New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Rob Dyrdek

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Become Successful


Do you have a five-year plan? Ten-year plan? What about a 100-year plan that outlasts your own life and leaves a legacy?

Take a moment to think — if you were responsible for your family’s well-being for generations after you passed away, how would your life be different today? How would your goals, daily habits, financial decisions, and other areas of your life change? If you have a piece of paper, I encourage you to write down your answer.

I love this concept — not only does it take the pressure off of us to deliver results in a short amount of time, but it also turns our attention to what legacy we want to leave behind. It gives us permission to be intentional about the present moment as well as the future for our families and loved ones. 

My guest today is Rob Dyrdek who asked these questions and shared so many other gems about legacy during our conversation. He’s a serial entrepreneur, investor, TV personality, and legendary skateboarder, and I’m honored to call him my friend as well. 

In this interview, we discuss a wide range of topics, like how Rob used manifestation for success, how he automates his life to avoid decision fatigue, the five things Rob does every single day, and SO much more. I’m so excited to hear how he combined these with the Law of Attraction to manifest his dreams. Let’s get started!

Who Is Rob Dyrdek?

The relentless pursuit of his childhood dreams made Rob Dyrdek a professional athlete at 16 years old. It also propelled him into the world of business before most people entered college. Surrounded by entrepreneurs in his youth, Dyrdek quickly learned the power of building brands. 

At 18 years old, he used that knowledge to create his first company. This “outlier” experience helped Rob develop and grow both his brands. His business also increased the value of his brand partners as he was quickly becoming an influential professional skateboarder. 

By leveraging his influence and designing new concepts and ideas, Rob helped turn a rising footwear and apparel brand into a $500 million international company. He used that same expertise to build skate brands later in his career before launching the world’s first true professional skateboarding league, Street League Skateboarding, along with a first-of-its-kind skateboarding channel called ETN. Rob’s approach to brand development led him to co-create and executive produce his first television show, Rob & Big, on MTV. 

Rob continued his television success with the launch of his new production company, Superjacket. In this new role, he created another hit television show called Ridiculousness. He also began to develop the groundwork for his venture creation studio, Dyrdek Machine. Rob is the co-founder of each venture Dyrdek Machine creates. He works personally with his partners to help them realize their true passion and voice and turn it into a profitable, sustainable brand.

Since launching in 2016, Dyrdek Machine has created 14 brands, 5 of which have exited for an aggregate value of over $450M. Rob’s desire to live life to the fullest pushed him to develop a strategy for success in life, like the formula he created for his venture creation studio. Rob now enjoys a fulfilling life with his family in Beverly Hills, following his life plan for happiness, balance, and love while still achieving greatness in his career. He continues to build his dream as he had not only envisioned but designed it. Rob has co-founded 26 different brands, including the Dyrdek Machine. He is also a board member of Outstanding Foods and publicly traded Motorsports Gaming.

If you’re ready to gain insight into the daily habits, routines, and overall belief systems of someone who embodies greatness, then you won’t want to miss this episode! 

How Can The Law of Attraction Lead To Success?

What do you do when your goals are so audacious they seem almost impossible?

Some of us might have given up, but some won’t, just like Rob. Through his belief in the Law of Attraction, he was able to manifest his dream of becoming the successful entrepreneur he is now. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it is anchored on the belief that like attracts like and that imagining what you want is the first step to achieving it. But do you know that he started to build this habit even as a young teen?

“I remember sketching myself as a 14-year-old in a matching hat and shoes with a skateboard on the side. There were also art easels and stacks of money around.” – Rob Dyrdek

Over the years, Rob would work and look for ways to make this dream possible. But when he reached his mid-twenties, he felt he lost track and looked for a hypnotist so he could refocus on his goal.

