For this 5-Minute Friday, I revisited a conversation I had with Laird Hamilton where he shared how he has mastered his breath.

Laird Hamilton is best known as an American big-wave surfer and pioneer in the world of action water sports. In addition to his affinity for the water, Laird is labeled as an inventor, author, stunt man, model, producer, TV host, fitness and nutrition expert, husband, father and adrenaline junkie.

Laird says that people who swim have a different relationship with breathing because they’re forced to realize its importance.

He says that there are ways you can work on breathing to bring you both a sense of calm and energy.

Get ready to learn all about the power of breath in Episode 792.

“Your soul is connected to your breath.” @LairdLife  

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why breathing is so important in our lives (1:00)
  • The connection between spirit and breath (2:00)
  • Why swimmers have a better relationship with their breath (3:00)
  • Different ways to train your breath (4:00)
  • Plus much more…

Show Notes:

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Laird Hamilton

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is 5-Minute Friday!!

A legend in today’s sport world his name is Laird Hamilton and at 215 pounds at 6’3 inches with an uncommon combination of balance, flexibility and strength he is truly a larger than life athlete and individual. Not only is he the quintessential big wave surfer, Laird is also known as a renowned innovator and guiding genius of crossover board sports including tow-in surfing, stand up [?], and hydrofoil boarding.

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Why breathing is so important in our existence

Laird: In our existence?

Lewis: Yes in our lives.

Laird: I mean I’ve been fortunate to be exposed to a couple of different form of breathings and of course you know when you’re in the ocean or in the water breath is ever important because your relationship with drowning. But lately I’ve been kind of studying with this guy [?] who does all this breath training, but the thing that you realize is that your spirit or your soul is connected to your breath and that when you, like you know when a baby takes its first breath is when the spirit comes into the body just like when the breath stops so does the spirit leave. So, if you really want to get into like kind of a little bit deeper conversation connection to your soul or your spirit, and then it’s obviously mandatory for life. I mean breath is the way we get oxygen, oxygen is essential for living. So it’s all about breathing at the end and then we know through cardiovascular activities and any kind of exertion it’s all about breathing. Breathing is your fuel, that’s your energy and power when you’re not eating food and digesting and drinking water. We know oxygen is the thing that ultimately fires every cell in your body.

Lewis: So you’ve been practicing breathing strategies or techniques or working on your breath  since you’ve been surfing or swimming in the ocean your whole life or is it more in the last year?

Laird: Well, it’s been the last year or so that I really focus on isolation of the breath. I’ve been exposed to some yoga breathing and some types of yoga breathing over the years, but I haven’t been so disciplined and consistent with it like I have been the last year and a half or two. And I indirectly have been doing it anyway.

Lewis: Sure. You have to when you are swimming.

Laird: Swimming is a breathing rhythm, being in the water you always have to hold your breath. So you have a relationship with your breath if you do any kind of diving or free diving you already have established a deeper relationship than normal people.

Lewis: If you want to become a better swimmer or better in the water whatever sport you are doing you have to master your breathe at some level.

Laird: Absolutely.

Lewis: So you’re getting better just by practicing it?

Laird: It’s a byproduct of you doing without even being conscious of it and then when you do some heavy circuits or other types of intense training you know what the breath is all about. I mean usually the breath is what dictates a failure. At certain point when you’re out of breath and you’re behind you know you look at any endurance leader and fighter, you know as soon as they start mouth breathing everybody say ‘they’re finish’

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