New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Shaun T

How to Transform Your Life

Transformation is a roller coaster.

It’s that time a year where a lot of us commit to making changes in our lives.

But sticking with resolutions is hard. Very few of us are consistently committed to ourselves.

It is not easy.

We have to think of new habits like a roller coaster.

We’re building momentum to making the change. But then the roller coaster goes down.

The dip is normal.

When you’re feeling low, you have to know that you will climb back up.

You have the forward motion to make it happen.

To talk about this journey of transformation, I wanted to share a special presentation and Q+A from this year’s Summit of Greatness with an inspirational icon: Shaun T.

“Commit. Climb. Conquer.” @ShaunT  

Shaun T is a world-renowned health and fitness expert, TV host, motivator and creator of the best-selling fitness programs INSANITY, HIP HOP ABS, FOCUS T25, INSANITY MAX:30, CIZE and newly released SHAUN WEEK. He has hosted several primetime TV series and shared the stage with Adam Lambert and Val Kilmer in the musical version of the Ten Commandments, as well as landing roles in Pippin, Applause, Six Feet Under and the feature film Beauty Shop.

A native of New Jersey, Shaun T received a BS in Sports Science and a minor in Theater and Dance from Rowan University. He’s danced with Mariah Carey as well as Aaron and Nick Carter and choreographed for USTA’s Arthur Ashe Kids Day, the NCAA Final Four Halftime Show and the movie Bring it on: All or Nothing.

Shaun talks about the phases that we go through when we try and succeed. He shares the superpowers that you have to get in touch with to withstand the roller coaster of chasing a goal.

So get ready to learn how to unleash your seven superpowers on Episode 725.

“Consistency over time is Trust.” @ShaunT  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What stories need to be told? (7:55)
  • Who do you prepare yourself for the low? (11:06)
  • How do you encourage people to stop hiding the things they’re uncomfortable with? (12:46)
  • How do you go bananas but balance your life? (16:12)

In this episode, you will learn:

    • About the “secret backpack” that has tools for your life (8:12)
    • Listen to what people are saying their biggest pain (9:57)
    • What are your needs and wants now (11:48)
    • Why you have to have a mirror moment every day (17:40)
    • Plus much more…

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis Howes: This is episode number 725 with inspirational icon with Shaun T. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes, a former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today, now let the class begin.

Collin Powel said “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” And that’s what our friend Shaun T is all about. Some of you may know him as a motivational speaker, fitness trainer, fitness motivator, businessman and TV personality. He is best known for his home fitness program for adults and kids which include T25, hip hop abs and insanity and so many more incredible programs through personal appearances. His workout programs and the transformational academy, his podcast trust and believe with Shaun T and his book T is for transformation, he is focus on affecting positive lifestyle changes and people around the world and proving that becoming the best version of yourself attainable. He is all about hard work, dedication, determination and being committed to yourself. Sometimes we say we’re committed to ourselves, we might even be committed to ourselves for a little while, but very few of us are consistently committed to ourselves and in this interview we talk about how to see the greatest version of yourself and be committed and consistent in a daily process. I am telling you it is not easy, I love to sleep in, I love to not workout, I love to eat sugar and candy and cakes and brownies all day long if I could. I could drink milkshakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner I am telling you I love all these things, but I wouldn’t be able to achieved what I have and what I am going to achieve in my health, in my relationships, my life, my business without the consistency, the commitment and the dedication and that’s what this is all about.

In this interview we talk about how to develop your belief system because that’s really at the core of these things. Why we make poor decisions stems from our belief system, talked about believing in the process and how to really be aware of the fear that we feel every single day and address it and overcome it, we talk about how to implement the big 3 C’s which commitment, climb and conquer because most of us can do some of it but it’s hard to really overcome it. Talk about breaking down your superpower, do you know what your superpower is? If you don’t you’re going to want to listen and find out and authenticity is required for being creative. This was actually from an interview we did on the summit of greatness stage in Columbus, Ohio recently and he just blew the roof off of people who are there, 1,500 people from around the world flew in for summit of greatness. You can get your ticket next year as well for the early bird general admission rates. Go check it out if you want to come next year, but this was from that interview and man did he blow the socks of people. So make sure to share this with your friends and as always tag me @LewisHowes for Instagram stories while you listen and make sure to tag Shaun T @ShaunT while you’re listening to this as well on your Instagram story and let them know what you enjoyed about this most.

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All right guys it’s all about how to transform yourself and I am excited about this as we’re going into the holiday season even more transformation of something we’re all reflecting on and what better to bring you than the one and only Shaun T.

Shaun: What’s your name, what are you grateful for and what is your question?