“I found a hypnotist, and I asked him, “Make me focused on skateboarding, so I can win contests. He immediately told me, ‘You don’t believe you were meant to be successful at your subconscious level.’ I realized the hypnotist was just reinforcing subconsciously that I was meant to be successful.” – Rob Dyrdek

When we’re young, our brains are like sponges — they’re able to absorb things quickly. We want to get better, and that’s what pushes us to strive more. That’s also when we strongly believe in ourselves. At some point as we get older, the passion and drive dies down. That very transition happened to Rob. Yet throughout these highs and lows, he has never forgotten to work on manifestation to achieve his goals.

“In 2018, they were talking about Ridiculousness going away. It was the first company I was building to sell, and it felt like drifting away. My wife suggested, ‘Why don’t we just watch The Secret?’ … The first 15 minutes of watching just shifted my being. I felt like telling myself to stop [and] look at my accomplishments and the good that has constantly found its way to me. It helped me keep my sight, and I began to practice belief again.” – Rob Dyrdek

As if by magic, Ridiculousness was able to run beyond 12 seasons, and they created more shows, which made Rob the media mogul he is today.

“I didn’t do it overnight. We’ll surely go through our highs and lows; we might stop for a little bit, but we go back to the start. It goes like that until you finally grow the muscle of consistency and discipline.” – Rob Dyrdek

Belief is at the core of manifestation. When you believe in yourself, it’s like carrying around an extra limb. If someone tries to push you down, you’re not going to fall! As you believe, more opportunities will come your way. I encourage you to think that you can achieve anything that you set out to do!

“Progression creates belief.” @robdyrdek  

The Roadmap for Staying Focused and Achieving Goals

The road to reaching your goals is not always smooth. Everyone starts with lots of energy and passion, but then they might feel lost or tired along the way. From my conversation with Rob, he shares five things everyone should know to stay focused and strengthen their belief in manifestation.

#1: Get Up Early

When we wake up early, we have a lot of time to plan our day — that is key in reaching our goals. It’s just how our biological clock works; we feel more alive and active when the sun rises. Rob explains how this simple trick also helps him set his day right.

“I’ve been getting up before 4:30 because you get so much out of being highly organized before the chaos starts. It allows you to think freely and ideate all these things. The life force is constantly recalibrating, and you’re able to get clarity on where you’re headed.” – Rob Dyrdek

When you can get things planned before the day starts, you feel great and start the day on a high note.

#2: Meditate

Many have a hard time achieving a quiet mind. Our thoughts can be distracting and can get in the way of our goal achievement. 

Meditation is a great way to keep our minds focused on what we want. Rob does it by listening to guided manifestation meditation that reinforces his drive, ambition, hopes, and dreams.

“I think any time you just take 20 minutes to be outside of your body, it allows you to reset everything.” – Rob Dyrdek

By meditating, you can truly see things from a different perspective and get creative. It allows you to take a break and get grounded, which can make you more productive. Your mind will be more precise, and you can focus on what’s important. 

#3: Diet

Like Rob, I also believe that one of the most important things to achieve your goals is getting rid of bad habits and starting small — like your diet.

“If I could boil down the core of my happiness and execution, it is literally a clean diet.” – Rob Dyrdek

A clean diet is a foundation for your goals. When you eat healthy and in moderation, it gives your body more energy to perform at its best. However, it may not be as easy as we think — it requires discipline.

“A clean diet is crucial to anyone’s success, but it’s the hardest one to maintain. It’s the battle between the upper self and lower self.” – Rob Dyrdek

Rob’s words remind us that it’s all about taking baby steps, getting rid of bad habits, and doing things that will make you happy in small increments. The results add up over time, and before you know it, your healthy diet will make you want to continue on the right path.

#4: Get Moving

Exercise is another key to success. Rob also believes that it’s vital to be active, as physical activity makes the mind sharper and the body more flexible and responsive. It just improves one’s overall health and helps prepare for success.

“After years of abusing my body, all I want to do is re-engineer it by biomechanics. I learned how to slowly fix it and created a system that allowed me to do quantitative testing and muscle pattern correction.” – Rob Dyrdek

If you want to achieve anything significant in your life, you have to take care of yourself first by being consistent with your health and diet. Doing so allows you to be in good shape and properly equipped for success.

