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Sarah Jakes Roberts

How to Heal Your Past, Build Strong Relationships, & Deepen Your Faith

Who would you be if you believed in yourself?

It’s too often that our greatest critics are the voices inside our heads.

When’s the last time you looked in the mirror, and you gave yourself affirmations instead of discouragement. Instead of thinking, “I’m worthless, I’m bad at my job, I don’t have a purpose,” you think, “I am worth so much, I may make mistakes, but those don’t define me, I have a unique purpose in this world.”

What could we accomplish if we actually believed in ourselves?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but you feel like your current physique prevents that from ever coming true, so you don’t practice. What if you woke up tomorrow with the mindset that you have what it takes. You believe that in a year, you will cross that finish line. And because you believe in yourself, you commit to a practice schedule, pushing yourself farther each day.

Unfortunately, believing in yourself is easier said than done. In fact, there was a time when I lost hope in myself. I was living on my sister’s couch, injured and out of a job. I was miserable, and I had given up. It wasn’t until my sister kicked me out when I had to make a decision — do I continue living in self-pity and despair, or do I get up off my feet and start believing that I can achieve greatness?

I chose the latter, and I’m here today because of that choice.

Similarly, today’s guest has an incredible story — she did not allow her story to end in failure. Through faith, mindset, and relationships, she achieved greatness, and you can too. Please welcome Sarah Jakes Roberts to The School of Greatness!

“Your fears pretend to keep you safe and your faith makes a demand on courage you aren’t sure you possess.” @SJakesRoberts  

Sarah Jakes Roberts is redefining what it means to be a modern woman of faith. Her messages spread throughout the world, defying cultural, religious, gender, and socio-economic boundaries. Whether through her bestselling books or viral messages, it only takes a few minutes of connecting with her to understand why she becomes an instant favorite. Sarah has a unique way of reaching people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and deepen their relationship with God.

Alongside her husband, Touré Roberts, she co-pastors The Potter’s House at One LA and The Potter’s House Denver. With her down-to-earth personality, contemporary style, and revelatory messages, there’s no question why she is an emerging thought leader for this generation, yet her growing influence came by surprise.

At 23 years old, she was tempted to allow her journey as a woman battling insecurities, teen pregnancy stigma, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, and depression to define the rest of her life. It wasn’t until she was in her darkest moment that she realized she only had two options: settle or evolve. Sarah dared to harness the wisdom of her past wounds and apply them to the hope for her future.

The process of transforming from the insecure and fearful young girl that she was into the powerhouse wife, mother, businesswoman, and leader that she is today took dedication, discipline, resources, and spiritual growth. Her passion is to utilize her experiences, insight, and influence to help every soul she encounters evolve into the best version of themselves.

In 2017, Sarah launched Woman Evolve, a ministry that focuses on incubating every woman to her fullness. Since its conception, Woman Evolve has been successful at reaching and guiding thousands of women to awaken healing, wholeness, and love for themselves and others. To learn more about ways that you can get involved with the Woman Evolve movement, click here.

Sarah has received many honors, including recently being celebrated as a National Overcomer by Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities in partnership with Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts. Sarah has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Essence, The Associated Press, and The 700 Club. A naturally gifted scholar, Sarah graduated high school in the top ten percent of her class and in the nation at the age of sixteen and attended Texas Christian University, where she studied journalism.

Of all her accomplishments, Sarah is most proud of the life she and her husband, Touré, have built together. Together they have six beautiful children and split their time between Los Angeles, CA, and Denver, CO.

It was a joy to have Sarah on The School of Greatness to share her wisdom about what it means to be a person of faith and how to heal your past. No matter your beliefs, past experiences, or present circumstances, this is a message that will inspire and transform you.

Join me on Episode 1,105 to learn how to heal your past, build strong relationships, and deepen your faith with Sarah Jakes Roberts.

“Failure is not where I’m going to allow the story to end.” @SJakesRoberts  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is the biggest insecurity you’ve had to overcome growing up?
  • How do we learn emotional skills to deal with how we see ourselves?
  • Why is it harder to forgive ourselves than it is to forgive others?
  • How do we develop self-worth when everything in our lives is telling us we’re worthless?
  • What are the 3 skills everyone in their twenties should develop?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to develop self-confidence even when you feel like the world is against you.
  • How to heal your past and be kinder to yourself.
  • How to manage not living up to others’ expectations.
  • The 3 most important qualities of a strong relationship.
  • How Sarah was able to create financial freedom for herself.
  • Plus much more…

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