Skye: My name is Skye I’m from Boston but I am living in Los Angeles, I am grateful for my family and grateful to be here, I am a video creator, storyteller, producer and I make videos about health and wellness to help inspire others happy lives. So I’d like to ask you what story needs to be told to impact society, elevate society, to live our most vibrant happiest lives.

Shaun: What stories as in your personal story or what stories in general?

Skye: What stories in general? What people need to hear?

Shaun: So, you know I always say if you struggle comes strength and you know I talked about my secret backpack, in my book I talked about my secret back. No matter what you’ve been through if you’re breathing and you’re living today you can actually reach in your secret backpack because there is a tool that you gain and you’ve earned in order to progress forward and if you are to go through something again, you like ‘Hey, I kind of been through that so I reach into my secret backpack and utilized it.’ So my challenge to you is tell stories where people have challenges but don’t just show like ‘Oh my gosh they overcame.’ What did they learn from this? What is the superpower that they got from this and more importantly what is the tool like they had? What tools are they using? I would love to see a video where you literally do some sort of a graphic of a tool, like these people utilizing this power because we are inspired a lot by video of people overcoming obstacles but what is that one thing? I think society needs to see the and I say trust in transparency, full transparency and I’ll say this when I wrote my book when I talked about my sexual abused in my book, there are some people who read the and they were like ‘Too much it might break.’ I mean there are a lot of people out there being sexually abused or raped and they are so quiet because they are afraid to tell their story. I am telling the story in such graphic detail, we a lot of times tell story for the surface for people to get but how deep can you go? Like how deep can you go for the people who are silent and are stifled by silence? What stories can you say to give people strength to say ‘You know what I need to utilize that tool and I want to say something to go deep.’

I think it was great I think also listening to what people are saying as their biggest pain. Whatever they say their biggest pain is whether it’s your friends or close friends, whether you are just seeing this conversations on Facebook or twitter or Instagram and people are talking about the same pain over and over again, that’s the video you have to make that speaks to the pain I think, because that’s the one that’s that people are going to resonate the most, it’s going to help them the most and probably reach farther than just some generic video so speak to the pain.

Thank you so much and good luck.

Lewis: Name and what you’re grateful for and quick question.

Matt: My name is Matt from Yorktown, Virginia. Grateful for you Lewis but Shaun like I cannot even say how much you’ve change my life. Insanity instructor for about 5 years, so I feel like I’ve hit my high like you’re talking about when I was an instructor teaching about 5 classes a week but then I went down. What do you do on the way down for that low in order to turn it back up?

Shaun: Yea, so I can tell there’s a little bit of pain and well I can’t obviously interview you it’s like how do you get back up? I was saying like when you, I was talking about this secret backpack before a lot of people forget about what they did before you know. Number 1 you have to looked at what you did before to get to that highest point where you are but then also have to combined it with who you enhanced yourself as a person, because I don’t believe people change I just believe they enhance who they are and so there’s the you that’s back there that you’re grabbing the baton from but who are you now. You have to connect who you are now and what are your needs and wants right now and that’s going to give you the power to push back up. I don’t know but you might be in a different relationship, you might have kids, you might have move a job or house and so all of these things that surrounds you are changing road maps to success, but you have to then go back and be your own GPS.

Penelope: Hi, my name is Penelope and I’m from California and I apologize for taking the chance on second question but in Lewis’s documentary he talked about hiding all of these things that he was feeling inside and they were being exposed through different mannerisms and behaviors and he talked about when he opened up about being sexually abused, that was the first time he was able to tap into his potential and you talked about being sexually abused every single night when you were 8 years old. At what point did you start opening up to people about that and then how can you inspire all people of this room to stop hiding things they are uncomfortable with and talked about it so they can reach their potential.

Shaun: So the first time I open up about it was in therapy, when I was 21 years old I told my mother but it wasn’t much of a help because it was much more emotional and then I started to go to therapy. The first time I went to therapy I was like ‘This is going to work.’ But it didn’t and then I met Scott and so I was the happiest I have ever been my entire life. I was so happy, I was in love but at 2 o’clock at night I would start a fight with him, I would start a fight with him I would like leave, this was in my 30’s I would leave the room and he would be really confused like I would literally wake up mad and I would take him on this like horrific journey at 2 o’clock in the morning often. Then I was like I needed to go back to therapy again like I don’t know what’s happening and so I would go to therapy every day and then there was this 1 afternoon where I had to call my therapist like I was so distraught that I couldn’t even make it to her office, and she was like ‘What’s going on?’ I had never really talked about it before and I was telling her what was happening and she just said to me “When were you sexually abused when you were a kid?” And I was like 2 o’clock in the morning. So every night at 2 o’clock in the morning it would happen, so once I realized where that was coming from then I was able to understand where it came from and not push it off to Scott.