#5: Sleep

Rob believes that getting enough sleep allows his mind and body to rest, which benefits him beyond anything else. It’s one of the things that enables him to function in total capacity.

“Your capacity is taken by a lot of different things. One of the main things that takes your capacity is stress. There’s this thing called ‘stuck stress,’ which may be things or people in your life you can’t let go or release.” – Rob Dyrdek

Through sleep, we can also get rid of stress and other things that continually drain us. Like Rob, we need to approach our goals with the right mindset and begin with the basics. That way, we’ll be able to improve our creativity and find new ways for success while removing anything that could work against us.

Optimization And The Law Of Attraction

Your ability to attract your goals in life may depend on how much clarity you have before you even start working on it. As an entrepreneur, Rob discovered how impactful it was when it led him to the automation of his business processes. Once automation was set, optimization followed, ultimately allowing him to be successful in handling multiple businesses at the same time.

“Optimization is where you just get better and better. The better it gets, the less effort it takes. It also keeps people longer with you and increases their efficiency as well.” – Rob Dyrdek

What’s more fascinating is that optimization isn’t the end of everything. As you see yourself or areas of your life flourishing from it, you see progress. For Rob, it’s this progress that strengthens our beliefs and creates greatness. He goes back to the importance of practicing proper habits to make this happen.

“The only way to get to a life of more energy, freedom, and joy is through discipline. Discipline and consistency are the two hardest things to do, so how do you get more of them? You need to have clarity on where you’re headed. You need to do all the things you need to do to get energy — diet, less stress, working out, and choosing better friends. Now you have clarity so you can start and you have the energy to push it forward.” – Rob Dyrdek

What Rob means is that it’s not just vital that we have the right mindset but also to practice the proper steps every day! We must make sure we’re doing what it takes to be successful, starting with the basics. It’s like constructing a house — you can’t build without a firm foundation. 

Through optimization and making that a lifestyle, Rob can live his best life. He’s seen as a successful entrepreneur, and many people look up to him for what he has achieved.

The thing is, it’s an approach we can all use! This can help us in achieving our dreams and working towards living our best lives. 

Why You Should Listen to This Rob Dyrdek Podcast Episode Right Now…

Guys, the wisdom that you get out of this podcast episode is amazing. Like Rob shared with us today, what you think you can achieve is most often your reality, so you must know what fills your mind. Most importantly, you must understand that anything is possible with the proper practice and approach. 

Let me share Rob’s definition of greatness:

“[Greatness] really is when your personal mastery becomes so high that you grow into a level that almost no other people have ever done. This then inspires the masses to try to emulate you and be the best version of themselves.” – Rob Dyrdek

If you want to become the best version of yourself, I know that what Rob said here will inspire you just like it does for me! These are only a few of the many essential points Rob shares in this episode, so make sure to check it out here.

You can also connect with him through Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Also, if you found his thoughts valuable and inspiring, don’t forget to tag him, @robdyrdek, and me, @lewishowes, with your key takeaways from today’s show! Lastly, please subscribe over on Apple Podcasts, as leaving ratings helps us spread messages of positivity and encouragement even further.

To Greatness,

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“Greatness is when your personal mastery becomes so optimized that it inspires the masses to be the best version of themselves.” @robdyrdek  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • If you could only do 5 things each day to set yourself up for success and abundance what would they be?
  • What should we be obsessed with?
  • How do you keep a clean diet?
  • What are the 3 best investments in business or life?
  • What will you have created in 5 years?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Rob hypnotized himself for success.
  • The 5 things Rob does everyday to set himself up for success.
  • How Rob automates his life to create more opportunity for his goals and the things that truly matter.
  • Why you should focus on your “hundred year plan.”
  • The biggest misunderstandings about success and failure.
  • And so much more…
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