So onto your question when did I started telling everyone about it? Believe it or not at that time I had started to write my book and once that happen I stop writing my book because I had to release this in order to try and motivate other people. So when it finally broke inside of me and when I finally realized like wholeheartedly like with the full struggle was, that’s when I was able to talked about it but I had to talk to myself first, I didn’t know what that was first. So that was probably tougher than the actual abuse because it was realizing how I was affecting the person I love the most and taking them on this journey and they didn’t deserved that. So, I had to talk to myself and in a minute I can tell myself and look in the mirror and tell myself that is when I was able to tell other people and thank you.

Gina: My name is Gina, I am originally from New Jersey and I live in Columbus now. So I am actually on 2 major journeys at once and this is something that I really struggle with. So I am not only on the journey of entrepreneurship in building my business but also to transform my physical self and I know one supports the other but how do you prioritize and focus when you want to go bananas? So hard in both.

Shaun: What was the last part?

Gina: Like when you go bananas like how do you go so bananas in both and balance your life.

Shaun: Yeah, so it is about balance it’s about recalibrating every single day. So first of all I don’t want to say that I am sorry that you’re going through this, I am going to say congratulations because there are so many people out there who are going through this and are silent. It is just like when Penelope ask me when I am going to break the silence, but you know you need to prioritize. So everything else around you has to flow from everything that’s around you. So your business is like a materialistic way, this things like I don’t know if it’s going to help other people or it’s going to make money but that can’t thrive without the happiness of you, the happiness of the internal you. So it’s not really about balancing and prioritizing them like you are the most important and here is what I can promise you, if you focus on you every single day and you make you the priority whether it’s nutrition or exercise that business is going to thrive in such a way because the energy is going to take over your body because you’ve given to yourself and the last thing I would say is ‘Have a mirror moment every single day.’ Because a lot of people and I am going to say this because you mentioned that you are on this weight loss journey, physical journey and fitness, there are a lot of people who you may look at that might have the 6 pack who look in the mirror and don’t like what they see and I tell them to have a mirror moment as well. So instead of looking in the mirror and saying to yourself ‘oh my gosh I have to lose this weight.’ you have to be like ‘your hair is lit today Gina.’ You have to look in the mirror and even if you feel like and I am full disclosure kind of guy, even if you like you have too many occurs that booty might be sitting right that day. So for me I tell people like sit in right, I call it what is your best asset because here’s the thing I don’t have my before picture here but when I look at my before picture because that’s why I started this journey, I hated my face and I still wake up today and every day I am like ‘Oh my God I still feel like I have that fat face.’ But now if I go through that moment I used to have the mirror moments that I am talking to you about and I’m like ‘What do you like in your body Shaun?’ and I was like ‘Hahaha you have to like it.’ Have your mirror moment, give yourself time every day, and give yourself time every day even if it’s 10 minutes jumping jacks or pushup but you prioritize you and everything else, I promise everything will fall into place.

Lewis: Give it up for Shaun T everybody.

Oh, I love this man and if you enjoyed this as much as I did then make sure to share this with your friends tag me @LewisHowes on Instagram and @ShaunT let us know what you enjoyed about this, the thing you took away. Again a big fan of Shaun T and all he does to support humanity and really transforming more than just health and fitness but transforming the inner world, the mental state that we go through to help us be consistent and committed and conquer long term.

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I am so excited of what is happening at the end of this year, we got 1 month left essentially and have you started planning for 2019? Have you started visualizing and dreaming? You’ve got to give yourself time to dream so that you can be creative in the process of manifesting what you want in 2019. If you don’t have my book yet the school of greatness I’d give you some great exercises and practices on how to really manifest your dreams in the school greatness, you can check it out on my website. Get the book as well for your friends this holiday and if you are a 7 figure earner make sure to go to as this might be the time for you to join a high level community group of entrepreneur who are extremely wise, influencers who have millions of followers and a group to hold you accountable and help you accelerate growth in your business and your impact. Collin Powell said “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” If you want to live like an average life then you don’t have to work that hard for it you can kind of coast, but if you want to create a magical life, a life of abundance and freedom of impact of influence then it will take hard work, it will take determination, it will take sweat that’s what it is all about. But you must create pain in your life so that you can overcome the obstacles that average people aren’t willing to overcome, those people create average results in their life because they are unwilling to experience the level of pain that you are willing to experience. So if you are willing to take on that pain then get ready for magic to start to unfold because it’s about to be so much beautiful on the other side of pain.

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